13 Facts on H2SO4 + Li2CO3: What, How To Balance & FAQs

H2SO4 is categorized as a strong acid. Let us discuss what will happen when H2SO4 reacts with Li2CO3.

H2SO4, also known as sulphuric acid, has a molecular mass of 98 g/mol and is a colorless, odorless liquid that is miscible with water. A soft alkali metal with antimanic characteristics is Li2CO3. It looks like a white powder.

Let us discuss the product formed when H2SO4 reacts with Li2CO3, the type of reaction, the net ionic equation and many other related topics in this article.

What is the product of H2SO4 and Li2CO3?

Sulphuric acid reacts with lithium carbonate to give lithium sulphate, carbon dioxide and water.

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 = Li2SO4 + CO2 +H2O

What type of reaction is H2SO4 + Li2CO3?

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is an acid-base reaction because salt and water are produced when strong acid and weak base interact.

How to balance H2SO4 + Li2CO3?

The following steps need to be followed while balancing a chemical equation.

  • Given below is an unbalanced chemical reaction of H2SO4 and Li2CO3,

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 = Li2SO4 + CO2 +H2O

  • Record the moles of each element on the reactant and product sides.
No. of moles of reactant and product
  • Now, the number of moles present on each side of the reactant and product must be equal in order to balance the chemical equation. In this case, the number of moles in each element is same.
  • Finally, the balanced chemical equation is,

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 = Li2SO4 + CO2 +H2O

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 titration

The information below will provide a general idea of the titration of H2SO4 and Li2CO3.

Apparatus Used

Volumetric flask, conical flask, measuring jar, wash bottle, pipette, burette, burette stand, and watch glass.


The phenolphthalein or methyl orange indicator can be used because it is a strong acid versus weak base reaction, and its endpoint is pink to colorless.


Standardized H2SO4 is added to the burette, and Li2CO3 is placed in a conical flask. Titration is then started by adding drops of H2SO4 one at a time, and an indicator is added in the middle. Titration is continued until the solution turns colorless.

It is the equivalence point; record the readings, and use the formula V1S1=V2S2 to calculate the volume of Li2CO3.

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 net ionic equation

The net ionic equation for the reaction of H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is:

CO32- + 2H+ = CO2 + H2O

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 conjugate pairs

The conjugate acid-base pairs of H2SO4 + Li2CO3 are:

  • H2SO4 (Conjugate base) = HSO4
  • H2O (Conjugate base) = OH

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 a buffer solution?

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is not a buffer solution due to the presence of the strong acid H2SO4.

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 a complete reaction?

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is a complete reaction since all of the reactant’s moles are completely converted and consumed by the product at equilibrium.

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

The reaction between H2SO4 and Li2CO3 is exothermic as the energy generated during the reaction is sufficient to carry out the entire reaction. There is no requirement for extra energy.

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 a redox reaction?

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is not a redox reaction because there is no change in the oxidation state of any element either in the reactant or product side.

2H+ + SO42- + 2Li+ + CO32- = 2Li+ + SO42- + CO2 + H2O

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 a precipitation reaction?

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is a precipitation reaction as the reaction involves the formation of a salt.

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 reversible or irreversible reaction?

H2SO4 + Li2CO3 is irreversible because the products no longer undergo backward reactions to form reactants under the same conditions.

Is H2SO4 + Li2CO3 displacement reaction

H2SO4 and Li2CO3 is a double displacement reaction because the sulfate ion is transferred from H2SO4 to Li2SO4 and the carbonate ion is transferred from Li2CO3 to CO2.

Double Displacement Reaction


One of the processes that produces Li2SO4, which has a variety of uses in labs, is the reaction between Li2CO3 and H2SO4.

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