29+ Projectile Motion Examples: Detailed Explanation

Projectile motion is the motion of an object spit up in the air at an inclination from the flush with an object moving under gravitational acceleration spear-like perpendicular. Projectile motion is usually calculated by neglecting air resistance.

Projectile motion is defined as “motion accomplished by an object that is projected just about the outermost level of the land and runs along a meander under the action of gravity only. Oblique projectile motion, horizontal projectile motion, and projectile motion in an inclined plane all are types of projectile motion. Projectile motion is a two-dimensional motion.

This post gives you a detailed explanation of such projectile motion example

  1. Firing a canon
  2. Throwing a basketball
  3. Sneezing
  4. Javelin throw
  5. Archery
  6. Water escaping a hose
  7. Car and bike stunts
  8. Golf ball
  9. Disc throw
  10. Gun fire
  11. Tossing a ball
  12. Launching a paper ball from a slingshot
  13. Baseball hit by a batter
  14. Throw a cricket ball
  15. Throw a stone in a river
  16. An angry bird
  17. Football or bullet
  18. An arrow shot from bow
  19. A dart shot from a blowgun
  20. A stone launched by a slingshot
  21. Thrown a soft ball
  22. A hit tennis ball
  23. A served volleyball
  24.  Throwing a ball from a certain height
  25. Table tennis
  26. A jet of water flowing through pipe in upward direction
  27. Propulsion of rocket and missile
  28. Rotation of the earth
  29. Flipping a coin
  30. Part of the conic section
  31. Mid-air collision of two particles

Firing a canon

Before firing a canon the momentum of the system was equal to zero the fire of a cannonball is equivalent to the activity of internal forces in the system after the shot the momentum and vectors of the elements of the system are in the opposite direction the lengths of the vectors are identical this means that their sum remains equal to zero.

Projectile motion examples
Canon image credit: pixabay

Throwing a basketball

We are all known how the ball moves into the basket when it’s shot including positioning yourself well preparing the shot and shooting at the basket first pointing upwards experiencing projectile motion.

Projectile motion examples
Throwing a basket ball image credit: pixabay


Sneeze spread germs tiny droplets can go very far when we are sneezing and germs can travel when someone sneeze droplet flies out in slow motion and exhibit projectile motion.

Javelin throw

Javelin is a spear-like structure with their bare hands with a maximum force so that it will land within a prescribed marking area which is nothing but projectile motion.

Projectile motion examples
Javelin throw image credit: pixabay


When a bowman tow an arrow and let-go in the air in a peculiar corner the arrow start throughout the x-y axis coexist so the parabolic avenue attack by the arrow to start ahead can be unearthed effortlessly, it demonstrates projectile motion.

Projectile motion examples
Archery image credit: pixabay

Water escaping a hose

 The hosepipe is connected to the water tap and gently connected to the shower hose then water escaping out of a hose imitates a projectile motion because in nature water is parabolic.

Garden Hose, Hose, Watering, Gardening, Garden, Summer
Water escaping from hose image credit: pixabay

Car and bike stunts

Stuntman performing a stunt on that time he increasing height above the ground and also increasing horizontal and vertical launch speed this is because of projectile motion.

Golf ball

The object of a golf ball game is to get our ball from the starting point into the hole while the ball entered the hole it follows both horizontal and vertical motion helps in observing the projectile motion.

Disc throw

In this game, the athlete is required to throw discs of 1-2gm into the air as far as possible this is rather it furnishes the disc with horizontal and vertical velocity giving the projectile motion which is necessary for throwing the disc.

Tossing a ball

 Toss up and catch the ball so the goal is that the ball is going to travel from a horizontal or vertical direction a little bit hitting the shoulder because of projectile motion.

Launching a paper ball from a slingshot

Slingshot is lightweight versatile and nearly silent when fired making it ideal for a survival situation small paper ball to load slingshot then fired it follows horizontal or vertical motion experiencing projectile motion.

