15 Facts on H2SO4 + CuCO3: What, How To Balance & FAQs

H2SO4 is a colorless, odorless viscous liquid, while CuCO3 is a weak base that exists in hydroxide form. Let us know more about the chemical reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3.

The reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3 is an acid-base reaction which yields salt (copper sulphate) and water. CO2 is also evolved in the reaction, as CuCO3 is a carbonate compound. CuSO4 is obtained in hydrated form. H2SO4 is a strong mineral acid while CuCO3 is a green powder and a weak base that is soluble in acids.

The oxidation state of copper does not change in this reaction. In this article we will discuss in detail the various facts, like the type of reaction and steps to balance the reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3.

1. What is the product of H2SO4 and CuCO3?

Copper sulphate is the major product formed along with water and CO2 gas, when aqueous H2SO4 is added to CuCO3.

Product of the reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3

2. What type of reaction is H2SO4 + CuCO3 ?

H2SO4 + CuCO3 is a neutralization reaction, as H2SO4 is an acid and CuCO3 is a base.

3. How to balance H2SO4 + CuCO3 ?

The equation between sulphuric acid and copper carbonate is balanced by following the below steps:

  • Step 1: To represent the unknown coefficients, assign each compound of the reactant and product with an alphabet.
  •  a H2SO4 + b CuCO3 → c CuSO4 + d CO2  + e H2O
  • Step 2: Create an equation by equating all the coefficients of each element present in the reaction.
  • H → a=e, S → a= c, Cu → b=c, C → b=d, O → 4a+3b=4c+2d+e
  • Step 3: Calculate the values of each assigned coefficient and variable by using the Gaussian elimination method.
  • Step 4: The value of coefficients obtained after simplification
  • a= 1, b=1, c= 1, d= 1, e= 1.
  • Step 5: The values of all the coefficients are equal. Therefore the balanced equation is-
  • H2SO4 + CuCO3 = CuSO4 + CO2 + H2O

4. H2SO4 + CuCO3 titration

H2SO4 + CuCO3  titration cannot be carried out because copper carbonate is insoluble in water. Its lattice energy is much high as copper is a huge transition metal with low hydration enthalpy.

5. H2SO4 + CuCO3 net ionic equation

The net ionic equation of H2SO4 + CuCO3 is

2H+(aq) + CuCO3(s) = Cu2+(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l)

To derive the net ionic equation of a chemical reaction following are the steps:

  • Write the ionic form of each of the substance existing in aqueous form. Copper carbonate is an insoluble solid and so does not dissociate into ions. The complete ionic equation of H2SO4 + CuCO3 is:
  • 2H++ SO42- + CuCO3 = Cu2++ SO42- + CO2 + H2O
  • Cancel the spectator ions (SO42-) which appear on both sides of the equation to arrive at the net ionic equation as:
  • 2H+(aq) + CuCO3(s) = Cu2+(aq) + CO2(g) + H2O(l)

6. H2SO4 + CuCO3 conjugate pairs

  • The conjugate base of H2SO4 is HSO4
  • The conjugate acid of CuCO3 is HCO3.

7. H2SO4 + CuCO3 intermolecular forces

The intermolecular forces acting in H2SO4 and CuCO3 are-

  • Electrostatic force of attraction (Columbic force) acts in CuCO3, between cupric ion (Cu2+) and carbonate ion (SO42-).
  • Van der Waals dispersion force, dipole-dipole interactions, and hydrogen bonding exists in H2SO4.

8. H2SO4 + CuCO3 reaction enthalpy

H2SO4 + CuCO3 reaction enthalpy is -27.4kJ, which indicates that heat is released during this reaction.

9. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 a buffer solution?

H2SO4 + CuCO3 does not give a buffer solution as HCl is a strong acid in the reaction mixture, and copper carbonate is a weak base.

10. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 a complete reaction?

H2SO4 + CuCO3 is a complete reaction, as copper carbonate completely dissolves in dilute sulphuric acid to form a blue-colored copper sulphate solution.

11. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 an exothermic reaction?

The reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3 is highly exothermic, as it is an acid-base reaction, and the negative value of reaction enthalpy implies the reaction is exothermic.

12. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 a redox reaction?

The reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3 is not a redox reaction, because, neither oxidation nor reduction takes place.

13. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 a precipitation reaction?

The reaction H2SO4 + CuCO3 is not a precipitation reaction as the products formed are a blue color solution of copper sulphate along with brisk effervescence of gaseous CO2.

14. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 reversible or irreversible reaction?

H2SO4 and CuCO3 is an irreversible reaction because –

  • The new substance CuSO4 formed is blue in color and has different chemical properties.
  • CO2 gas, which is evolved, has high entropy value than solids and liquids. Therefore, the reaction becomes very fast, and the reaction equilibrium is shifted in the forward direction.

15. Is H2SO4 + CuCO3 a displacement reaction?

H2SO4 + CuCO3 is a double displacement reaction, as hydrogen is displaced from the sulphate group to form H2CO3, and copper is displaced from the carbonate group to form CuSO4. The carbonic acid (H2CO3) so formed, immediately dissociates into CO2 and H2O.

Double Displacement Reaction



The reaction between H2SO4 and CuCO3 is an acid-base or neutralization, and double displacement type of reaction. Since the enthalpy value is negative, it is an irreversible exothermic reaction.

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