Is Boron Malleable? Need to Know Facts!

Boron is a non-metalloid element with atomic number five, found in crystalline and amorphous forms. Let us see the malleability of boron in detail.

Boron is not malleable because it is a nonmetal and develops cleavages and planes of weakness when hammered and deformed. The hardness of boron is 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Due to its hardness, it is a very brittle lustrous element that breaks easily when sufficient pressure is imposed on the boron.

Boron is a brittle element but it does not conduct heat and electricity although it has one electron in its valence 2p orbital, because it is a nonmetal. We shall further discuss in detail the brittleness and strength of boron. We shall clarify whether boron is malleable at room temperature or not.

Is boron malleable at room temperature?

A metal is said to be malleable if it does not break on the application of deformation force. Let us discuss whether boron is malleable even at room temperature or not.

Boron is not malleable at room temperature because it is in a solid state at room temperature. The malleability is directly dependent on temperature. As the boron becomes hot, it becomes soft as the spacing between the atoms increases upon overcoming the intermolecular interaction forces and it becomes malleable.

Image Credit: Boron by Jurii (CC-BY-3.0)

Is boron brittle?

A matter is said to be brittle if it breaks at a pressure beyond its modulus of rigidity. Let us discuss whether boron is brittle or not.

Boron is brittle because it breaks easily and does not show plastic deformation. It has a rhombohedral structure having a density of 2.46 g/cm3 which makes it fragile and generates cleavages easily when sufficient force is exerted on it. It does not react with other elements, but can be reactive at high temperatures.


We can conclude from this article that boron is not malleable at room temperature but becomes malleable at high temperatures. It is brittle due to its rhombohedral structure and fragile due to its low density. It is not ductile as it is not malleable due to its compact and hard matter.

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