33+ Solar Energy Examples: Detailed Facts Around Them

This article will know the different solar energy examples and detailed facts about them.

Solar energy is one of the major energy resources in modern times. It is an important renewable resource that benefits all people. Solar energy is mainly obtained from the sun. Its efficiency has attracted lots of increases in an economy that has also reduced a lot of natural disasters.

Now let us see the different examples of solar energy and its detailed explanations.

Solar water heater

Solar water heaters are made up of certain tools that help capture solar energy and later transform it into thermal energy through the liquid or gaseous matter that benefits in producing hot water. It is one of the efficient methods of obtaining hot water. Solar water heaters are one of the prominent examples of solar energy.

Solar cells

Solar cells are the innovative discovery of the modern century. It is found in many objects, from solar calculators to business products. Nowadays, large solar cells have made their position in the business market, and these large solar cells can supply power to each household. These cells are made up of good quality material that lasts long and is very cost-effective.

Solar cooker

The solar cooker is also a modern-day kitchen tool that uses solar energy conversion into some other form of energy and helps prepare food. The main source of energy from the sunlight gets converted into thermal energy and helps the food get cooked when placed inside the cooker. It is an excellent example of solar energy used in the kitchen.

Solar bulbs

Even solar bulbs are important inventions that use solar energy to supply light. It is somewhat cost-effective and can be the best source used during the cut of power supply. The mechanism of these bulbs is built so that they absorb the light energy, get charged, and produce the light in the necessary time.

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Solar street lights

Even solar street lights are the prominent inventions that make use of solar energy, and these solar lights are established in the major cities for sustainable development. It is somewhat cost-effective and can be the best source used during the cut of power supply. The mechanism of these bulbs is built so that they absorb the light energy, get charged, and produce the light in the necessary time.

Solar chargers

Solar chargers are now used everywhere. They recapitulate the solar energy and use it to supply power to other devices. It works as a normal charger, but instead of electricity, they use solar energy to get charged.

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Rooftop panels that run on solar energy

Rooftop panels have been constructed worldwide to make good use of solar energy. The panels are constructed with some special material that readily absorbs light energy and benefits people using them for different purposes. They are also in transit if used in large industries for this purpose. Large areas of land are provided for the construction of solar panels.

Solar Technology

Solar energy can be used nowadays in the form of solar technology. So many technologies that use solar technology are smartwatches, USB lights, flashlights, and even cell phones are invented that run on using solar energy. The torch lights, laptops, and tablets also run with the help of solar energy with the help of a certain mechanism.

To study the latest solar energy applications and their explanations in detail.

Solar energy applications

The different solar energy applications that can be seen worldwide are listed below;

  1. Solar electricity
  2. Solar heating devices
  3. Solar ventilators
  4. Solar lighting system
  5. Portable solar chargers
  6. Solar vehicles

Solar electricity

Solar electricity is one of the prominent conversions of energy that has been in the talk in recent days. Many electric appliances are now designed in such a way that they work using solar energy.

Solar heating devices

Solar electricity is one of the prominent conversions of energy that has been in a talk in recent days. Many electric appliances are now designed in such a way that they work using solar energy.

Solar ventilators

Solar electricity is one of the prominent conversions of energy that has been in a talk in recent days. Many electric appliances are now designed in such a way that they work using solar energy.

Solar lighting system

Solar electricity is one of the prominent conversions of energy that has been in a talk in recent days. Many electric appliances are now designed in such a way that they work using solar energy.

Portable solar chargers

Portable solar chargers are one of the actual conversions of energy that have been taken into consideration in this era. These chargers are in demand due to their providing power supply during electric power cuts.

Solar vehicles

In many foreign countries, vehicles that run with the help of solar energy are in transit. These vehicles are built to recapitulate solar power and convert it into other forms of energy and make the vehicle move.

Direct solar energy examples

The simplest way to define direct solar energy is direct, and one takes the transformation of sunlight with the help of technology into usable energy. The various purposes of direct solar energy are listed below,

  1. Solar heating in passive form
  2. Solar heating is an active form
  3. Heat Exchanger
  4. Thermal electric generation through solar energy
  5. Photovoltaic cells
  6. A hydrogen fuel cell that works through solar energy
  7. Solar geysers
  8. Thermal power plants

Solar heating in passive form

Can observe the passive form of solar heating in many buildings; the infrared radiation of the sunlight tends to heat the walls of the building; for this purpose, fans and pumps are inserted to collect the heat.

Solar heating is an active form

In the inactive form of solar heating, certain technological tools are gathered in an area through which solar energy is collected. The main purpose of this active form is to heat the matter.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are important sources of solar energy. They are mainly used for heating, electricity, etc. They are observed in water tanks that are later used for hot water.

Thermal electric generation through solar energy

With a higher level of engineering and manufacturing techniques, solar energy is used in the generation of electricity along with other resources. A separate concrete structure is built upon which sunlight is captured with the help of mirrors and lenses that heats the fluid to several high temperatures.

Photovoltaic cells

Solid-state materials are used in the construction of photovoltaic cells. Certain thin materials are required that help in using solar energy. The flow of electrons in these cells plays an important role in converting solar energy. We can use it in all types of industries. There will be no pollution, and it requires less maintenance.

A hydrogen fuel cell that works through solar energy

Solar energy is used in separating hydrogen and oxygen from water molecules. The obtained hydrogen through solar energy splitting is one of the cleanest fuels that cause minimum pollution and can be stored conveniently again by using solar energy. They are similar to batteries.

