15 Facts on HCl + Na2SO4: What, How To Balance & FAQs

Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) and Sodium Sulfate(Na2SO4) both are inorganic chemicals where HCl is in liquid form and Na2SO4 is a white solid. Let us talk about HCl and Na2SO4 reactions.

HCl or muriatic acid is a chemical compound present in dilute and concentric forms and is used for analyses of other chemicals. Na2SO4 is known as the sulfate of soda and is highly soluble in water .

In the following sections of this article, we will talk about the products of HCl and Na2SO4 with their conjugate pairs, reaction type, titration, and net ionic products in detail.

What is the product of HCl and Na2SO4

The products formed are Sodium chloride (NaCl) and Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) by the reaction of HCl and Na2SO4.

HCl + Na2SO4= NaCl + H2SO4

What type of reaction is HCl + Na2SO4

The reaction of HCl with Na2SO4 is a double replacement type of reaction. In the reaction, the cations H+ and 2Na+ and anions Cl and SO4 combine to form two different products that are NaCl and H2SO4, and replace both reactants.

How to balance HCl  + Na2SO4

To balance HCl  + Na2SO4 reaction following steps must be followed

  • Step 1 – As the coefficients are 4 so label them as  A, B, C, and D – A HCl + B Na2SO4 = C NaCl + D H2SO4
  • Step 2 – modify the atoms with suitable numbers as the coefficients are already labeledA = D = H, B = C = Na, C = A = Cl, D = B = SO4
  • Step 3 – Multiply the atoms coefficient with a suitable numberA = D = 2, B = C = 1, C = A = 2, D = B = 1
  • Step 4 – reduce the result of the lowest integer value, the final equation is – 2 HCl +  Na2SO4 = 2 NaCl +  H2SO4

HCl + Na2SO4 titration

The titration between HCl and Na2SO4 is not possible because they form NaCl and H2SO4 as products and due to this acid formation it is not possible to calculate the endpoint and concentration of the unknown solution.

HCl + Na2SO4 net ionic equation

The net ionic equation is – H+ + Cl+ Na+ + SO4 = Na+ + Cl + H+ + SO4

  • First, write the full equation with their respective states

(l) HCl + (s) Na2SO4 = (s) NaCl + (l) H2SO4

  • Now, split the atoms into ions which is the net ionic reaction

H+ + Cl + Na+ + SO4 = Na+ + Cl + H+ + SO4

HCl + Na2SO4 conjugate pairs

  • The conjugate pair of HCl acid is Cl base.
  • The conjugate pair of the Na2SO4 base is HSO4 acid.
Conjugate acid-base pairs

HCl and Na2SO4 intermolecular forces

  • The intermolecular forces that bind HCl are dipole-dipole interactions and the London dispersion force of attraction.
  • In Na2SO4 the following intermolecular forces are applied, strong electrostatic force and weak electrostatic force

HCl + Na2SO4 reaction enthalpy

The reaction enthalpy is zero for the reaction, HCl + Na2SO4 = NaCl + H2SO4 because the change in energy of the reaction is positive which signifies, that no external energy is given to the reactants.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 a buffer solution

The reaction of HCl and Na2SO4 cannot act as a buffer solution because the products of the reaction are NaCl which is a strong base and H2SO4 which is a strong acid, and strong acid and base together cannot be a buffer solution.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 a complete reaction

HCl + Na2SO4 is a complete reaction. The products of the reaction are NaCl and H2SO4 one is a complete complex of salt (NaCl) and the other is a strong acid (H2SO4) both are complete complexes of chemical compounds.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 an exothermic or endothermic reaction

The reaction of HCl and Na2SO4 is an exothermic reaction. The dissociation of bonds between HCl and Na2SO4 heats up by releasing a good amount of energy.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 a redox reaction

HCl +Na2SO4 is a redox reaction as the product of the reaction HCl + Na2SO4 is NaCl which is reduced whereas, H2SO4 is oxidized at the end of the reaction.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 a precipitation reaction

HCl + Na2SO4 is not a precipitation reaction. The products are NaCl and H2SO4 which is a liquid itself but NaCl is a salt that is highly soluble in liquid and no precipitation of any chemical compound takes place.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 reversible or irreversible reaction

HCl + Na2SO4  irreversible reaction. The final products are NaCl and H2SO4 both are complete complexes of chemical compounds and cannot be reversed as reactants.

Is HCl + Na2SO4 displacement reaction

HCl + Na2SO4 is a displacement reaction. In this reaction, the Na2+ ion displaces the H+ ion to form NaCl, and the hydrogen ion also displaces SO4- to form H2SO4 as the final product.


The strong acid HCl is mostly used for the analysis of various organic compounds or acid-base analyses too. Na2SO4 is used as a drying material in detergent making and in making paper pulp in the kraft process as well.

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