21+ Rolling Motion Examples: Detailed Explanations

The motion of the object is said to be rolling if the rotating object is in a translation motion at the same time.

The rolling motion comes in the scenario is the surface of the object possessing rotational motion comes in a contact with the other surface. Let us discuss some of the rolling motion examples as listed here below:-

Paint Roller

A paint roller is dipped into the paint and rolled on the wall back and forth to apply the color to the wall.

This motion of the paint roller on the wall is a rolling motion. Dipping half of the roller in the paint instead of fully helps in evenly spreading the paint on the cover.


Since the ball is round in shape it rolls on the ground when the force is applied to displace it from the initial position. The ball will rotate at an axis perpendicular to the direction of the force applied.


The bicycle is an example of multiple motions too. The tires of the bicycle rotate at a fixed axis while the bicycle moves in a linear motion forward due to the rotational motion of the tires.

The distance covered by one rotation of the tires is equal to the length of the circumference of the tire.


The cylindrical surface area is circular in shape and hence upon rolling the cylinder on the surface it will roll traveling to a certain distance.


A bottle fallen on the ground will roll on the surface due to the effect of the applied force or air resistance.

The air resistive force depends upon the volume of the liquid present in the container and the density of a liquid.

Hula Hoop

The hula hoop is a circular ring in shape that you put around the body and gives it torque. On keeping the hula hoop on the plane surface it will roll on the surface.


The marbles are round in shape. On hitting the marble on a group of marbles, the marbles start rolling depending upon the impact that each marble exerts.

Billiard Ball

The billiard ball will roll on the board after hitting it with the stick.

Billiard balls; Image Credit: Pixabay

As the player applies a force on the ball, the billiard ball will gain kinetic energy along with the momentum and accelerate towards the target. Upon colliding with another ball in the path, the momentum of the ball is transferred to the ball.

Chapati Roller

A roller is used to make a chapatti. A roller is kept on the dough and the roller spreads the dough evenly to make a chapatti.

Dough roller; Image Credit: Pixabay

The dough is spread based on the pressure incident on the dough by the roller and the force applied to the roller.

Boulder Falling from the Hill

A boulder rolling down from the high hills is also an example of the rolling motion. You must have observed the big boulder standing on the rock click even at a pointed edge of the boulder. If the force relevant to the mass of the boulder is incident on the bounder then it will accelerate rolling down the hill till the equivalent resistive force is exerted on the hill.

Bowling Ball

Upon throwing the bowling ball, it will roll towards the bowling pin. The rectilinear path of the ball depends upon the point of gravity of the bowling ball and its moment of inertia and the force applied to the ball while making a throw.

Round Cutter

A round cutter composes of a circular blade with different shapes connected with a lever holder with a screw such that the blade is free to rotate. It is used to cut the sides of roti, pizza, naan, etc. into pieces and give different shapes.

Round cutter; Image Credit: pixabay

This is achieved by rolling the cutter over the naan. The cutter moves in a rotational as well as the linear motion rolling over the naan.

Wheels of Car

A car in acceleration moves in a linear motion due to the rolling motion of the tires. The rolling motion of the tires determines the speed of acceleration of the car. One rotation of the tire covers a distance equal to its circumference.

The Fruit Fell on the Ground

On detaching a fruit from the tree, the gravitation potential energy of the fruit will convert into kinetic energy and it will fall down on the ground and bounce back because of the presence of the potential energy. It then rolls for a short distance it the entire energy stored in the fruit is nullified.

Gym Ball

A gym ball is used to do the balancing exercise. Due to its round shape, it can easily be rolled on applying little force to it.

Gym ball; Image Credit: Pixabay

Spreading a Carpet

If you take a roll of a carpet and spread it, the carpet will roll out opening each concentric roll of a carpet on each rotation. As the size of the concentric circle made out of carpet keeps on reducing thus the speed of the spreading carpet on the floor appears to be increased after every rollout.

Road Roller

Rollers are cylindrical in shape that is used to level and compact soil, concrete to construct the metallic road, and in landfills by rolling it over the heap of mass.

Due to its cylindrical shape mechanical structure, it compresses the soil and concrete even making the roads tough and strong increasing the density of the construction.

Rolling Down from the Slope

Any object rolling down from a slope possesses the rolling motion. The speed of the object rolling down increases with a slope depending upon the configuration of the object.

Children Playing with Tire

A child keeps the tire in the momentum by applying torque over it to increase the angular velocity of the tire. If the momentum is lost then the tire will fall down. The tire in its motion is an example of the rolling motion. The tire is rolling on the road.


The skater has wheels underneath the shoes that help is the motion.

The wheels are in the rolling motion to accelerate the body over it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does any round-shaped object possess the rolling motion?

It is obvious that any round object will rotate and roll easily.

Depending upon the force applied to the mass of the object the round-shaped object is set into motion. If the surface of the object in motion comes in contact with the plane surface it will move with the rolling motion.

Does the rolling motion of the object depend upon the type of surface it is rolling on?

The rolling motion of the object depends upon the smoothness of the surface.

The rolling motion of the object may resist due to the roughness of the surface, while on the plane surface the object will easily roll.

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