11 Facts On Is Gravity Electromagnetic: Force Or Radiation

Gravity is a weak force of attraction between the matters surrounding the particular mass while the electromagnetic effect is produced due to the impact of the charged carriers.

The attraction between two bodies is seen in the field of gravity and exerts an equal force. The gravity pulls the object towards the center of mass giving birth to electromagnetism due to the motion of charges comprising its matter. Let us discuss how is gravity electromagnetic.

Is gravity electromagnetic force?

The gravitational force is proportional to


and if there was no space between the two masses then the gravitational force will be infinite.

Based on this fact, it is presumed that the gravitational force is field lines joining two objects having a mass that are neutral in charge. These field lines attract the matter surrounding it to pull it into the field of the matter having a higher gravitational pull of attraction.

Is gravity electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the Sun, repels away from the center of gravity of the Sun.

This electromagnetic radiation must be negatively charged. The gravitational field lines running in the field created by two different masses are in the form of the electromagnetic radiations that bind the two masses together exerting the gravitational pull on each other.

The electromagnetic radiations are easily absorbed by the hindrance while even if any object comes in between the two objects attracted by the gravitational pull, then the gravitational force between the two will diminish or vanish.

Is gravity electromagnetic wave?

If there were no waves of attraction between the two or more bodies then the planets and all heavenly bodies would have swayed away free of prejudice.

The gravity waves attract anything towards it that comes along its path and are invisible in nature. These gravitational waves are generated due to the motion of the object and flow in between the masses surrounding it that keep them bonded in an orbit.

is gravity electromagnetic
Electromagnetic waves formed due to electric and magnetic fields perpendicular to each other; Image Credit: pixabay

The charges vibrate or move to produce electromagnetic waves same as the heavenly bodies when revolve, transmit the radiations that keep them bonded. The Earth revolving around the Sun in an orbit receives the electromagnetic radiations emitted from the Sun in the form of light.

Is gravity an electromagnetic field?

The gravity between the two masses bonds together by the gravitational field of attraction separated by the distance ‘r’ and force


Gravity is like an electromagnetic field that is felt between the two bodies however far the body is present. The far is the object the fewer field lines will penetrate through it and hence the gravitational pull decreases.

If the two objects are closer then the gravitational pull will increase and the field lines will exert more pulling force to bring the object closer to each other.

Similarities between Gravity and Electromagnetic Force

Both, the gravity as well as the electromagnetic force exerts the force between the matters. This is possible due to the field lines formed by the matter that actually imparts the force that invades the distortion by imposing the forces on the objects present or entering this field.

Both these forces are inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two matters. The conservation of the charge is shown in the case of the electromagnetic force between the two charges and the energy and the momentum of the objects in the case of the gravitational force.

Relationship between Gravity and Electromagnetic Force

The electromagnetic force is somewhat related to gravity because the electromagnetic wave has momentum and also possesses energy that it travels for a long distance and also provides a source of gravity. Gravity can bend the electromagnetic field lines because it has a property of attraction.

If the energy produced by the collection of electromagnetic radiation is large enough then it can also generate gravity. Moreover, electromagnetic radiations can form a matter holding the molecules together, electron capture, or by magnetic attraction or repulsion.

Difference between Gravity and Electromagnetic Force

Gravity is an attractive force while the electromagnetic force can be attractive or repulsive. The gravitational force is directly related to the product of the two masses whiles the electromagnetic force depends upon the charge and the electric and magnetic field between the two charged particles.

The mass of the matter can vary the gravitational field while its charge can distort the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field can propagate and spin in one way while the gravity field moves in 2 axis.

The theory of black holes can be understood based on the gravity field and not by the electromagnetic. Gravity can be deliberately studied by space and time.

Gravity is a weaker force than the electromagnetic force and it is not felt on the object but it is present. The gravity force comes from the combination of all the particles of the matter while the electromagnetic force is generated between the two charged particles.

Does gravity affect magnetism?

The gravity at the two poles of the Earth is found to be the maximum than any other point on the Earth. The Earth’s gravity pulls the matter in the interior at the center of its gravity.

Along with the depth, the pressure and temperature increase and the landmass turn into the hot molten magma. As this magma becomes hot, it tries to move in the region of low pressure and this motion produces the eddy current introducing the magnetic field.

The magnetic field of the Earth is produced due to the eddy current generated by the movement of the molten magma. The magnetic poles form due to the convection current by molten iron from the core and the alignment of dipoles in the interior of the Earth.

Does magnetism affect gravity?

The magnetic field lines run from one pole to another shielding the Earth and hence deflecting the solar wind approaching from the sun to the earth’s atmosphere.

The magnetic effect is felt larger at the poles of the Earth and the force of attraction is also more. The acceleration due to gravity near the poles is 10 m/s2 than any other place on the Earth as the magnetic field lines run parallel to the middle portion of the Earth’s surface.

What makes gravity weak?

Gravity is the attraction of force between the two masses that keeps an object orbiting around in an orbit.

The gravitational pull between the two decreases with increasing distance and vanishes if the object in an orbit gains enough potential to escape from the gravitational field of the higher mass.

The gravitational pull from both the matter is exerted with equal force and opposite in direction. The magnetic field lines surround the gravitational field of the Earth and the gravitational pull of the Earth increases at the poles too due to the magnetic force of attraction.

Is gravity stronger than electromagnetic force?

The gravitational force is the weakest force than the electromagnetic force.

The gravitational force gets weaker as the distance between masses increases so as the electromagnetic force, but the gravitational force diminishes at a faster rate as compared to the electromagnetic force because gravity acts between the bodies that are neutral in charge.

While the electromagnetic force comes acts between the charged particles and is equal to


because the particle shows both electric as well as magnetic behavior where E stands for electric field and B for magnetic field and q is a charge of the particle.

Why is electromagnetism stronger than gravity?

The electromagnetism and gravity vary with the distance separating the matter and decreases with increasing distance.

The electromagnetic force acts in an infinite range as its radiations can propagate to infinite length while the gravitational force acts only in the finite range and on the matter surrounding the object. Electromagnetism includes the electric and magnetic effects on charged particles.

You must be familiar with the simple example of the electromagnetic radiations received on the Earth that are emitted from the far distance located Sun. These radiations travel with high energy and speed and enter the Earth’s atmosphere bending the light.

The electromagnetic wave travels along the straight path and for an infinite distance but the communication of the Sun with the Planet Pluto is lost due to the weak gravity between them.

What if the gravity of the Moon increases?

The Moon is revolving around the Earth because both exert an equal gravitational force of attraction on each other.

If the gravity of the Moon increases then the gravitational pull between the Moon and the Earth will increase, in response to that, the distance between the two will decrease. The weight of objects on the Earth might also decrease because of the gravitational attraction of the Moon.

How electromagnetic force is felt on charges?

The electromagnetic force is produced due to the motion of the electric charges.

The electromagnetic force is felt like the electric charges interact with the magnetic field and move in the direction of the field exerting force.


Gravity is a type of electromagnetic radiation and not force. The motion of the ions from the center of gravity of the object produces a convection-eddy current that gives rise to electromagnetism. This increases the ‘g’ value at the poles but shields the gravitational field strength of the Earth.

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