Is Homeostasis a Dynamic Equilibrium: 7 Interesting Facts

In this article, the topic, “is homeostasis a dynamic equilibrium” with 7 interesting facts will be discussed in a brief manner and trying to clarify the topic.

Yes, homeostasis process is a type of dynamic equilibrium process. The dynamic equilibrium can be explain in this way the situation of a particular given system in which the reaction is participated which is mainly reversible type and in this reaction no changes can be observe in the ratio of products and reactants.

But in the dynamic equilibrium a movement of the product and reactant can be observe. In the other way for the case of homeostasis is a self regulating method in which an organism trying to stable its condition in unchanged state for surviving with the surrounding condition.

In the both condition for the dynamic equilibrium and homeostasis the state of the before reaction and after reaction became unchanged. Changes cannot be observe for the case of the product and reactant in the dynamic equilibrium and in the other hand changes is not visible inside the organism in the case for homeostasis.

What is homeostasis?

If homeostasis is perform in a correct way then life continuous if it is not successful then as a result disaster or death of the organism can be happened.

Homeostasis is a biological term. Homeostasis can be defined as, the steady state of chemical condition, internal and physical conditions hold on the living system. Homeostasis is very important factor for the organisms’ survival in the surroundings.

The body tries to holds on the state of the homeostasis by balancing some controller of changeable ranging from body blood pH, blood glucose, temperature levels to sodium, fluid balance and also calcium ion concentrations.

Homeostasis Breakdown:-

When some imbalance can be observe in the body due to some changes the condition for the body for this particular reason the body could not stay at the state of homeostasis. The condition for the body is known as, homeostasis breakdown.

If the condition of the homeostasis breakdown is increases then disorder, unwellness are appear even death also can be happened.

Factors are responsible for the homeostasis breakdown:-

The factors which are responsible for the homeostasis breakdown are listed below,

  1. Nutrition and diet
  2. Genetics
  3. Venom and toxins
  4. Physical condition
  5. Side effects of medical procedure
  6. Side effects of medical
  7. Psychological health

Why is homeostasis a dynamic equilibrium?

Dynamic equilibrium is a reversible equation. In this equation the rate for the forward reaction and the rate of the backward reaction remain unchanged.

Homeostasis is a steady state in a body to adjusting the condition for the chemical, physical and internal. In the homeostasis the body continuously is trying to adjust with the surrounding. Means we can say that the condition of the body is remain unchanged in the steady state of homeostasis.

In the other hand dynamic equilibrium is state where the motion of the product and in the same way the motion of the reactant same. Means the condition in the state for dynamic equilibrium remain unchanged. So, comparing these two facts it is very clear that, homeostasis is a dynamic equilibrium.

No changes in the rate of the forward reaction and the rate of the backward reaction are visible in dynamic equilibrium.

Properties of a system to recognized equilibrium:-

A system is in equilibrium easily can be estimate with the help of two properties of a system. The properties are listed below,

  • If the motion of the reaction for the forward and backward remain similar for the products and reactants.
  • All the products and reactants stay at equilibrium.

How is homeostasis a dynamic equilibrium?

In the state of dynamic equilibrium the changes rate for the forward reaction and backward reaction remains same only a movement can be observe.

An organism of body uses feedback mechanism for hold on the steady state of dynamic equilibrium. The parity of one object affect the another object or activity for second organ of the body. In the homeostasis state the organs are changing their internal state thus the body could adjust with the surrounding. In this case the body works same as dynamic body.

Dynamic equilibrium:-

Dynamic equilibrium is only happened in the case of reversible reaction. When the forward reaction motion and backward reaction motion will be similar only that time the state of dynamic equilibrium will be appear. The equation of the dynamic equilibrium is similar because of the reaction of the forward and backward is still appearing but the motion of the forward reaction and backward reaction will be same and unchanged, so they can stay at equilibrium state.

Example of Dynamic equilibrium:-

If a new soda bottle is taken then the soda bottle has the concentration of carbon dioxide in the phase of the liquid has an unchanged value. But half of the liquid is poured out and again sealed the bottle of soda then in this particular matter carbon dioxide will parting the phase of the liquid and the motion will be decreases and in this particular time partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the phase of gas is increases and they reaches to the state of equilibrium.