Solar geysers

Solar geysers are also important examples of direct solar energy used in households and industries. These solar geysers use sunlight and produce the required amount of hot water.

Thermal power plants

Thermal power plants are the main source of conversion of light energy to electric energy. These power plants include many technologies that help transform and later produce electric supply to households.

To know the various indirect solar energy examples.

Indirect solar energy examples

Can describe indirect solar energy as converting sunlight into a usable form of energy in two or more steps. The important indirect solar energy examples are listed below,

  1. Wind energy
  2. Biomass energy
  3. Ocean Thermal energy
  4. Hydro energy
  5. Tidal energy
  6. Geothermal energy

Wind Energy: Atmospheric air

We all know how the wind flows through the cyclic process of air. The pattern of wind travel is also affected by earth rotation, ocean, and sun. The atmospheric air surrounding the earth gets heated by the sun’s rays that help the wind move the wind turbines that later produce electrical energy or power. In this way, solar energy indirectly converts the other resources into electrical energy.

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Biomass energy: Plants

Biomass energy mainly includes plants, and we have already learned that plants gain their energy and food with the help of photosynthesis, ad this process always requires sunlight. After this, they are again used in preparing biomass, a combination of the combustible mixture formed with the help of bacteria. Several powerplants are built where they use indirect solar energy in preparing biomass.

Ocean Thermal energy: Ocean Layers

Ocean thermal energy is the real indirect solar energy example. The temperature variation produced in the different layers of the ocean increases the temperature of the topmost layer of it. But the water under the ocean will remain cool, and the exchange of layers occurs through vapourization. All these processes are used in producing electricity with the help of indirect sunlight that heats the top layer through radiation.

Hydro or Hydel energy

Hydro energy is one of the most precious forms of energy, and it is also an indirect solar energy example. We know about the water cycle; the beginning of the water cycle certainly requires sunlight that helps in evaporation that leads to the formation of clouds, and then rain takes place. Certain dams are built to collect this rainwater, and by using certain technologies, they are converted into electricity in hydroelectric power plants. The turbines used n=in these plants play an important role in energy conversion.

Tidal energy

The sunlight or solar energy also causes tides in the ocean. It is known that tides are nothing but increases in ocean water level that moves in the form of waves. When the sun is above the ocean, the attraction between water and the sun causes tides. These tides can sometimes be beneficial for the sea navigators to know the direction in an emergency. Depending upon the attraction level, high and low tides are generated. Therefore, tidal energy is an important indirect energy example.

Geothermal energy

You can feel the geothermal energy only inside the earth’s core. The layers of the earth contain magma or lava; due to excessive heat, the radiations and solar energy captured by this magma can lead to the decaying of rocks or even cause a volcanic eruption. Geothermal energy is one of the finest indirect solar energy examples.

Now let us understand in detail the solar thermal energy examples.

Solar thermal energy examples

The main advantage of solar thermal energy is taken by industries, commercial sectors, and businesses. These sectors use technology to make the best use of solar thermal energy. The important solar thermal energy examples are mentioned below,

  1. Generation of electricity
  2. Heating of Swimming pool water
  3. Underfloor heating through solar energy
  4. Production of domestic hot water
  5. Solar energy in powering agriculture process
  6. Solar thermal energy  for industrial purposes

Generation of electricity

Thermal power plants that work through solar thermal energy are built in a larger and safer area. They consist of various technologies that are used in generating electricity. Many thermal collectors are inserted on certain slabs that together act as a solar power system that collects solar energy and later transmits it through steams and turbines attached to a generator that helps get the ultimatum product that is electricity.

Heating of Swimming pool water

In certain areas around the world, swimming pool heaters are inserted that are beneficial during the winters; it works solely due to the solar thermal energy. Can obtain a very large amount of energy through the pool heaters that efficiently heat the water.

Heating water to levels below boiling allows the use of black collectors for thermal absorption of solar radiation.

Underfloor heating through solar energy

It is a new technique that has been introduced in recent days to heat fluids. It maintains the temperature level of fluids by distributing the heat uniformly in the area. Electrical resistance is attached to the mesh-like structure placed under the tiles. This technology is considered the perfect way to heat the underfloor water.

Production of domestic hot water

Domestic refers to small scale and households. The DHW mainly symbolizes the hot water we require in our routine life. The temperature should not exceed and can be heated using the vessels and flat collectors. It also reduces financial costs and is an important solar thermal energy example.

Solar energy in powering agriculture process

Refrigerators and cooling systems that work on solar energy are constructed in the warehouses; it is cost-effective and positively impacts the economy. Even during processing and producing food products, solar energy is used. Using solar energy can guarantee the clean energy and bacteria-free processing of agricultural products.

Solar thermal energy for industrial purposes

Industries cannot always rely on only one source of electricity. For this purpose, in many industries and sectors, solar thermal systems are built to fulfill the demand for heat supply. It also improves a country’s economy as it is a major natural resource. Many activities of the industries are based on heating applications, so we can say that solar thermal energy plays an essential role in the processing unit of industries.

The above-mentioned solar energy examples under different categories help people in various ways.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

What do you mean by indirect solar energy?

One of the major types of solar energy is indirect solar energy.

Using energy obtained from the sun in multiple ways or indirect ways is termed indirect solar energy. Examples are tidal waves, biomass energy, etc.

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