15 Static Equilibrium Examples: Detailed Explanations

The word ‘static’ represents the stable state of the system. All the objects tend to reach an equilibrium position of their rest.

Static equilibrium is a stable state of rest achieved by the system where the net force acting on the volume of the object is zero. Let us discuss some of the static equilibrium examples listed here below:-

Balanced Seesaw

If the weight of the person sitting on both sides matches then the seesaw will be balanced and will not oscillate up and down. In this condition, the forces imposed on the seesaw will be balanced and will reach a state of rest.

static equilibrium examples
Unbalanced Seesaw; Image Credit: Pixabay

The seesaw will not move until at least one person among them leaves his seat or extra weight is added to any of the sides and the person applies some force to set the seesaw into motion.

A person standing on the Ground

A person standing stable on the ground will be in his state of rest until he decides to leave the space and move around. So, this is also an example of static equilibrium. Anytime we are standing or sitting at rest, our body attains the physical state of rest.

Ladder Inclined at a Fixed Angle

If the ladder is kept and maintained fixed at a particular angle placing an object at the edges touching the ground or screwing it to the ground with mechanical tools, the ladder will not slide down and remains at the same position making the same angle with a wall and the ground throughout.

Ladder Fixed at an angle; Image Credit: Pixabay

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Book kept on the Table

A book kept on a table will remain at its state of rest until some external force is exerted on the book. Any object kept at rest will remain in the same position unless some external force is applied on the object or incident upon it by accident.

Books kept in a shelf; Image Credit: Pixabay

Pendulum hanging on the String

A pendulum hanging vertically with the support of a string will not move without exerting a force in the horizontal direction to the pendulum is incident on the pendulum.

Pendulum without oscillation; Image Credit: Pixabay

Till then, the pendulum is in a static equilibrium state with no net force acting on its body.

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Lantern in the Hall

A lantern hanging in a hall with the help of a tight rope or a string is in a stable condition until its position is perturbed due to heavy wind blow. Though the tension is generated in a string on which the lantern is hanging, there is no tensional force exerted in the lantern, the net force on the lantern is zero unless felt some external force.

A Girl Sitting on a Swing

A girl sitting on a swing at rest and not in a motion, then the girl is in a state of static equilibrium state.

A girl sitting on a swing at rest; Image Credit: Pixabay

A girl sitting on a swing will not move unless she gives torque to a swing or a person standing at her backside applies a force to oscillate the swing.

A Car Parked on the Roadside

A car parked on a roadside is at rest and the net force acting on the car is zero. A car will not move until the driver gives the mechanical force through the engine or external force is incident upon the body of a car.

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Ferries Wheel with no Passengers

A ferries wheel without a passenger on it is in a stable position. The ferries wheel does not accelerate, hence no centripetal force, centrifugal force, or a force due to the weight of a people acts on the model of a ferries wheel.

Ferries Wheel at rest; Image Credit: Pixabay

It remains at a position of rest until some external force perturbs the state of the rest of the ferries wheel.

Table Fan

A table fan is at a unique position at all times until it is lifted and placed in some other place. The propellers of the fan too will be in a state of rest till the fan is turned ON. Until then, the table fan is at a static equilibrium position.


The picture portray fixed on the wall is also a static equilibrium example. A portrait on a wall remains attached to the wall until it is moved from the place or the air restive force shakes the frame from the place.

Photo Frames; Image Credit: Pixabay

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A Stone Balanced on the Edge of a Rock

A stone at the edge of rock will remain at the same location until exert some external pressure or drag force that will make a stone slide down from the edge of a rock.

Bottle Filled with Water

The molecular force between the water molecules is canceled out by the walls of the container and the upward pressure is balanced by the knob on the opening of the bottle. The water filled in a bottle is in a state of static equilibrium as the net force is zero, and it will remain in this state until some force is applied on the bottle that will shake the volume of the water in the bottle.

Pulley Without Weight

A pulley without any weight attached to it will exert no force over it and the net force due to the other small force acting on the pulley will be zero.

A pulley without weight; Image Credit: Pixabay

A pulley will remain at a state of rest until some weight is imposed on a pulley and set a pulley to accelerate in a centripetal motion.

Dice Fallen on Ground

Dice is a cubic shape, so once fallen on the ground it will attain the position of rest. It will remain fallen there until somebody lifts it or drag it to another place applying external force.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the object in a static equilibrium undergo torque?

The net force exerted on the object in a static equilibrium position is zero.

This implies that there is no resultant force incident on the object present at a rest in a static equilibrium state.

On what factors does the static equilibrium depend?

A static equilibrium is a state of being at rest.

The net forces, the torque, the volume of the object, and the internal heat of the object govern the static equilibrium of the object.


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