15 Facts on HBr + NaClO2: What, How To Balance & FAQs

Hydrobromic acid (HBr) is a powerful mineral acid, and sodium chlorite (NaClO2) is a sodium salt of chlorite anion. Let us know more about their reaction.

HBr is a diatomic molecule with acidity higher than HCl; its physical state is colorless or sometimes pale yellowish liquid with an acrid odor. NaClO2 is a white crystalline solid, and it is oxidizing in nature.

This article below is based on the discussion regarding a few characteristics of the reaction between HBr and NaClO2.

What is the product of HBr and NaClO2?

Sodium bromide (NaBr) and chlorous acid(HClO2) are the products of the reaction HBr + NaClO2.

HBr+ NaClO2⟶ HClO2 + NaBr

What type of reaction is HBr + NaClO2?

HBr+ NaClO2 reaction is a double displacement reaction.

How to balance HBr + NaClO2?

Balancing the HBr+ NaClO2 reaction by charge and mass conservation demands the listed steps.

HBr+ NaClO2 HClO2 + NaBr

  • Note down the elements involved in the reaction as shown below.
Elements involvedReactants sideProducts side
Atom Counts
  • Since both sides contain the same number of atoms, so avoid the multiplication process.
  • The balanced chemical equation of HBr+ NaClO2 reaction is
  • HBr + NaClO2 = HClO2 +NaBr

HBr + NaClO2 titration

HBr + NaClO2 titration is not possible because HBr is a very strong mineral acid, and titration between HBr and NaClO2 can produce chlorine dioxide gas (ClO2). Such titration is not reported in literature.

HBr + NaClO2 net ionic equation

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction has no net ionic equation as described below, but the complete ionic equation is obtained as follows:

  • Write the balanced chemical reaction.
  • HBr + NaClO2 = HClO2 +NaBr
  • NaClO2, HBr, HClO2 and NaBr dissociates as:
  • NaClO2 = Na+ +ClO2– 
  • HBr = H+ + Br 
  • HClO2 = H+ + ClO2
  • NaBr= Na+ + Br
  • So, the complete ionic equation is
  • H+ + Br + Na+ +ClO2– = H+ + ClO2+ Na+ + Br
  • H+,Br, Na+, ClO2 gets cancelled out from both sides.
  • And so no net ionic reaction remains there.

HBr + NaClO2 conjugate pairs

The conjugate pairs of the HBr + NaClO2 reaction are:

  • HBr has conjugate base Br.
  • HClO2 has conjugate base ClO2 .
  • The conjugate acid of NaClO2 is HClO2.

HBr and NaClO2 intermolecular force

The intermolecular forces of the reaction HBr + NaClO2 are:

  • The strongly polar HBr molecule has ionic interaction between H+ and Br .
  • NaClO2 has ionic interaction between Na+ and ClO2 .
  • NaBr is polar and ionic and thus possesses ion-dipole interaction.
  • HClO2 shows positive to negative dipole-dipole attraction force.

HBr + NaClO2 reaction enthalpy

The enthalpy of the HBr + NaClO2 reaction is 2.65 KJ/mol.

CompoundsNumber of MolesEnthalpy of formation, ΔH0f (KJ/mol)
ΔH0values of the reactants and products
  • Reaction enthalpy =ΔH0f (reaction) = ΣΔH0f (product) – ΣΔH0f (reactants)
  • ΔH0f (reaction)= [1×(-361.41) + 1×(20.61)] – [1×(-36.45) + 1×(-307.0)] KJ/mol.
  • ΔH0f (reaction) = 2.65 KJ/mol.

Is HBr + NaClO2 a buffer solution?

HBr + NaClO2 is not a buffer solution because HBr is a strong acid, so unable to create a buffer solution.

Is HBr + NaClO2 a complete reaction?

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction is a complete reaction as the products- HClO2 and NaBr do not react with each other to continue the reaction further.

Is HBr + NaClO2 an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction is an endothermic reaction because the enthalpy change for the reaction is positive (2.65 KJ/mol).

Is HBr + NaClO2 a redox reaction?

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction is not a redox reaction because the oxidation states of the compounds do not change during the course of the reaction.

Is HBr + NaClO2 a precipitation reaction?

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction is not a precipitation reaction because the formed products NaBr and HClO2 are both soluble in water, so does not constitute a precipitate.

Is HBr + NaClO2 reversible or irreversible reaction?

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction is a reversible reaction because the reverse reaction is also possible under certain conditions.

HClO2 + NaBr HBr+ NaClO2

Is HBr + NaClO2 displacement reaction?

The HBr + NaClO2 reaction is a double displacement reaction because both the cations H+ and Na+ displace each other in their respective positions.

Displacement of H+ and Na+ ion


Sodium chlorite (NaClO2) has a variety of uses, such as an oxidizing agent, a bleaching agent, and a germicide. HBr is a valuable reagent used in organic and inorganic synthetic applications. Chlorous acid (HClO2) is often used as an oxidizing agent in chemistry.

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