Perfecto Tutorial:Features,Services,Advantages,Disadvantages

Through out this Perfecto Tutorial, we will provide complete overview of Perfecto as mobile test automation tool. We will do an in-depth exploration of all the major segments.

The Perfecto Automation tool is an entirely web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) a platform that allows mobile application designers and QA professionals both work with services like advanced automation, monitoring and testing services. It is the perfect tool for a mobile application tester to automate testing for mobile phone devices associated with diverse mobile networks spread across different geographic locations.

The automated testing is done using an in-built web-based user interface design, which permits the conception of tests scripts which are easy to design and easy to use without any code. The commands containing the hands are readily available on the websites in the form of widgets. Test developers just right to click on the authorities to add to the scripts and define its properties in the user interface. Keyword-based Script Once technology permit engineers to create test scripts. Perfecto Mobile testing tool works on both image & text recognition. The formation of these scripts can be watched in the following videos.

Test developers can freely install third-party applications or APK files on the remote devices using their Install widget. Upon formation, the application will be visible in the Application list of the device. The automation tools work based on OCR based text and image recognition mechanism that enables the device to analyze and test the applications’ user interface without any limitation. From native apps, web-based apps, or hybrid apps tools it can try anything. As far as Flash content is designed, the sales team are not sure whether the devices can check this or not.

For both the tools, Technical support remains if the user requires them.

Perfecto Mobile Cloud provides Hybrid objects progress, which contains both Visual based objects & native objects for iOS/Android applications, as well as real DOM objects for Web/Hybrid based programs. It offers both HP UFT or an automation framework, an object finder tool which allows easy object filtering and identification and easy scripting.

They also provide three different cloud-based deployment

option: public cloud, Private cloud and Local solution – called Mobile Cloud.

Early in the mobile app, development progress usually senses to conduct manual testing while the test strategy is being refined. Then once the testing processes are standardized, automated testing starts to deliver significant benefits.

Table of Content

We will talk about the below topics in on Perfecto tutorial.

Features of Perfecto:

The features of Perfecto are explained below –

Script Editor:

  • 1. It allows an interface to design the test scripts for test automation.
  • 2. An executable file can be created which can be executed with out referring any external dll files.
  • 3. Perfecto provides many commands (keywords) and methods to perform the test automation activities.
  • 4. It allows users to add their graphic orders. Source code of the authorities is available.
  • 5. The basics of Perfecto can be learned quickly for the entry level software testers.

Keyboard & Mouse Recorder feature:

  • 1. We can generate executable files through the recording features of Perfecto.
  • 2. The macro files can be created which can be executed as stand-alone file or can be used from the script editor interface.
  • 3. The recorder has the ability to memorize the the active windows which can be activated again during the playback.


  • 1. Any files or applications including website’s URL, document, programs etc., can be launched using the Perfecto.
  • 2. It is an easy-to-use shortcut manager.
  • 3. Allows us to execute any application which are available in system tray menu.
  • 4. There is no restriction to create user-defined sub folders.


  • 1. It allows to schedule any programs to execute for a predefined times.
  • 2. It can be integrated with Launcher. The scheduler can be configured based on the items available in the launcher.
  • 3. Task execution can be done through hotkeys.

Codeless Automation:

The codeless means the scripting can be done based on configuration changes with drag-drop facility. The Perfect Codeless feature allows to design test cases with out writing the scripts.

Real User Simulation:

The user application may work in ideal conditions. But, while working on test automation, testers has to be ready to consider any unexpected situations. So, before testing in the real devices, the app testing need to be done through the simulator with different types of configurations for different platforms. The simulators are very useful due to low cost, easy to setup and fast processing. The Perfecto is well compatible with simulators to perform the app testing initially.

Remote Device Access:

Perfecto’s Remote Device Access feature gives the ability to debug iOS mobile apps on ideal devices under experimental conditions which speed the process of justifying new features and fixing bugs that only show up under specific environments or situations.

