Nucleus And Endoplasmic Reticulum: 7 Facts You Should Know

Nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum both are the essential organanelles present inside the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cell. Let us know more about them.

Nucleus control cell division, gene replication and differentiation with the join activities of certain particular set of genes. Endoplasmic reticulum provide mechanical support to the cell and it also help in protein synthesis, glycogen metabolism, fat synthesis and secretion of hormones etc.

Let us discuss if nucleus and ER work together, how they both work together, if they are connected and many more related questions in this article.

Does the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum work together?

The ER serves as a production and packaging system, whereas nucleus serves as the brain of the cell. Let us know if nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum work together or not.

Nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum work together as a unit. The ER, is a network of flattened sacs and parallel membranous tubules that surrounds the nucleus, connected to the nuclear membrane, and permeates the cytoplasm.

ER serves as a barrier to restrict specific chemical movement into and out of the nucleus and encircles it as a double membrane bilayer.

How does the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum work together?

ER provides the cytoskeleton that support the cell’s structure, while nucleus directs and governs the activities of the cell. Let us see how these two organelle work together.

ER has a special degree of control over protein synthesis because of its close proximity to the cell nucleus. When issues with protein synthesis and folding arise, RER quickly transmit signals to the nucleus, which affects the overall rate of protein translation. This is how nucleus and ER work together.

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Nucleolus produces ribosomal subunits, which are then transported to the cytoplasm where they can be put together to form useful translation complexes.

Difference between nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum?

Only eukaryotic cells have nucleus and ER, both of which play significant roles inside the cytoplasm. Let us see the difference between these two organelles.

Major difference between nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum are given below:

FactorsNucleusEndoplasmic reticulum
Origin Nucleus is originated from the nucleoid. In the nuclear nucleoid, DNA remains naked without the presence of a membrane. Therefore, the chromatin material in aggregation enclosed within a membrane take the form of nucleus.Endoplasmic reticulum is originated from nuclear membrane and plasma membrane.
Number Normally a cell contain one nucleus. However in some cells there are two or more nuclei. There is no definite number of Endoplasmic Reticulum in a cell. In general they are many in numbers. However when the cell is large, the number of endoplasmic reticulum increases.
ShapeNucleus is usually spherical in shape but it may also be over elliptical or flat disc or even irregular in shape.Endoplasmic reticulum may be tubular flat sac-like and in the form of small vesicles
Constituents Nucleus contain nuclear reticulum, nucleolus and nucleoplasm.ER contains cisternae, vesicles and tubules.
RoleNucleus plays active role in transmission of genetic material.ER plays an important role in protein synthesis.
Function Nucleus controls metabolic activities of a cell.Endoplasmic reticulum form skeletal frame work and provide mechanical support to the cytoplasm.
Difference between Nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum

Is the nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum connected?

Nucleus and ER are present inside the cytoplasm of eukaryotes. Let us find out if nucleus and ER are connected with each other or not.

Nucleus and ER are connected to each other. The ER membrane, which is connected to the double-layered nuclear envelope, also functions as a passageway between nucleus and the cytoplasm and permits the selective movement of molecules between the lumen and the cytoplasm.

What is the role of an endoplasmic reticulum in a nucleus?

Nucleus is a dense spherical body present in the protoplasm while endoplasmic reticulum is a tubular branch cell organelle. Let us know the role of ER in nucleus.

The role of endoplasmic reticulum in a nucleus is detailed below:

  • The nuclear envelope’s pores are connected to the endoplasmic reticulum.
  • In order to participate in protein synthesis, ribosomal subunits and mRNA that has been translated from genes in the DNA can exit the nucleus through pores in the nuclear membrane.
  • Due to its connection to the double-layered nuclear envelope, the endoplasmic reticulum also serves as a conduit for molecules to move between nucleus and cytoplasm while maintaining selective transport between the lumen and cytoplasm.

What type of endoplasmic reticulum is closest to the nucleus?

Endoplasmic reticulum is of two main types: these are rough ER and smooth ER. Let us see which endoplasmic reticulum is closest to the nucleus.

Rough ER is located next to the cell nucleus, and the outer membrane of the nuclear envelope is continuous with its membrane. Ribosomes on rough ER are experts in the production of proteins that are specifically directed to the ER for processing by a signal sequence.


Nucleus and endoplasmic reticulum are the two essential organelles present only in eukaryotes. Both the organelles have important functions inside the cytoplsm. Nucleus is known as the brain of the cell. It controls all the chemical reactions performed inside the cell, it helps in the process of replication during cell division. Endoplasmic reticulum are membrane bound tubular branch cell organelles. They contain ribosomes which synthesizes protein. Endoplasmic reticulum helps in the formation of skeletal framework in a cell. ER is connected with nuclear membrane and control the passage of substance inside the nucleus .

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