Present Participle As Verb? 7 Facts You Should Know

In this article we are going to describe present participle as verb. You will get to know about present participle used as verb with the discussions in details.

Present participle is the form of the verb which is formed by adding –ing to the base form of the main verb. It acts as both verb and adjective. Present participles are only verb forms that are completely regular. The present participle that is also known as –ing form is used to express the progressive aspect of the main verbs.

1.What is present participle?

Present participle is a form of verb that is made by adding-ing at the end of the base form of the verb and does the function of a verb in a sentence.

present participle as verb
Present participle as verb

For example;

  • go- going,sleep-sleeping,show-showing,play-playing,
  • eat-eating,come-coming,study-studying,arrive-arriving
  • Explanation-The above main verbs go,sleep,show,play,eat,come,study,arrive are made Present participles by adding –ing in the end.

2. Is present participle form of verb?

All Present participles are formed by adding –ing to the base form of verb and work as verbs in sentences. So present participle is form of verb.


  • Suman is playing in the field with his friends.
  •  The boys were shouting in joy.
  • kakoli and her friends were swimming in the river.
  • I saw the old man walking on the road.
  • We found the man killing a snake.

Explanation-The above –ing words are present participles and are used as verbs in the sentences.

3.How is present participle form of verb?

Present participle is certainly a form of verb. It is derived from a verb to form continuous tenses. It is form of verb and is used as a main verb in a sentence.

For examples;

  • We are taking tea.
  • Kamalica is shouting in fear.

Explanation-Here present participles ‘taking’ and ‘crying’ are used as verbs.

4.Where is present participle used as verb?

Here we will discuss where present participle is used as verb.

a.Present participle is used after the sense verbs like see,look,hear,sound,feel,taste,watch,smell etc.

For examples;

  •  The man saw the police catching a thief.
  • The boys are shouting in joy.

Explanation-Here the present participles ‘catching’ and ‘shouting’ are used after the sense verbs ‘saw’ and ‘heard’.

b.Present participle is used to describe two actions happened at the same time.

For examples;

  • Waiking down the street Soma met her old friend.
  •   Arriving late to the station Robin missed the train.

Explanation-The present participles ‘walking’ and ‘arriving’ are used to show two actions happened at the same time.

5. How is present participle used as verb?

Present participles are used as verbs in sentences.Here you will find the sentences where present participles are used as verbs .These will surely help you to understand very well.

For examples;

  •   The girls are watching television now.
  •      We saw the army marching along the road.

Explanation-Here ‘watching’ and ‘marching’ are present participles and are used as verbs in the above sentences.

6.When is present participle used?

Present participle is used in the situations that follow.

a.Present participle is used to make continuous tenses. We use continuous tenses to describe ongoing actions.The ongoing actions can mean in the present, in the past and in the future tenses.

For examples;

      Tense           Example          Meaning
Present Continuous TenseSuman is reading English now.This indicates an action that is happening now.
Past Continuous TenseSayoni was reading English at 9 p.m. last night.It shows an action that was not finished and continuing in the past.
Future Continuous TenseMy mother will be cooking for us.It shows an action that will start in the future and be in progress.
Present Perfect Continuous TenseOliva has been reading Hindi for an hour.This action started an hour ago and has continued upto this moment.
Past Perfect Continuous TenseSumana had been studying all morning when we arrived.It shows an action that ended before another in the past.
Future Perfect Continuous TenseMy friend Suman’s dogswill have been chasing their tails for a long time when I finally find out where they are.This shows the duration of a future action until a particular moment.

The above present participles are used as verbs to form continuous tenses.

b.Present partiples are used to describe a past action;

 The present participles are also used to describe past actions.You will clearly

understand that past participles can express past actions.

For examples;

  • Their sisters were making a nice present for him.
  • Ronaldo was scoring a magnificent goal in a high voltage match.

Explanation-The present participles ‘making’ and ‘clearing’ show the actions in the past.

c. When two actions happen simultaneously;

The present participle form of the verb is used when one action is done and an another action is taking place by the same person.

For examples;

  •   My friend Rohit fell asleep while listening to the radio.
  • The young man went into the rain running.

Explanation-In the above sentences ‘listening’ and ‘running’ are the examples of present participles.

d.Present participles are also used when one action is done very quickly after another


For examples;

  • Throwing the bag Rakesh went to the playground.
  • Getting into the bus the woman began to search for the seat.

Explanation-The above examples show that present participles are when one action is done quicklr after another.

7. Present participle as verb examples;

The following sentences will show you how present participles are used as verbs.

Go through the following examples based on present participle that will enable you to realize it very nicely.

  •    Robi has been working since morning.
  •   Ashok Is beating the naughty boys for their misconduct.
  •   Crying loudly the girl went home from the playground.
  •  I saw the man scolding his son severely.
  • Shraboni was preparing her lesson for the ensuing competition.
  • The woman was cooking lunch in the kitchen for the whole family.
  • The workers had been working for two hours before their owner came.
  • Soma will be studying History with her teacher.
  • Bitting cold wind is blowing from the north.
  • The Indian cricketers were playing an outstanding match against Australia in the semi final match.
  • The man had been walking on the road in the scorching heat of the sun for an hour with his ailing son.
  • Rambabu heard someone shouting for help last night.
  • The children are moving in the park.
  • I am watching T.V. right now.
  • What was your uncle doing at home yesterday?
  • My brother is not working hard in spite of being fit.
  • The girl has been studying seriously for two months for the ensuing examination.
  • It was raining cats and dogs yesterday.
  • The man speaking English is my teacher.
  • The fishermen are catching fishes with sturdy nets in the river.
  • Lila went to school eating cakes and noodles.
  • An old man was walking on road alone.
  • They caught the thief red handed stealing the shop.
  • Buying that house Sourav made a great mistake.
  • How long have you been working here?
  • Rathin Babu is giving us huge entertainment with his charming tricks.
  • People are waiting at the airport for the plane to take off.
  • The birds are chirping in the mango tree.
  • Anjana saw her mother walking along the road.
  • The sun is shining and the birds are singing very sweetly.
  • The mechanic is working with the engine to fix it.
  • Explanation-In the above sentences the present participles working,beating,crying,scolding,preparing,cooking,working,studying,blowing,playing,walking,shouting,moving,watching,doing,working,studying,raining,speaking,catching,eating,walking,stealing,buying,working,giving,waiting,chirping,shining,singing and working are used as verbs.


 In this above discussed article ‘present participle as verb’ is explained by 7 facts and is revealed that Present participle is used as verb.It is used to form continuous tenses in the sentences.It will also help you to construct sentences with the use of present participle. You should keep in mind that collocation should be maintained while using present participles to write sentences.

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