In this position, for the reason of thermal motions a molecule of carbon dioxide is exit from the phase of liquid but in a very short period another molecule of carbon dioxide is exit from the phase of gas to the liquid, and in same way a molecule of carbon dioxide is exit from the phase of gaseous but in a very short period another molecule of carbon dioxide is exit from the phase of liquid to the gas.

The state of equilibrium is can be said for the carbon dioxide is when it reached the motion of transfer for carbon dioxide from gas to liquid and the motion of transfer for carbon dioxide from liquid to gas.

Another one example of dynamic equilibrium is a car is moves with unchanged acceleration. Unchanged acceleration means the acceleration of the car is not changes at any condition. In other way we can say that, if the acceleration is zero then the acceleration does not change and so one can easily say that acceleration is unchanged.

When the car contains unchanged acceleration at this particular time the weight is balanced by reaction force and forward force is balanced by friction. Also the forward force is opposed by friction with equal motion. No other change in force is observed. The net force remains the same hence it is said to be in dynamic equilibrium.

The mechanism of regulation of homeostasis:

The regulation of homeostasis is depending upon the three mechanisms. The three mechanism of the homeostasis is listed below,

  • Effector
  • Receptor
  • Control Center


The effectors are responding to the commandments of the control centre. The effectors could improve or oppose the stimulus.


The purpose of the receptor is to sensing the components which are responsible for responding and monitoring to change in the internal external environment.

Control Center:-

The other term for the control center is integration center. The control center takes up and processes information from the receptor.

When is homeostasis a dynamic equilibrium?

Homeostasis is a dynamic equilibrium which is hold on in body tissues and organs. Homeostasis is dynamic because it is continuously synthesized to the variation that the systems encounter. It is a state of equilibrium just because the functions of a body are kept within a normal range, with some restlessness around a fixed point.

The way to recognize a reaction is at equilibrium:-

The ways by which an observer can understand a reaction is at state of equilibrium are listed below,

  • By examine the concentration of the products and reactants by regular intervals.
  • When an observer is observe that, the concentration of the products and reactants are unchanged means in a similar situation that’s mean the reaction is in equilibrium.
  • With the help of physical method and also the chemical method the state of equilibrium easily can be estimate.

Can homeostasis be a static equilibrium?

Homeostasis never can be static. In the state of the homeostasis the states all time trying to adjust the condition of the body’s organism function. But in the static equilibrium the body tends to stay at fixed position the movement cannot be observe in this state.

But in the state of the homeostasis movement can be observe for surviving. So, we easily can say that the homeostasis is not static equilibrium at all.

Image – Circadian variation in body temperature, ranging from about 37.5 °C from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and falling to about 36.4 °C from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m;
Image Credit – Wikipedia

Homeostasis dynamic equilibrium examples:

A state of balance among all the body systems required for the body to survive and functions in a right way.

The best example of the homeostasis dynamic equilibrium is the action an instrument name thermostat. With the help of the thermostat the temperature of the room can be regulate. In the thermostat a bimetallic strip is present.

The bimetallic strip is mainly respond with the changes of room temperature. The bimetallic strip is expanded when the temperature is higher and bonds under the condition when the temperature is lower to either put out or complete a circuit of electric.

When the temperature of the room became lower at that time the electric circuited is completed and switches on, for this particular reason the temperature will be growing. The temperature of the room reaches at 20 degree centigrade at that time the circuit is breaks and no heat is emitted to the room. Over time, the temperature drops slowly until the temperature of the room became lower enough to trigger the method again.

is homeostasis a dynamic equilibrium
Image – A Honeywell electronic thermostat in a retail store;
Image Credit – Wikipedia

Difference between homeostasis and dynamic equilibrium:

The major difference between the homeostasis and dynamic equilibrium is, homeostasis is the system of changeable in a manner so that they remain unchanged and internally stable. Dynamic equilibrium is when a reaction is appearing.


Homeostasis is a dynamic equilibrium process. The term homeostasis means to keep up dynamic equilibrium state in the body. Homeostasis is dynamic because it is restlessly adjusting to the changes that the system of the body encounter. It is equilibrium because he function of the body are hold on with in particular limit.

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