Is Liquid Magnetic? 5 Facts You Should Know!

Liquid is a medium that move easily but is of persistent volume, having a steadiness like that of water or oil. Let us see if the liquid is magnetic or not.

Liquid is magnetic because magnetic liquid is a particular kind of hetero-structured magnetic material which contain a emulsion period of small magnetic particles sling in a shipper liquid. Due to the atoms are so tiny, thermal molecular perturbation and Brownian motion retains them from setting or combining.

By seeing the vital importance of is liquid magnetic let us focus on is liquid mercury magnetic, is liquid iron magnetic, is oxygen magnetic and is liquid gallium magnetic and many more questions.

Is liquid mercury magnetic?

Mercury is a chemical element originated in rock in the earth crust, in addition to the accumulation of coal. Let us see whether the liquid mercury is magnetic or not.

Liquid mercury is magnetic because under the consequence of an outward magnetic field, mercury captivates and hardly revolts the magnet. It is by virtue of the presence of coupled electrons that experience a cage dispersing event to produce a magnetic moment.

Although the liquid mercury is magnetic, the mercury never attracts a magnet. Magnetism is a potency  that is synchronized by magnetic fields of simple particles.

Is liquid iron magnetic?

Liquid iron is also called as ferrous sulphate liquid, which is used as a nutritive additive for people who have not consume sufficient iron from diet alone.  Let us looks  whether the liquid iron is magnetic or not.

Liquid iron is magnetic because iron is attracted magnets due to the atoms in a solid portion of iron have a steady magnetic spin. This means that when a magnetic field is activated, the magnetic poles of all the atoms are line up with the same supervision, generating magnetic attraction.

However liquid iron is magnetic when iron strikes its Curie point, the atoms are now travelling around rapidly enough that their magnetic spin is no extensively stable. The magnetic poles are oscillate around every way.

Is liquid oxygen magnetic?

Liquid oxygen is a clear, sky-blue liquid captured by squeezing oxygen and then cooling it below its boiling point. Let us see whether the liquid oxygen is magnetic or not

Liquid oxygen is paramagnetic because the oxygen molecule has two uneven electrons. Electrons not only revolve around the atom in the individual trajectory which is also spin then produce a magnetic field. Uneven electrons rotate in the identical supervision as each other, which enlarges the magnetic field effect.

Although liquid oxygen is paramagnetic and is captivated by the magnetic field but fails to endure magnetic once  it evacuates the field.

Is liquid gallium magnetic?

Gallium is a silvery-white liquid at room temperature. Intake of gallium may be toxic. It is abrasive to aluminium. Let us see whether the liquid gallium is magnetic or not.

Gallium is paramagnetic in liquid state because a unconstrained magnetic moment take place by discharging the electrons from inner shell .

Gallium is soft, silvery metal used in electronic circuit, semiconductors and light emitting diodes and is utilized in high temperature thermometers, barometers, pharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine tests.

Image credit: Gallium crystals by Maxim Bilovitskiy (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Concluding up this post by stating that liquid is magnetic which has the properties could make the droplets very useful in electronic devices and is use to make liquid printed artificial cells, or magnet controlled robots that deliver inside the body.

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