15 Facts on HCl + Mn2O7: What, How to Balance & FAQs

HCl is a strong acid, whereas Mn2O7 is also an acid because of its highest oxidation state. Let us see some more facts about the reaction of HCl + Mn2O7.

In the reaction of HCl + Mn2O7, HCl is likely to completely dissociate into the aqueous media to form ions because of its acidic nature, producing an odd smell when it mixes with water. Mn2O7, known as manganese heptoxide, is a non-polar molecule. Its melting point is 5.9 °C, which can explode when we apply more heat.

In this article, we will find some of the characteristics of this reaction, like its products, conjugate pairs, and displacement reaction.

What is the product of HCl and Mn2O7

HCl reacts with Mn2O7 to produce manganous chloride (MnCl2), chlorine (Cl2), and water (H2O) as the by-product.

Mn2O7 + 14 HCl = 2 MnCl2 + 5Cl2 +7H2O

What type of reaction is HCl + Mn2O7

HCl + Mn2O7 is a type of acid-base reaction forming salt and water.

How to balance HCl + MN2O7

HCl + Mn2O7 reaction gets balanced as follows:

Step 1: Finding the number of atoms

  • The table indicates the atoms and the number of atoms present in both reactants and products side of the reaction-
  • Mn2O7 + HCl = MnCl2 + Cl2 +H2O
AtomsReactants SideProducts Side
Mn 2 1
O 7 1
Cl 2 4
H 1 2
Atoms on reactants and products side

Step 2: Place the coefficient in front of the atoms

  • The reaction gets balanced by multiplying 4 with HCl and 2 with H2O and 2 with MnCl2.
  • Mn2O7 + 4HCl = 2MnCl2 + Cl2 +2H2O

Step 3: Placing the required number as a coefficient before the molecule

  • Multiplying HCl , MnCl2 , H20, and Cl2 by 14,2,7 and 5 makes the reaction balanced.
  • Mn2O7 + 14 HCl = 2 MnCl2 + 5Cl2 +7H2O

HCl + Mn2O7 titration

HCl and Mn2Ocannot be titrated together because HCl reacts with Mn2O7 to produce Cl2. This Cl2 will interfere during the titration.

HCl + Mn2O7 net ionic equation

  • Split the strong electrolytes into ions on both reactant’s side and the products side, then after combining the ions to get the net ionic equation.
  • The net ionic equation for the reaction of HCl+Mn2O7 is given by;
Net ionic equation

HCl + Mn2O7 conjugate pairs

  • The conjugate base of HCl is Cl.
  • Mn2O7 does not have any conjugate pairs because of its oxidizing property.
Conjugate Pair

HCl and Mn2O7 intermolecular forces

Interactions in HCl

HCl + Mn2O7 reaction enthalpy

The prediction of enthalpy for the reaction of HCl + Mn2O7 is impossible because of the strong oxidizing nature of Mn2O7.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 a buffer solution

HCl + Mn2O7 is not a buffer solution because HCl and Mn2O7 are not weak acids and so neither reactants form any buffer.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 a complete reaction

HCl + Mn2O7 is a complete reaction because the products formed during the reaction does not undergo any further reaction.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 an exothermic or endothermic reaction

We cannot predict the exothermic or endothermic nature of the HCl + Mn2O7 reaction because of the highest oxidation state of Mn2O7.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 a redox reaction

HCl + Mn2O7 is a redox reaction because Mn acts as an oxidizer and increases the charge of Cl from -1 to 0, and HCl is a reducing agent as it reduces the charge of Mn from 7 to 2.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 a precipitation reaction

HCl + Mn2O7 is not a precipitation reaction since no precipitate formed during this reaction.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 reversible or irreversible reaction

HCl + Mn2O7   is considered an irreversible reaction because the products doesn’t undergo backward reaction.

Is HCl + Mn2O7 displacement reaction

HCl + Mn2O7 is a double displacement reaction because Mn displaces from Mn2O7 to MnCl2 and Cl displaced from HCl to Cl2.

Displacement Reaction


The HCl + Mn2O7 reaction is peculiar because of the oxidizing nature of Mn2O7, which looks thick green in color and can decompose at room temperature. HCl is used in textile and rubber industries and is mainly used to generate chlorides, affecting mucous membranes.

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