13 Quantum Energy Examples: Uses and Detailed Facts

We should know about the quantum energy examples. From research, we can say that the hypothesis of quantization is defined for that physical property that can be quantized.


In Morning, with the tea, if bread or toast is there, it is very pleasant and makes your morning better.

It is possible through Quantum physics or Quantum energy. In that, a slice of bread is received heat energy from the heating element of the toaster, which glows red on the bread.

This happened due to a rod in the toaster, which got hot. So it is responsible for toasting the bread.

Fluorescent Lit

There are many tubes or curly bulbs that provide light to the world, which happened due to quantum energy again.

A small amount of mercury vapor is there, and it is excited into the plasma. Mercury is used because it can emit light in the visible range.

Now the question is how it happened, We know that we cannot live without light nowadays, so we must be thankful for quantum physics.

Computer & Mobile Phone

Now again, one more electrical device is there, a product of quantum physics.

The computer world is present in the world due to quantum mechanics. Now semiconductor theory is worked on this type of solid object because we consider the wave nature of electrons.

Because of that, we can explain the electrical properties of Silicon. In that, some electrons need some energy to cross the band, and it is known as excitation energy. Due to crossing the band by electron, the flow of electricity is possible, and excitation energy comes from the quantum nature of the particle.

quantum energy examples
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Biological compass

We see some examples in which humans use quantum energy and make their lives very easy, but humans and birds also use quantum physics.

How? Birds like European Robin use a light-sensitive protein called cryptochrome that contains electrons, Photons. Some scientists of quantum physics explain it.

According to them, Electrons and photons hit cryptochrome entering the eyes, and radicals are released from that. Not only some birds, lizards, insects, crustaceans, and many more mammals can use this type of biological compass. Even humans have this type of cryptochrome, but it is not clear to humans how to use it.


If we study the transistor properly, we can see layers of silicon associated with other elements;

Computer chips are made of a number of these layers, and nowadays, chips have become the most important element for all electronic gadgets.

So from transistors and these types of layers, we can use many electronic devices like desktops, laptops, laptops, smartphones, ear pods, and many more. If quantum physics is not there, then our life is not as easy as now.


As with all applications, Laser is also worked based on Quantum physics.

The working principle of laser considers instant emission, thermal emission, and fluorescence. The same principle is there from silicon that an electron has lower energy in starting then it gets excitation energy to jump into high energy level.

It is not stable at a higher energy level, so these electrons will not stay for much time at a higher energy level and come back to a lower energy level; light is emitted from that type of change. So this is known as quantum energy. This state of an atom is affected by external photons also.


Many years ago, an electron microscope’s capacity was not so high,

Electron microscope with higher magnification power is available because of quantum physics. This beam of photons creates a pattern of other interference, and it is analyzed later.

Microscopy credit Wikipedia

Because of this working principle, we get a large amount of information from the sample for further study and research.

Global Positioning system

Nowadays, we are habituated to GPS because it is useful everywhere, especially in unknown places.

Now how does it is worked? For mobile navigation system, different arrival time is calculated. It can be only possible if satellites have the atomic clock, which depends on quantum physics only.

Distance between the current location of anyone and satellites also can be calculated. So perfect and accurate information regarding location can be received because of quantum physics.   

Magnetic resonance imaging

There is one application of quantum physics is a shift in energies.

We can also study soft tissues because of magnetic resonance imaging. And we can use MRI for our body checkups to get information.  


Quantum physics is also helpful now in understanding communication.

Communication has been made extremely easy because of it. Because of quantum physics, we can make fiber optic telecommunication on two-way and quick communication.

We see earlier in the previous example that laser works based on quantum physics. We can make fiber-optic communication from a laser, so finally, we can say that we can communicate with each other because of quantum physics.


A calculator is made of integrated circuits, generally known as chips.

These integrated circuits are made from transistors, and we have already discussed the working of a transistor in which quantum energy is helpful to operate it.

Now transistor is used in the calculator for ON and OFF functions with electricity to perform mathematical calculations.

Solar Cell

Now the solar cell is made of a P-N junction diode.

The solar cell works based on the semiconductor principle, which uses quantum energy to produce electrical energy.

Solar cell credit Wikipedia

So because of quantum energy, we can use solar cells or solar panels and get electrical energy from solar energy.

3D Printer

The 3D printer is controlled by integrated circuits again;

The integrated circuit is made of semiconductors, using the working principle of quantum energy.

Nowadays, 3d Printing is the latest technology, and it’s happened due to Quantum physics. From 3d Printing, we can get micron-level resolution and co-deposition multiple materials.


This article will explain different examples of quantum energy in detail to know that quantum physics surrounds our daily lives. It means the total value of any physical property is the integration of value for the small elements considered from the body.

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