AI-Driven Analytics:

The Perfecto codeless testing approach allows to create automated test cases based on Artificial Intelligence approach. The AI Approach helps to create stable and robust test cases which will improve the testing in unstable environment. This feature also helps to design the automated test suites which requires minimum maintenance.

Perfecto Services:

Continuous Testing:

The continuous testing is an approach to test the application after each of the application build in a unattended manner. This approach reduces the testing cycle drastically. The perfecto provides the continuous testing approach in mobile devices in a efficient way.

Automated Testing:

The Perfecto allows the test automation in both the android and iOS devices effectively using the codeless testing approach. It also has the ability to participate on continuous testing approach to support the DevOps.

Web Testing:

It can support the testing on web application as well through the Perfecto Cloud based solution. Please click to get more details on Perfecto Web App testing.

Find Bugs Faster:

At the end of the test cycle, this tool helps the user to identify ideal failures instantly with false negative clarify. Below features helps the user to make the testing better.

  1. Adjust platform scenario test report with your actual users.
  2. Test failure analysis gives ideal test failure reasons.
  3. We can get fast feedback on testing with the help of test reports, CI dashboards, heat maps.
  4. It will also provides a detailed comparisons of test results for different platforms.
  5. It helps to save the time for reproduction of bugs as the defects can be created from the IDE.
  6. It allows the integration with JIRA tool with minimum customization. It will be required for full test management.
  7. The most useful testing artifacts such as logs, screenshots, testing reports, etc. are available with the solution.

Reduce Defects:

  1. Reduce risks with complete test analysis, ideal device sensor testing, and global reach.
  2. Network virtualization provides users to test like real users.
  3. Get same-day access to modern devices and releases.
  4. Automate testing for advanced features, like biometrics, GPS, camera, and more.

Test Analytics:

The Perfecto Test Analysis report helps to identify the test failure reason with route cause analysis easily. Also, the test analytics provides a high-level actionable steps to fix the route cause issue of the failure. It saves the reproduction efforts of the issue.

Functional Testing:     

It is an approach to validate the each of the functionalities which are developed based on the requirements. The functional testing is also known as the UI testing of the software product which ensure the overall quality. The perfecto has the ability to perform in-depth functional testing in mobile devices through the mobile cloud.

Interactive Testing:

Interactive testing means to perform the testing by interacting with the real device keeping in hands. The Perfecto Mobile cloud allows to connect the real devices and browsers quickly and do the testing by interacting just like own device.

Advantages of Perfecto

  1. Ever-changing mobile and browser releases need an up-to-date testing atmosphere. It enables immediate connection to the most recent Android and iOS platforms. It also supports the latest Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers. 
  2. Mocking location for iOS is supported by Perfecto.
  3. Parallel execution supported by Perfecto.
  4. Network virtualization is a very good feature for Performance testing.
  5. Perfecto supports Mobile setting accessibility.
  6. Unlimited applications installation supported by Perfecto.
  7. SIM service supported for Cloud devices.
  8. IMEI number can be fixed for cloud devices.
  9. OTP generate feature is supported by Perfecto cloud.
  10. Most of the ADB command is supported by Perfecto.
  11. JIRA integration supported by Perfecto.
  12. To stop the security breach Perfecto support one to one tunnelling with Clint’s private cloud.
  13. The test automation can be done for native, web and hybrid applications through the Perfecto solution.
  14. The cross-platform testing is possible with the Perfecto. It means, we can execute the same test cases in different version of mobile operating systems which included android and iOS. It will help to crease the script reusability and reduces the maintenance efforts.

Disadvantages of Perfecto:

  1. It is a paid tool. Nobody can install it and start working freely. But for a demo or PoC kind of things the user can get 14 days trial license version.
  2. Software updating is very slow by Perfecto organization. Needs to be done promptly.
  3. Performance slow response. The Perfecto environment is considerably slow, and the mobile device response time is quiet.
  4. Perfecto does not support on premises Cloud services.

Till now We have covered the basics of Perfecto automation testing in this Perfecto Tutorial. In the upcoming articles on Perfecto, we will explain the test automation steps and integration with Selenium. Please refer to this link, to get more information.