21+ Horizontal Motion Examples:Facts And Explanation

The horizontal motion is the motion in one plane in the horizontal path.

The horizontal motion of the object is the motion parallel to the surface of the ground traveling at a distance ‘d’ in a certain time ‘t’ with horizontal velocity v=d/t. Here is a list of horizontal motion examples that we are going to discuss below:-


The airplane travels in the horizontal plane motion on reaching the correct level above the horizon.

airplane-example of Horizontal Motion

The amount of trust is exerted on the surface of the Earth to lift the body of the plane opposing the force of gravitation by the Earth.

Birds Flying in the Sky

The birds flying high up in the sky excluding the birds like eagles fly in a horizontal way to their point of destination. They sway in the direction parallel to the surface of the Earth. They move in a horizontal motion path covering the shortest distance possible to migrate from one place to another.

Birds flying -example of Horizontal Motion

Football Kicked

On kicking the football, it moves either in a straight path or the parabolic path depending upon the force and the direction of force applied to the ball.

In both cases, the ball moves in a horizontal motion. If the ball is moving in a projectile motion, then on reaching the highest point in a flight, the ball will move horizontally and the velocity of the ball in the horizontal motion at this curve path is called the horizontal velocity of the ball.


The direction of acceleration of the drone is controlled remotely by controlling the voltage flow across the motors of the drone.

Drone-example of Horizontal Motion

The drone will move in a horizontal motion till its motion is triggered by changing the voltage passing through any of the motors.


The shopping trolley moves in a horizontal motion until the direction of the trolley is changed. The force has to be applied to displace the trolley from its position of rest. It becomes easy to carry the load in the trolley on the plane surface because of the circular motion of the wheels of the trolley. This circular motion helps to maintain the horizontal motion of the trolley.

Trolley-example of Horizontal Motion

Carrom Striker

The striker is used to target the carom man to the pocket. The striker moves in a horizontal motion in one plane and strikes the carom man releasing its kinetic energy to the carom man.

carrom g22e776582 640
Carrom striker; Image Credit: Pixabay

The carom man will then accelerates with the transferred kinetic energy from the striker and makes its way to the target.

Billiard Ball

Upon striking the billiard ball it will move in the horizontal bath and collides with the other billiard ball in a path conserving the momentum and velocity. After the collision, the subsequent billiard ball moves in a horizontal motion too.

Ocean Water

The tides in the ocean are due to the gravitational force of attraction of the Moon exerted on the Earth.

beach g6cc024f52 640
Seawater in one plane; Image Credit: Pixabay

The oceanic water approaches near the shoreline and returns back. The motion of the water is in one plane and hence it is also a horizontal motion.


Once the arrow is released from the bow it will move in a horizontal motion until it strikes the target. The elastic potential energy of the bowstring is converted into the kinetic energy of the arrow by the transformation of the energy. Hence the arrow moves in a horizontal motion for a distance as much as it can traverse through the medium depending upon the energy incident on the arrow.

arrow-example of Horizontal Motion


When you release a dart from your hand towards the target, it moves in the horizontal path.

darts g736f70c07 640
Dart; Image Credit: Pixabay

If the needle doesn’t hit the target, it will fall down.

Pushing the Load

Pushing the load is also an example of horizontal motion. The man pushing the load moves horizontally with respect to the direction of force applied by the man. The amount of force incident on the object depends upon the mass of the load and its acceleration due to gravity.

Pushing the Load -example of Horizontal Motion


An athletic running on a straight path is an example of horizontal motion.

run gaeb03690f 640
Running in a straight lane; Image Credit: Pixabay

The athlete has to push the body forward by using the muscular power of the legs by applying the pressure on the ground that will give him enough force to push forward his body. Hence muscular force is very important for athletics.


The motorboat has a motor that accelerates in a vertical direction that is connected to the gearbox. This gearbox is at the bottom of the shaft which converts this vertical motion into the horizontal motion. The propeller rotates due to the spinning gear that powers up the boat and it accelerates forward.

Motorboat-example of Horizontal Motion

Car Accelerating on a Straight Road

A car moving on a straight path without taking a turn is said to be in a horizontal motion.

car g71eb2352d 640
Vehicles moving in a straight path; Image Credit: Pixabay

The velocity of the car depends upon the distance that it covers in the given interval of time. It becomes easy to determine the direction of motion of the car moving in a straight path and the distance that it traveled.


Walking is a perfect example of horizontal motion. A person always walks in one plane and the direction irrespective of the configuration and inclination of the path.

Walking-Example of Horizontal Motion

Rail Tracks

The rail tracks are mostly in a straight path, hence the train moves in a horizontal path when crossing over the horizontal and straight path.

blur g02d33d4ea 640
Train in horizontal motion; Image Credit: Pixabay

The direction of motion of the train is one way as it doesn’t have a reverse gear and works on the combustion and even on electricity nowadays.

Slider in Industries

In industries, the sliders are used to conserve energy and time by saving human efforts at the same time. The sliders are utilized to transfer the load, equipment, and products from one location to another. The object is placed on the slider and is carried to the respective place by the slider.

Motor Car

These motor cars move in a straight path and do not have the reverse gear to accelerate backward. The motor cars are mostly used for short-distance travelers for one way rarely in some tourist spots. The speed at which the car can be driven is very less and constant as it does not have many gears too.

Pulling the Curtains

As the curtain of a window is pulled, the curtain is moved in a horizontal motion in one path.

bed g257301e38 640
Curtains hanging n rods; Image Credit: Pixabay

This is simply because the window curtains are hanging on a straight rod. Hence the end of the curtain on which it is hanging will move in a horizontal motion indeed.


As the ball is released from the hand, it moves towards the bowling pin in the horizontal path. It depends upon the center of gravity point of the ball and the momentum is given to the ball while throwing towards the target. If the center of gravity of the ball changes, then the ball will move towards the slide and you will miss the target.

Bowling-Example of Horizontal Motion


It is a sports activity performed in the snow. The skis glide on the snow in a horizontal motion.

skiing g8c18f2c5e 640
Skiing; Image Credit: Pixabay

Two sticks are used by the skiers to push their bodies forward or to direct their path of motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rectilinear motion the same as that of horizontal motion?

Both the rectilinear as well as the horizontal motions are the same.

The rectilinear motion is also the motion in a straight path until some external force is imposed on the body of the object similar to that of horizontal motion.

Is the cricket ball thrown in the air an example of horizontal motion?

The cricket ball is thrown in the air and moves in a projectile motion.

At the maximum height of the ball in the air, the kinetic energy of the ball becomes nil, and the ball moves in a horizontal motion.

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