Is Push A Contact Force: Why, How And Several Facts

In this article, we are going to discuss about a push force, is push a contact force or not, and the reason behind it in detailed facts.

The object push from its position of rest is called push force and is imposed only by coming in physical contact with that object; therefore it is a contact force.

How is Push a Contact Force?

Contact forces are those where the force can be applied only on coming in contact with the object on which the force has to be imposed.

To push any object one needs to apply force on it to make it displace, hence to push it is necessary to come in contact with that object which is to be pushed. Hence, a push is definitely a contact force.

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Push Force, a Contact Force;
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Without coming in physical contact we aren’t able to push any objects, isn’t it? There must be a force imposing on the object for it to move from the place, whether you apply it using your own hands or utilizing some other object, physical touch has to be there for the object to impel it from the rest position. It is just opposite to the force required for pulling the object.

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What are the different forces that come into reactions on the application of push force?

The force due to gravity and the normal force acting opposite to the weight of the object is an evidential force acting on the object on Earth.

Net Force on Object

Depending upon the coefficient of friction of the surface the friction force is acting on the surface of the object on displacement due to pushing that resists the motion of the object. Along with it, there is a force due to air drag that is acting on the object.

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Does Pushing Lead to Compression?

A force is said to be a compressive force if the equal forces are inflicting on the object from two opposite directions as action-reaction forces.

Indeed, the pushing may result in compression of the object if the push force is applied to the object from the opposite directions.

Consider a man pushing an object from one side, and another man is also putting equal force from the opposite side as shown in the below figure.

is push a contact force
Compression due to Pushing

Due to the equal and opposite force acting on the object, this is exerting the compression force on the object. From both sides, the push force is imposed on the object, but that results in compressive force.

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How to Calculate Push Force?

Push force is equal to the force levied upon the object and is measured in Newton.

Basically, the force imposed on the object is the net force applied on the object while pushing and the force reacting on the base of the object due to frictional force.

Lets us find how to measure a push force by solving some examples below:-

A force is applied on a block of mass 105kg to displace it at a distance ‘x’. The coefficient of friction of the surface is 0.25 and the acceleration of the block is 0.05m/s2. Calculate the total force and the push force applied on the block.

Given: a=0.05m/s2


mu =0.25

The total force on the block is


F=ma+u N

Since the friction is acting on the object is

fmu =mu mg

F=ma+mu mg

=m(a+mu g)

Substituting the value in the equation,

F=105kg*0.05+0.25* 9.8


=105kg* 2.50


The total force acting on the object is 262.5N.

The force due to push is equal to




Hence, the force of only 5.25 Newton is imposed on the object due to pushing.

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A woman in a shopping mall is pushing a shopping trolley of weight 2.3 kg. The acceleration of the trolley on the application of the push force is 0.5m/s2. Calculate the push force applied on the trolley.

Given: m=2.3kg


The push force imposed on the shopping trolley is




A woman is applying the push force of 1.15N from her hand to push the trolley.

Does Pushing Results in Contraction?

Contraction is relevant to the shrinking or tightening of the object and relies upon the compression strength of the object.

If the push force is applied on the object across the rigid object whose compressive stress the very high then the object which is been push then the object will show contraction.

We can relate this to the geotectonic plates. Two plates converging shows contraction of plates along the line converging two plates. On further application of push force, and contracting, the small hills and mountains are developed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pull force?

A pull force is exactly the opposite of a push force.

The force applied on the object while pulling the object with the help of string or any equipment that creates a tension creates a pull force.

What are some examples of push force?

There are various examples of push forces in our day-to-day life.

Some examples of push forces are a person pushing another man, pushing a load, pushing a shopping trolley, pushing a car, pushing a table, etc.

On what factor does the push force depends?

The push force is levied upon the object to displace it from one place to another.

The force applied to do so relies upon the mass, shape, and size of the object. The circular objects can be displaced easily compared to other shaped objects.

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