How Strong Is Copper (Is Malleable Or Brittle Or Ductile?)

Copper is widely used in electronic industries and for wiring due to its electric conductivity. In this article, we shall discuss how strong is copper with every detailed fact.

Copper is very strong and has good rigidity with high corrosion resistance due to its face-centered cubic structure. The density of copper is 8.92 g/cm3 having a tensile strength of 210 MPa. The modulus of elasticity of copper is 33 MPa due to its stiffness. The hardness of copper on the Mohs scale is 3 for metals.

Copper is used in electrical conductors, transformers, utensils, fittings, plumbing, construction, and accessories. We shall further talk about the strength of the copper pipe, copper solder, and copper brazing. We shall further discuss various properties of copper like its malleability, ductility, and brittleness.

How strong is copper pipe?

Copper pipes are often used for pipelines due to their good resistance to corrosion. Let us discuss whether copper pipes are as stronger as copper metal or not.

Copper pipe has a strength of around 1000 MPa because copper metal is very rigid and it is as strong to hold at the pressure of 35 GPa. Copper pipes are durable as it is less reactive and do not gets corrode. The durability of copper pipe also depends upon the thickness of the pipe and the pressure exerted on it.

How strong is copper solder?

Copper soldering is done to join the two separate electric conductors or metals and fittings. Let us discuss the strength of copper solder.

The tensile strength of a copper solder is around 30,000 PSI and its shear strength is 5000 PSI. The copper solder creates strong bonds between the atoms constituting the metals. The copper solder strength depends on the temperature, the metals’ composition, and the time required for cooling down the soldering.

How strong is copper brazing?

Brazing is a method of joining metals by melting filler metal which then flows through the cleavages and fills the gap. Let us discuss the strength of copper brazing.

The strength of copper brazing is around 70,000 PSI. The copper brazing is very strong and varies with the type of metal as the melting point for each is different. Copper brazing is often preferred for joints requiring high strength. The liquid copper runs through the capillary space and solidifies when cooled.

Is copper malleable?

The property of malleability varies with the temperature of the matter. Let us discuss whether copper is malleable at room temperature or not.

Copper is malleable and can be deformed into any shape without generating a cleavage or breaking it. In the pure form of copper, it is highly malleable and soft, because all the atoms in copper are of equal size and can slide easily on the application of deforming force. It has high thermal conductivity.

a. Is copper wire malleable or brittle?

Copper wire is malleable and not brittle because copper wire bends easily without breaking and can be hammered into any shape. It can undergo plastic deformation as it is flexible due to low density. At 1085 degrees Celsius, the copper wire becomes more malleable as the atoms slide over each other.

b. Is brass more malleable than copper?

Brass is more malleable than copper because the density of brass is 8.73 g/cm3 while the density of copper is 8.92 g/cm3. The low density of brass than copper is due to the presence of zinc which has 7.1 g/cm3 of density. The combination of copper and zinc decreases the density of brass making it more malleable.

Image Credit: Copper by Jonathan Zander (CC-BY-SA 2.5)

Is copper ductile?

The ductility of metals varies based on their size and atomic radius. Let us discuss whether steel is more ductile than aluminum or not.

Copper is ductile as it can be drawn into a thin wire upon stretching without breaking because it is more brittle. As the temperature of copper increases, it becomes more ductile and can easily be drawn into a thin diameter wire.

a. Is silver more ductile than copper?

Silver is more ductile than copper because it is more malleable and stronger than copper. The melting point of silver is low than copper and the density of silver is higher than copper having low thermal conductivity. Thus, silver can easily be drawn in a wire as compared to copper.

Is copper brittle?

A metal is said to be brittle if it easily breaks or forms a plane of weakness. Let us see whether copper is brittle and shattered on the application of force or not.

Copper is not brittle at room temperature but it can be brittle at low temperatures when it is cooled down to absolute zero degrees. At low temperatures, the void spacing between the copper atoms shrinks and thus there is a high chance of generating a fracture in the metallic substance.


We can conclude from this article that copper is not the strongest metal as it is malleable and ductile. It is soft in its pure form and its rigidity increases by making an alloy with other metals. Copper is not brittle at normal temperatures but is brittle at low temperatures.

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