Is Mercury Magnetic? 5 Facts You Should Know!

Mercury is special because it is the only metallic element that is liquids at standard temperature and pressure and Mercury’s elemental symbol is Hg. Let us see whether the mercury is magnetic or not.

Mercury is magnetic because the movement of liquid metal intense internal Mercury’s crux produces the planet’s magnetic field, much the similar procedure Earth’s field make an appearance. Mercury is the only rocket planet apart from the Earth in the solar system.

At room temperature, mercury element is not vey magnetic at all. It has very tiny magnetic vulnerability. By seeing the vital importance of is mercury magnetic let us focus on is mercury magnetic when cold, is mercury magnetic when heated, is mercury magnetic at body temperature and many more questions.

Is mercury magnetic when cold?

Mercury’s magnetic field is roughly only two magnetic poles evidently general on planet mercury and mercury is a weakly diamagnetic substance at room temperature. Let us see whether the mercury is magnetic or not when cold.

 Mercury is magnetic in cold because of polar nature when mercury magnet is exhibit to colder temperature will increases its magnetism. The molecules deep down the magnet will move slower because they have least kinetic energy so there is less fluctuation within the molecules.

 Although mercury is magnetic at cold temperature below about four degree Kelvin, rudimental mercury becomes a superconductor. Flactuations permits for a more vigorous magnetic field that strengthens the mercury magnet.

Is mercury magnetic when heated?

Mercury is the only metal which is liquid at room temperature because mercury is very poor at distributing of its valence electrons. Let us see whether the mercury is magnetic or not when heated.

  Mercury is magnetic when heated because when liquid mercury captivate heat it will start rising skyward if it is surrounded by wall if there is no wall than it move toward cool supervision on a plane surface. Heat always flow from hot to cold. Mercury conducts heats much better than water.

During the conduction of heat there are many electrons to move about. When these electrons obtain heat, they stir throughout rapidly and come into collision more with adjacent electrons and atoms.  

Is mercury magnetic at body temperature?

Mercury poisoning can result from vulnerability to water dispersible forms of mercury such as mercuric chloride, by gulping of mercury vapour. Let us see whether the mercury is magnetic or not at body temperature.

 Mercury is magnetic at body temperature because at body temperature external magnetic field influences mercury to magnetizes and strongly repel the magnet. It is because of existence of coupled electrons that experience a cage diffusion phenomenon to produce a magnetic moment.

Mercury presently acquire a global magnetic field created by radiative movements in the liquid iron core via generator process.

Image credit: Mercury by Tavo Romann (CC BY 4.0)

Is liquid mercury magnetic?

Magnetism is the potency employ by magnets when they captivate or revolt each other. Magnetism is happened by the movement of electric charges. Let us see liquid mercury is magnetic or not.

Liquid mercury is magnetic because the liquid is captivated to the poles of a magnet. Ferro-fluid is a emulsion liquid gotten into nano-scale ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic particles put up in a carrier liquid. Typically an organic solvent or water.

Liquid mercury is mainly used in the industries as catalysts and liquid mercury is a poisonous metallic element.

Mercury magnetic properties

   The magnetic property of a material is the atomic reaction a material to an enforced magnetic field wherein the electron spin and charge generate a dipole moment and magnetic field. Let us see the magnetic properties of mercury.

Magnetic properties of mercury are listed below,

  •  At room temperature mercury is weakly diamagnetic substance. Magnetic properties are attached to the electron based on their pairing with each other and spin at the subatomic level.
  • Mercury is not expected to be a paramagnetic material.


Concluding up this post by stating that mercury is magnetic and at room temperature, the element mercury is not very magnetic at all. Mercury acquires an inherent magnetic field distinguished by basically dipolar structure similar to the Earth’s magnetic field.

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