How To Reset Camshaft Position Sensor: 7 Important Facts

The camshaft position sensor can be reset with the precautions of other car equipment.

The performance of the inductive sensor can be checked with a voltmeter and ohmmeter. Induction phase detector resistance in between 200 to 900 Ω

The measured resistance will be verified by comparing it with standard car data.

Switch off the ignition switch before measurement.

Take out the induction phase sensor (camshaft position sensor)

Connect two terminals of the voltmeter with the sensor.

Start the engine and let it run on idle

Your RMS value should be more than 0.75 V

What is a camshaft position sensor?

The camshaft position sensor provides valuable data to the engine control system.

It sends positional data of camshaft and crankshaft to the ECU. This position data helps estimate ignition points and injection points.

camshaft position sensor
Crank shaft /Camshaft position sensor Credit Wikipedia

The camshaft position sensor data is used in the engine control system to carry out further steps of combustion. For any engine, the ignition point is essential for better performance. This data can be calculated by the positioning of the camshaft.

Camshaft sensor principle: Functional principle

There are two sensors used to define the position of the crankshaft drive in the engine.

This sensor works on the hall principle. The sensor records the ring gear and changes the voltage reading accordingly.

The change in voltage is recorded and sent to the transmitter device. The voltage signal is studied in a transmitter device, and the required data is produced from it. Combining the signal from the camshaft sensor and crankshaft signal is helpful to get to know the position of the first cylinder in the top dead center.

Where is the location of the Camshaft Position Sensor?

This sensor is helpful for an engine control system to generate required data.

It is utilized to get position and monitor the rotation of the camshaft. The location of the sensor is nearby the cylinder head. This location is convenient to read timing rotor coupled with camshaft.

The electronic control unit (ECU) decodes the signal as the angle of the camshaft. It will calculate the recognition of the cylinder based on the signal given by this sensor.

In modern engine technology of auto start and stop, This sensor scans the cylinder on expansion stroke. It is helpful to supply fuel and advance spark with your acceleration act. A faulty camshaft sensor warns you about its condition before it is useless.

Is it safe to drive with a bad camshaft sensor?

This sensor is helpful to improve the engine performance with signals.

You will not face any driving problems. The engine performance and fuel economy can be affected by lousy camshaft sensors.

This sensor is necessary to improve the performance and fuel economy of any engine. An engine electronic control unit controls the fuel supply and other systems. This ECU collects signals from various sensors, which is ultimately used for further calculation of another system.

The lousy camshaft sensor affects the engine ignition system. It will not be helpful to calculate information for spark advance and fuel supply at the right time. It will always be recommended that you keep your camshaft sensor up to date for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Can I replace my own camshaft position sensor?

The camshaft position sensor is rarely found at fault except for some physical damages.

Yes, You can replace the camshaft positioning sensor with a basic repair manual (DIY) for your vehicle. You should know its look and location in the car.

The camshaft sensor is working more for an extended period without losing its performance. If you want to replace it, you should know how it looks like and where its location is. Though the faulty replacement of the camshaft position sensor is not lead to stopping your vehicle from working. If you have made any mistake in replacement, you have to visit a mechanic for further guidance.

What causes a camshaft sensor to go bad?

Several aspects can affect the performance of camshaft position sensor

  • Damage due to water
  • Wear or tear
  • Damage due to corrosion of metallic parts
  • Damage due to engine oil leakage
  • Overheating or melting
  • Damage due to short circuit
  • Damage due to fire or spark
  • Other physical damages

There are many different possible reasons to affect the performance of the camshaft positioning sensor. The camshaft positioning sensor can work properly if you maintain your car regularly.

Which is a common problem for camshaft position sensor circuits?

The camshaft position sensor delivers a positional signal to the Electronic control unit circuit.

The sensor circuits can fail mostly with accidents or oil leakage from the engine. It will stop or reduce the signal sending capacity of the sensor.

The engine oil can cause leakage and affect the sensor if improper tightening or loss of engine components. The leakage oil stops the signal carrying capacity of wiring and circuits.

Can you clean a camshaft position sensor?

Periodic maintenance is required for any equipment associated with the car.

It is easily clean camshaft position sensor  with some care. Read more information below for proper steps for cleaning.

The first step is disconnecting the battery with an engine so that all electrical and electronics circuits remain off. Find the place of the camshaft position sensor in your vehicle.  

Disconnect the sensor’s three cables and remember it at the time of connection. Now clean the sensor with a cleaning solution and dry it before connecting.

Connect the sensor with its original three wire location. Connect the battery again and let the system run. You have cleaned the camshaft position sensor. Repeat this procedure after some period of time.

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