Tricentis Tosca Setup– An Excellent Learning Guide for 2020-21

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Summary of Tricentis TOSCA Tutorial

We have segregated the entire Tosca tutorial in to below articles. We have wrote this article(TOSCA Tutorial) in simple language and keep the article short with the required concepts only so that any entry level software tester can understand this article in a shorter span of time.

Tosca Tutorial #1: Tosca Overview

Tosca Tutorial #2: Tricentis Tosca Setup – Install, Uninstall and License Configuration

Tosca Tutorial #3: Tosca Workspace Creation

Tosca Tutorial #4: Understanding of TOSCA Commander and Tosca User Management

Tosca Tutorial #5: Tosca Scanning – An Introduction to Modules

Tosca Tutorial #6: Tosca Test Case Creation

Tosca Tutorial #7: Tosca Parameters and Library– Buffer, Business Parameter, TCP

Tosca Tutorial #8:Tosca Test Execution, Reports, and Bug management

Tosca Tutorial #9: Test Case Design – An approach to test data management 

Tosca Tutorial #10: Tosca Test Data Management.

Tosca Tutorial #11: API Testing in Tosca

Tosca Tutorial #12: Tosca Interview Questions and Answers

In this article Tricentis Tosca Setup, we will discuss about step by step procedure to Install Tosca, uninstall and license configuration. If you want to prepare for TOSCA Interview Questions, please click here.

Download TOSCA

Trial Version:

  1. Open Tricenties official site to download software.
  2. Click on the “Request a Demo” button available in right top corener of the website available in section Tricenties Tosca.
Tricentis Tosca Download 1
Tosca Setup Download 1
  • Enter the details in the form and click on “Request Demo” button to submit.
Tricentis Tosca Setup Download 2
Tosca Setup Download 2
  • Once the form has been submitted, Tricenties support team will contact you for the demo and understand the expectations. After that you will be able to request for trial version of tosca through email/ telephone.

Download for registered user:

Open the tricentis support portal and download the latest tosca version in your local drive. In this article, we will work with TOSCA 13.2 Patch Level 3.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Download 3
Tricentis Tosca Setup Download 3


Basic System Requirement for Tosca Commander:

Hardware requirements:

  • CPU: i5 Dual-Core 2.4Ghz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Hard disk space: 10GB
  • Network: 100 mbps

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 4.8 (Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015.
  • 32 bit or 64 bit(recommended) – both are supported by tosca.

For more details on system requirements for TOSCA installation, please visit tricentis support portal.

Installation Steps:

Step#1: Click on Installation Setup file from local directory.

Step#2: Accept License agreement and Continue.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 1
Install Tosca Setup 1

Step#3: After auto verification of prerequisites, click on Next to proceed.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 2
Install Tosca Setup 2

Step#4: Select Tosca Commander option for standard installation. But you can customize or installation based on the requirements. After the selection click on Next to proceed.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 3
Install Tosca Setup 3

Step#5: Change Installation paths if required and Next.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 4
Install Tosca Setup 4

Step#6: Please select the checkbox if you want to send the usage statistics to Tricentis. Click on Next.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 5
Install Tosca Setup 5

Step#7: Review and click on Install.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 6
Install Tosca Setup 6

Step#8: Accept if any popups and wait for installation to be completed.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 7
Install Tosca Setup 7

Step#9: Once done, please click on Finish to complete installation.

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 8
Install Tosca Setup 8

Step#10: Open TOSCA Commander from start menu to verify installation.  

Tricentis Tosca Setup Installation 9
Install Tosca Setup 9

Uninstall TOSCA

During up-gradation of Tricentis Tosca it is strongly recommended to completely uninstall Tricentis Tosca and install latest version to avoid any unexpected errors.

Uninstall Process Steps:

Step#1: Navigate to Control Panel and Click on “Programmes and Features”:

Step#2: Select Tricenties Tosca and Click on Uninstall:

Tricentis Tosca Setup Uninstallation
Tosca Setup Uninstallation

Step#3: Wait for process completion and restart the system.

Tricentis Tosca License Configuration

Step#1: Open the “Tosca License Configuration” wizard from the start menu.

Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 1
Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 1

Step#2: Based on the available licenses, please select the desire option. And click Ok. Here we are selecting second option i.e. “Connect to Self-Hosted License Server”.

Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 2
Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 2

Step#3: Enter the license server details and click on OK to complete the configuration. Default post should be 7070.

Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 3
Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 3

Step#4: License Configured successfully.

Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 4
Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 4

Step#5: For trial license, at step2, please select the first option and enter the user details which are created after registering in Tricentis portal.

Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 5
Tricentis Tosca Setup License Configuration 5


In this article of Tricentis Tosca Tutorial, we have covered the setup of Tricentis TOSCA testing tool so that we can start with working with Tosca. Click here to understand more from Tricentis Support portal.

Please click to read the next article of TOSCA Tutorial – Complete Study of TOSCA Commander.

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