Baseball hit by a batter

Baseball is a team sport played on a diamond-shaped playing field batter manages to hit the ball from the pitcher each base must be touched by some part of the batter’s body due to projectile motion.

Throw a cricket ball

Throwing over our underarm and sidearm grip its cross seam with your first two fingers on top and thumb at the bottom so it doesn’t swing in the air and position the target hit the cricket ball experiencing projectile motion.

Throw a stone in a river

 The thrown stone flump into water fabricates gesture and circle because it thrust water elsewhere of the method building a wrinkle that progress over from where it landed this process is due to projectile motion.

An angry bird

Whenever the angry bird is projected in the gravitational force, under the influence of gravitational force then horizontal motion is converted into projectile motion.

Football or bullet

With more than a thousand punts when you make contact with that ball it’s almost a feeling that you don’t feel the ball on your foot it’s almost like you’re swinging your leg in the air when the ball comes off there perfectly because of projectile motion.

An arrow shot from bow

Arrow has little space in between clip that right onto the bowstring so you hit back stretch an arrow if pull low we will shoot high then arrow reach an anchor point due to projectile-motion.

A dart shot from a blowgun

First, let us consider the target and that’s 9m away horizontally if somebody writes that down shoot the blowgun in faster you go sideways the less gravity can’t get you due to projectile motion.

A stone launched by a slingshot

When we put the stone into the pouch of a slingshot as we draw we can have unequal tension on our hand that’s going to cause one band to accelerate the other this is due to projectile motion.

Throw a soft ball

Grip the four-seam grip is the easiest grip it offers you the most control over the softball and it will provide more spin on the softball resulting in higher velocity experiencing projectile motion.

 A hit tennis ball

As we pull the ball on the ground we will start orienting towards the target and our swing is also towards the target when we hit the ball want to orient towards the ball and not towards the target so it needs projectile motion.

A served volleyball

As we served the ball forms a parabola which is the volleyball is the projectile in every here there is always acceleration due to gravity always makes the volleyball in a parabola motion hence a served volleyball is projectile motion.

 Throwing a ball from a certain height

The elevated level of rescue the sizeable separation offset in flight. This is because the elevated the projectile is free, the extensive free in the air. The horizontal element will be reserved on the projectile for prolonged.

Table tennis

In table tennis, there are two components to it horizontal and vertical and they are influenced by air resistance and gravity respectively projectile motion could be affected by the height at which we hit the ball and the angle at our harm due to projectile motion.

Table Tennis, Passion, Sport
Table tennis image credit: pixabay

A jet of water flowing through pipe in upward direction

The water run from a pipe in an estate reveals an estimated parabolic shape. Although some divergence from the absolute flight path may be observed, due to the tugging force.

Propulsion of rocket and missile

A rocket can propel itself upward by shooting that matter beneath it so as it propels itself in space it has to shoot out gas particles underneath it and so that’s going to cause the rocket to accelerate upward it can also move in the x-direction this is due to projectile-motion.

Russia, Samara, Rocket, Rocket Propulsion, Drive
Rocket propulsion image credit: pixabay

Rotation of the earth

Earth rotates anticlockwise as contemplated from the northward hence the projectile is canned from the northward because of projectile motion.

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Rotation of earth image credit: pixabay

Flipping a coin

Consider two coins and place one coin on the right edge of the table so it’s teetering and pacing other coin is flip it with our finger so the first one is dropped from the table and the second is projected off the table both the coins fall at the same rate because both are influenced by the acceleration due to gravity.

Coin Flipping, Coin, Hand, Flip, Flick, Coin Tossing
Flipping a coin image credit: pixabay

part of the conic section

 When we draw a cone and cut it with a plane parallel to one of the edges of the cone then we get a parabola if there is no friction then undergoing uniform horizontal motion which turns to projectile motion.

Mid-air collision of two projectiles

The collision between two projectiles was initiated without vertical separation and horizontal separation and also from different horizontal-vertical separations. Suppose if we have two projectiles when they collide with each other they have a trajectory for both projectiles both trajectories intercept each other because of projectile motion.

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