MG2+ Lewis Structure : Drawings, Hybridization, Shape, Charges,Pairs

In this article Mg2+ ion , its lewis structure, shape, angle, and other facts are discussed.

Magnesium ion or Mg2+ is a magnesium cation, divalent metal cation and a monoatomic dication. It find various application in several fields especially in medical field.

how to draw MG2+ lewis structure

The Lewis structure of a molecule helps to understand the electronic distribution in a bond formation of a  molecule. To draw the  lewis structure of a molecule, valence electrons are considered. All other electrons are well protected from chemical bond formation. The electrons denoted as dots  in  lewis structure  called lewis symbols.

Mg2+ or Magnesium ion is formed by the loss of two electrons from the Mg atom. The electronic configuration of  Mg  can be shown as 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 and that of  Mg2+ is  found to be 1s2 2s2 2p6. The electron distribution among various shells of Mg and Mg2+ is given below.

                K           L          M     N
      Mg                2           8           2 
        Mg2+              2           8  
Electron distribution among shells

In Mg2+ only 10 electrons are present in K and L shell respectively. So the lewis structure of Mg2+ ion will be the following one.

mg2+ lewis structure
Mg2+lewis structure

MG2+ lewis structure resonance

Resonance structure is two or more way of representation of  lewis structure of the given molecule. Since Mg2+ is an ion it has only one resonance structure and it is same as its lewis structure.

Mg2+ resonance structure

MG2+ lewis structure shape

Mg2+ has no shape eventhough its structure is same as that of its lewis structure.

MG2+ lewis structure formal charge

Formal charge is the imaginary charge allotted to an atom  when all its valence electrons are perfectly shared in a chemical bond.

Formal charge of a molecule can be found out by an equation

Formal charge of an atom = No. of valence electrons – No. of dots or electrons –  No.of  bonds  formed.

Mg2+  is not a molecule and its an ion. It doesn’t take part in any chemical bond. So the Mg2+ ion doesn’t have any formal charge but there is  a net charge present to this ion.

MG2+ lewis structure angle

Bond angle is the angle formed between the 3 bonds when different or same atoms combine together to form a compound. Here in the case of Mg2+there is no bond formation with other atom so the concept of bond angle cannot seen here. Therefore Mg2+ ion doesn’t have any bond angle.

MG2+ lewis structure octet rule

According to Octet Rule, the number of valence electrons or the electrons present on the outermost shell must be 8. If there are 8 electrons are present among the outermost shell then its octet is fulfilled.

In the case of Mg2+ ion its octet is fulfilled. Because the when two electrons from Mg is lost then the outer most shell of Mg2+ is L shell and it has 8 electrons present. So Mg2+ ion obeys the octet rule.

MG2+ lewis structure lone pairs

Lone pair of electrons are the electrons that doesn’t took part in any chemical reaction. The lone pair of electron in any molecule is given as .

Lone pair of electron in any atom =  (Valence electrons – No. of electrons shared by the atom) /2

 There is no lone pair of electron in Magnesium ion.

MG2+ valence electrons

Valence electrons are the electrons present in the outermost shell of any atom or ion that can take part in any chemical reaction. A molecule or an atom attain valency by losing or gaining  electrons from its outer most shell to attain noble gas configuration.

The electronic configuration of Mg2+  ( 2, 8). Since Mg2+ is formed by the loss of 2 electrons from Mg. The number of valence electrons present to Mg2+ is zero and the total number of electrons present to Mg2+ ion will be 10.

MG2+ hybridization

Hybridisation is a concept that actually we apply among covalent bonded compounds. Since Mg2+ is an ionic compound. So the concept of hybridisation doesn’t work here.

MG2+ uses

Magnesium ions are required by several enzymes to perform their function.Magnesium ions  are vital  for the transfer, storage, and utilisation of energy in human metabolic activities. Mg2+ ion regulates and catalyses most of the enzymatic functions in mammals.

The energy storage of our cell ATP need Mg2+ ion to combine with it to perform its biological function. Magnesium containing compounds are also found importance in laxatives, antacids. Magnesium compounds are also used for certain health treatment like stabilising abnormal nerve excitation.

Is MG2+ ionic or covalent

Mg2+ is an ionic compound. Magnesium ion or Mg2+ is a positively charged cation.

Is mg2 stable?

Mg2+ is a stable compound. Magnesium ion is formed by the loss of two electrons from the Mg. Then its electronic configuration is ( 2, 8). Since both the shells are completely filled and obeying octet rule Mg2+ ion is a stable ion.

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