Is Also A Conjunction? 5 Facts(When, Why & Examples)

In English grammar, there are some words that can function as conjunctions. They connect thoughts, and ideas together. Let us discuss how the word ‘also’ plays the role of a conjunction

The word ‘also’ is a conjunction. It is a linking word. We can use it to add a positive, agreeing thought.

Let us explain more facts about how ‘also’ acts as conjunction.

When is ‘also’ a conjunction?

We can apply the word ‘also’ in a sentence having the meaning ‘’in addition. Now let us check when ‘also’ acts as conjunction.

The word ‘also’ can act as a conjunction when it connects words and two clauses in a sentence.

Example- The soup is delicious, and it is also tasty.

Explanation-In this example the word ‘also’ has been used as a conjunction. It joins the two independent clauses together and makes a complex sentence.

How is ‘also’ a conjunctive adverb?

A conjunctive adverb is a word that is used as a single clause. Let us examine if the word ‘also’ is a conjunctive adverb.

The word ‘also’ is a conjunctive adverb as it can connect two clauses and make a single sentence. With the use of this word, we can make sentences shorter. It also acts as a modifier of the verb in the main clause.

Look at the table where there is a discussion about how ‘also’ is a conjunctive adverb.

SituationExampleDifferent grammatical usage of ‘also’.
1. ‘Also’ brings two complete thoughts together.The boys took utensils for the picnic. Also, they took a music box.In this example, the word ‘also’ brings two complete thoughts together and makes complete sense.
2. ‘Also’ modifies the second clause like an adverb.Subrata takes an umbrella with him. Also, he takes a raincoat.We see that the word  ‘also’ like an adverb modifies the verb in the sentence.
3. ‘Also’ can follow a semicolon.There are many textbooks in the library; also some guide books.The word ‘also’ as a conjunctive adverb follows a semicolon.
4. ‘Also’ can take a comma after it.Anjan goes to the office by bus. Also, he goes by train.Here it is found that the word ‘also’ as a conjunctive adverb takes a comma after it.
Examples of ‘also’ as a conjunctive adverb

Examples of ‘also’ a conjunction:

We can use the word ‘also’ as a conjunction. Let us see the examples where it acts as conjunction.

The examples are given in the table below. Look at the table.

1. Nitai sir teaches English. Also, he teaches Geography.In this sentence, the word ‘also’ acts as conjunction. It links the information that precedes it.
2. My mother cooks well. Also, she teaches me.This is the example where the word ‘also’ is used as a conjunction. It connects the previous information with the present thought.
3. The team played well. Also, they won the game.Here it is seen that ‘also’ acts as a conjunction by joining the present conception with the thought presented earlier.
4. Sima prefers to keep herself busy. Also, she does not want to work the whole day.Here the word ‘also’ works as a conjunction as it joins the present thought with the previous one.
5. You work very hard. Also, you seem ambitious. In this example, the word ‘also’ acts as a conjunction because it joins the present thought with the previous information.
Examples of ‘also’ as conjunction

When is ‘also’ not considered as conjunction?

We have learned that the word ‘also’ acts as a conjunction. Here we shall come to know how it works rather than a conjunction.

The word ‘also’ is not considered a conjunction when it works as an adverb. It acts as a conjunctive adverb in a sentence. As an adverb, it means ‘in addition or ‘further. It can be used to add another fact or idea to what we have already said.

Follow the examples below in the table.

ExampleDifferent grammatical usage of ‘also’.
1. The boys were laughing at the old man and also the woman.Here the word ‘also’ is used to modify the verb ‘laughing’
2. The scene on the hill was beautiful and also enjoyable.In this sentence, the word ‘also’ acts as an adverb and modifies the adjective ‘beautiful’.
Examples of when ‘also’ not considered as conjunction

Examples of ‘also’ not considered as conjunctions:

We can use the word ‘also’ as an adverb except in conjunction. Here the sentences contain the word ‘also’ as adverbs.

Look at the table to overview the examples.

ExampleDifferent grammatical usage of ‘also’.
1. Reba is thin, and also tall.In this sentence, the word ‘also’ is used as an adverb to modify the adjective.
2. Asutosh is rich, and also honest.Here the word ‘also’ acts as an adverb because it is used to modify the adjective 
3. The girl’s smile was gentle and also beautiful.In this sentence, the word ‘also’ has shown its quality as an adverb by qualifying adjectives.
Examples of ‘also’ not considered as conjunctions


The article will definitely provide sound knowledge on the nature of the conjunction of the word ‘also’. We will also get information about the usage of an adverb.

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