3+ Tidal Energy Examples: Uses And Detailed Facts

Tidal energy examples are far more explainable than the tidal energy itself. In recent times the tidal energy has found itself a place to be into research.

The tidal energy examples will show us how the energy creation works and the kind of consumption goes into the usage of such energy. Given below are few tidal energy examples.


Turbines are one of the most used examples for several energy sources. The turbines run with a shaft attached to it. Like the wind turbines there are tidal turbines too. Tidal energy examples will fit into it.

When water is gushed out with a terrific force the energy produced by the turbines will make the shaft attached to it in movement. So when the shaft moves using the tidal energy and then the turbines work well within.

Tidal power plant has reversible turbines in it and there is also low hydrodynamic head which has mainly bidirectional flow in it. The bidirectional flow will help in the production of tidal energy as well as the water that flows due to it.

“Turbines in tidal waves” Image Credits: Wikimedia


Electricity is one of the major resources of energy conversion. Electricity is got form the tidal energy. The tidal energy will produce electricity which is supplied to the households.  Basically electricity is produced in terms of electric and magnetic fields.

When electric fields and magnetic fields are present then the electricity is easily created. But in conventional terms we make use of several other means in order to produce electricity. In terms of wind and tidal energy we get electricity in these ways too.

When high tides is been calculated it will hit the target and we get the tidal energy which in turn will be used to produce electricity.

“electricity from tidal energy” Image Credits: Wikimedia

Tidal Power Plant

There are several tidal power plants in and around the country. The tidal energy is one of the sufficient emery of all types. Once installed then the maintenance becomes easier so this is widely used in several countries.

Basically what happens in oceans is that, the tides are created by the gravitational energy from the sun, moon and so many celestial bodies. But mainly the gravitational energy of the moon is the reason for the ups and downs of the tides.

When the tides are calculated then the kinetic energy of the tides are been converted to so many other resources mainly electricity.

Tidal energy is considered to be the renewable energy of all energies. So the tidal energy examples are easier to be explained than any other energy sources.

Coastal Area

Tidal energy is been very easy to apply to be applied in the coastal areas. The river banks are saved form the high and low tides of the ocean.

The tidal power plants are mainly situated in the coastal are mainly because the high and low tides are more conventional to calculate by the engineers. Water is denser than air so the energy created by the tides is more convenient to be used.

Tidal energy is chosen to be better than the wind mills as the low and high tides are been calculated easily and they are also available all the time, that is, they are the renewable energy system.

Tidal Energy Explanation

Tidal energy can be explained in so many ways but we make use of the tidal energy examples in order to understand the content better. Tidal energy is way more predictable than the wind or any other energy.

Tidal energy basically is when the tides hit each other with great force form which an energy is created so finally that energy is been used in several forms. When water moves at great speed they form tides and these tides when channel through particular area they create energy.

We also must know that installation of the tidal power plants is very much expensive since the capital investment is high. The equipment required to install the tidal power plant is quite a task.

tidal energy examples
“Tidal energy observed in ocean” Image Credits: Wikimedia

Tidal Energy Uses

The tidal energy is predictable and the reason we say this is that, low tide and high tide can be measured by the engineer. When the tides are measured we can easily find out the amount of energy which is been crated and could also be put into use.

There are so many other uses of tidal energy and we shall see it in terms of tidal energy examples. So these tides will protect the coastal area from flooding. Due to the high tides formed around the coastal will protect it from the flooding.

Tidal energy is one of the non-exhaustible and renewable resources. They can get more and more each time. The tidal energy produces no pollution and they do not affect the greenhouse. The energy density of tides is way more efficient than any other energy sources.

Other energy sources require high maintenance despite the installation charges. But in tidal energy even though the installation is expensive the maintenance is low.

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