Tyrosine Amino Acid Structure: Detailed Explanations

Tyrosine amino acid structure is symbolized as “Tyr” and single letter code “Y” . The molecular weight of the tyrosine amino acid is 181.19 gram mol-1. The molecular formulae of tyrosine amino acid is C9H11NO3 .

From a Greek word the name of tyrosine is comes from. In Greek Tyros means cheese. It was invent by Justus Von Liebig the German chemist in 1846. The other names of Tyrosine amino acid is L-Tyrosine, 4-Hydroxy-L-phenylanine,L-2-Amino-3-(4-hydroxy phenyl) propionic acid,2-Acetylamino-3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-Propionic acid, Acetyl-L Tyrosine N-Acetyl-Tyrosine.

     It is formed by 20 standard Amino acid used to synthesize different proteins inside cells. This amino acid can form in our body even we don’t get it from , what we consumed , so called non essential amino acid. The side group of tyrosine amino acid structure are polar basically. Tyrosine amino acid structure has marked role with phenol functionally ,which is exceptional character.

It found in the proteins which are help in part of a  signal transduction process. It occurs in proteins that are part of signal transduction process. If this is used as aside chain or functional group than the term used called “Tyrosyl”. In the messenger RNA the codons are encoded that are UAC and UAE. This term are used in, genetic level.

Taking about the chemical structure of tyrosine . This is how is it look likes . The central carbon is connect with 4 different group, 1st is the alpha carboxylic group and 2nd is alpha amino group and 3rd is single hydrogen atom . Besides three ,the side chain group is present , which is different from other 19 amino acids and makes it exceptional. Here 1 benzene ring is present,  so it’s confirm the aromatic amino  acid which is attach to hydroxyl group . So, the tyrosine can be contact with the water and other polar entity. So, the whole tyrosine molecule is bulky by this from other 19 amino acids.

tyrosine amino acid structure
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Function of tyrosine amino acid structure:

  1. It is amino acid that aids in the production of melanin. ( which is pigment responsible for skin and hair color )
  2. Tyrosine amino acid helps to functioning the pituitary gland, adrenaline gland and thyroid gland.
  3. Tyrosine amino acid also help in to generate different types of brain chemicals Neurotransine including epinephrine, dopamine and  norepinephrine. of several important brain chemicals called Neurotransine including epinephrine, dopamine and  norepinephrine.
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Requirements and dietary sources:

  1. L-tyrosine is an amino acid, this is used to produce the non-adrenaline and dopamine.
  2. This 2 are very important thing inside the human body Supplemental of all these hormone, appears to be anti-stress for acute stressors.
  3. It is an  anti-stress amino acid , which reduces stress , can be useful make cell in certain kind of supplements inside of body.
  4. L- tyrosine is the amino acid which is found in diet that is involve in producing catalo amines such as dopamine and adrenaline both of them are stress reliever .
  5. It is the amino acid which metabolize itself and it gets convert into neurotransmitter, be helpful to relief stress, Due to relation between thyroid and adrenaline.
  6. It is commonly found in the fat loss supplement to a degree If a man wishes to use their fat loss , so tyrosine is the main comments which generalized.
  7. Animal sources are fish and beefs
  8. Vegetarian sources are Banana, avocado, green vegetables.

Benefits of amino acid:

A. It acts as a mood elevation , it is a supplement hormone, which are used in the stress reliever.

B. Tyrosine amino acid help in reducing our body fat.

C. It help in the suppressing the appetite.

D. Tyrosine amino acid also help in production of hair and skin pigment.

E. Tyrosine amino acid structure also help in the proper functioning of the thyroid as well as adrenal and pituitary gland.

F. It aids in the functioning of melanin.

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