5+ Fluid Pressure Example:Detailed Facts

In this article fluid pressure example and their detailed facts are going to be illustrated in an easy manner.

Before fluid pressure example are described elaborately the basic idea of fluid pressure should be clarified. Fluid pressure at a point of a fluid (liquids or gasses) is defined as the normal force(F) exerted per unit area(A) of the fluid containing that point. Fluid pressure P can be defined as, P=F/A …..(1)and it is measured in pascal(N/m^2) in SI.

6+ fluid pressure example with details are written below:

Fluids can be divided into two branches. One is fluid statics and another is fluid dynamics. In case of fluid statics the fluids do not have a motion and they are usually static in nature. Pressure of these kinds of static fluids is known as hydrostatic pressure. Those fluids which have a dynamic flow come under the fluid dynamics branch.

scientist Bernoulli has given basic idea of fluid pressure in his Bernoulli’s equation that states that for an ideal(no frictional force is acting on the fluid), incompressible and non viscous liquid the sum of pressure energy(p/ᑭ),kinetic energy(1/2v^2) and potential energy(gh) per unit mass is constant.

                                                      p/ᑭ+1/2v^2+gh= constant …..(2)where ᑭ is the density and v is the velocity of the liquid. g is gravitational acceleration. Dividing equation (2) by g we get-                                      

p/ᑭg+v^2/2g+h=constant……(3) where p/ᑭg is the pressure head and v^2/2g is the velocity head.

fluid pressure example
Fluid pressure from wikipedia

1.Hydraulic brakes

A basic hydraulic brake contains pedal,cylinder 1,cylinder 2,pipelines and brake shoes. When a driver applies pressure on the pedal the piston which is inside cylinder 1 pressurizes the fluid to flow inside the cylinder. This cylinder 1 is also known as the master cylinder. After this the brake fluid flows from cylinder 1 to cylinder 2.

Interbal structure of Hydraulic brakes from wikipedia

The pipelines help in transferring the fluid from cylinder 1 to cylinder 2. There are pistons available inside the cylinders. Due to this transfer of fluid these pistons expand which in turn increase their fluid pressure. As the pistons move,the brake shoes that are kept inside the drum start expanding. This in turn produces frictional force in between the brake shoes and the drum. This makes the wheels stop. These hydraulic brakes are advantageous in a number of ways. That are-

i. They can operate very smoothly

 ii. They have a very simple construction

iii. They can operate at a low effort and

Iv. Their losses due to friction are very less.

This is why hydraulic brakes are one of the important fluid pressure example.

2.Hydraulic head

Hydraulic head is another most important fluid pressure example. It is primarily the pressure of a vertical column of fluid. By measuring the height of the column we will be able to find the pressure of that column. Head refers to the energy associated with the fluid pressure of an incompressible fluid in fluid dynamics.

Hydraulic head from wikipedia

In bernoulli’s equation the three terms describe different heads. But the head does not signify the value of energy per unit mass. There are four kinds of heads –

A.p/ᑭg is the pressure head. Pressure head is due to static pressure acting on a fluid.

Pressure head from wikipedia

B. v^2/2g refers to the velocity head. It means that dynamic pressure is equivalent to the velocity head of a fluid.

C. The downward force acting on a body due to gravitational acceleration i.e, the weight of the body is known as the elevation head.

D. Friction head refers to the head due to friction between fluid and its medium through which it is flowing.

3.Pressure washing

Pressure washing is actually a water spray that works on high pressure to clean buildings,vehicles,parking areas,roofs etc and remove dust,dirt,oil etc from them. We know that fluid pressure increases with the increase in height. So whenever a dirty place needs to be cleaned, water pressure is applied to it from a longer distance.

Most difficult tasks of cleaning can be done using this technique. It is the third most important fluid pressure example.

4.Pythagorean cup

The mechanism behind the working of a Pythagorean cup is the pascal’s communicating principle. In this a hollow vertical tube is there which has a small opening. When this cup is filled with liquid beyond the vertical tube all the liquids drain out through the small opening in the base. Basically this creates a siphon which helps the liquid to drain out from the base. It is another notable fluid pressure example.

Pythagorean cup from wikipedia

Fluid hydrostatic pressure example

Fluid pressure example of hydrostatic pressure are described below:

 5. Blood pressure

Blood pressure is basically the pressure of blood that is produced by the pumping of the heart which then disseminates in the large arteries of our body. We know that there are two types of blood pressures. One is the systolic or maximum pressure and the other is the diastolic blood pressure.

Blood pressure from wikipedia

Hydrostatic pressure of blood is the reason behind the production of the pressure of blood flow against the walls of the arteries in our body.  Hydrostatic pressure is very high near the heart but the narrow path of the arterioles slow down the rate of flow of blood through them. When the blood enters into the arteries during systole the artery walls stretch themselves to handle the extra pressure applied by the flow of extra blood through them. As the walls are elastic in nature they tend to back to their original shape during diastole.

6. Artesian well

Artesian well is another fluid pressure example in which hydrostatic pressure is concerned. Basically these types of wells contain groundwater within them and positive pressure is applied to these. These wells are made up of layers of woods and clays which apply positive pressure to the water of the well.

This pressure helps the water within the well pipes to move in upward direction and to rise above the height of hydrostatic equilibrium point.

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