29 Reflexive Adjective Examples: Sentences, Uses And Detailed Explanations

Reflexive adjectives are adjectives which refer to a noun or noun phrase which is  mentioned in the same class. Now let us discuss 29 reflexive adjective examples.

Reflexive Adjective Examples in the sentences within the list are given below.

  • 1. The girls take care of their own house.
  • 2. Ramesh and Rabi came in their own family.
  • 3. Rabina performs her own duty at school.
  • 4. Tanisha looks at her own car.
  • 5. They manage their own restaurant.
  • 6. Kamalika saw her own reflection into the mirror.
  • 7. My parents are busy with their own conversation.
  • 8. Sujay can tackle his own the worst situation.
  • 9. We travelled by our own car.
  • 10. Kabita and Rakhi opened their own umbrella at the time of rain.
  • 11. Anal tries to go with his own decision.
  • 12. They wash their own clothes on Sunday.
  • 13. His mother cooked her own recipe in the kitchen for us.
  • 14. Ankita is writing a letter to her own brother.
  • 15. She cannot do her own duties towards the society.
  • 16. Please keep up with your own reputation.
  • 17. We love our own nation cordially.
  • 18. The birds are returning in their own nests.
  • 19. We can believe in his own confidence.
  • 20. You can insert your own documents in this locker.
  • 21. This is your own risk to escape from this place.
  • 22. They have arranged their own party in a hotel.
  • 23. You may enjoy your own studies.
  • 24. Nature enables to enhance her own beauty.
  • 25. Please do the sum with your own abilities.
  • 26. We can not forget our own experience of the schooling days.
  • 27. Teachers are doing their own efforts to get the maximum output from the students in the classes.
  • 28. She is continuing her own activities in a troubling situation.
  • 29. The children are playing in their own field.

Explanation- From the above examples of reflexive adjective in the sentences which are all indicates ” Someone’s own”. They indicate the action of the verb is reflected on the subject (either noun or pronoun) of the sentences and the subject refers to the adjectives which are always participating with possessive adjective.

Uses of reflexive adjectives

Here we will know the usages of reflexive adjective in the different situations.

A. To describe own performance.

Example- The officers are gradually improving their own activities.

Explanation- Here the reflexive adjective “Their Own” that describes “The officers are gradually improving their very own activities.

B. To anticipate in own activities.

Example- Taniya is controlling her own mind.

Explanation-In this sentence the word ‘Her Own’ is a reflexive possessive adjective that indicates the anticipation ‘Taniya is controlling her very own mind’.

C. To participate in the work.

Example- Rabina is living with her family in their own flat near NH60.

Explanation-This sentence uses the reflexive possessive adjective ‘Their own’  that explores ” Rabina’s participation in living in their very own flat’.

D. To configure own activity.

Example- The boy has painted a landscape of his own cottage and its surroundings.

Explanation- In the above sentence, the reflexive adjective is used with “His Own” that configures ” The boy has painted a landscape of his very own cottage and its surroundings”.

E. To confirm own abilities.

Example- The D.M takes his own responsibility to maintain the law and orders in the district.

Explanation- Here the sentence uses the reflexive adjective ” His Own” that confirms ” The D.M takes his very own responsibility to maintain the law and orders”.


Reflexive Adjectives indicate to nouns and noun phrases which are led by possessive adjective.

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