11 Examples Of Field Force in Daily Life

Our everyday lives are filled with field forces. In this post, we’ll look at 10 real-life examples of field forces.

Examples of Field force in everyday life: Gravitational force:

Planets moving around the sun:

We can notice the effect’s of this profound force field in our solar system. The sun is larger than the planets present in our solar system. And as we know that gravitational force is proportionate to the mass of the body. Therefore, the greater the mass of objects will lead to a strong gravitational attraction force between the objects. Thus, it can exert a strong gravitational force field which keeps planets existing in our solar system in an orbit.

Weight on Earth and Moon:

Another name of force of gravity can be weight. The weight of any object is just the magnitude of the force as gravity acts on that. How much any object weighs on earth is similar to how hard the earth is pulling it down.

When a skydiver jumps out of a plane has no contact but still, comes towards the earth because of gravity.

Even this force of gravity keeps the water in our glass.

Moon’s  gravitational force is different,  that is 1/6th in compare earth. So your weight will reduce 1/6th times on the moon than that of the earth. While Jupiter’s gravity is 2.5 times that of the earth and thus your weight will increase 2.5 times when you are on Jupiter.

Zero gravity in space:

We know that the force of gravity is inversely proportionate to the square of the distance between 2-objects. So it means as the object goes away from another object, gravity will reduce.

As the person moving away from the earth’s centre, the effect of the gravitational field gradually reduce and in space, there is no force of gravity. Because of this, we found astronauts tend to float in space.

Rocket repulsion:

As we know, gravity tends to attract everything towards it. That is why we have to apply a large amount of force to overcome the earth’s gravitational force while propelling the rocket.

Image credit: http://NASA/OpenStax University Physics, CNX UPhysics 09 07 Shuttle, CC BY 4.0

Field Force Examples in Daily Life : Electric force:

Rubbing balloon on hair:

When we rub two surfaces due to friction force, electrons are transferred from one object to another.

When you comb your dry hair, electrons will transfer to the comb because of friction force, and it becomes negatively charged. The field is now developed around the comb, which exerts attraction or repulsion force depending on the charge of another object coming nearby. When you put it near bits of paper, they will immediately stick to the comb because static electricity is generated in the range of fields developed by the comb.

Electric field in wire:

Wires which provide us electricity have a large number of electrons randomly moving in them. The flow of these electrons is created by applying electric force.

Cloud lightning:

When temperature increases, the air becomes warm, and it rises. As this warm air rises, the water vapour becomes cool, which forms clouds. Due to this temperature difference, the cloud will be charged. The lighter and positive charge will form the top of the cloud, while heavier and negatively charged particles will form the bottom of the cloud.

When these charges grow large enough, then within the cloud between two charges, a giant spark or lightning occurs. This is how lightning also occurs due to the electric force field developed within the cloud.

Field Force Examples in Daily Life: Magnetic force

Magnetic force, attraction or repulsion that occurred in between electrically charged particles because of their motion. The magnetic force on a moving charge is acts in a right angle to the plane formed by the direction of its velocity and the direction of the surrounding magnetic field.

Albert Einstein’s first interest in science was the mysterious non-contact force that he observed with magnets. Later this force was named a magnetic force.

Magnetic field force between poles of magnet:

Every magnet has two poles: the North(N) pole and the South(S) pole.

Each one has its own field around it, which can be shown by the imaginary lines called field lines. The direction of the field lines is North pole to South pole.

When we bring such two magnets closer to each other, they either attract or repel each other depending on the pole of the other magnet because field lines of both magnets interfere.

When the identical poles of the magnet are placed closer to each other, then they will repel. Whereas, in the case of opposite poles, they attract each other as there will be constructive interference between the field lines.

Circuitry interference:

The hardware of a television has many electronics components which are linked with each other. When current passes through the circuitry of a television , components that are made up of conductors form fields around themselves because of the potential difference and flowing electric current through it. The field lines of each component will interfere with each other and create a noise signal. Thus, interference is also a field force.

Southern and Northern light:

The phenomenon like Southern or Northern lights occurs due to the earth’s magnetic field.

When the charged particles that escape from the sun reach the earth’s surface, some are trapped in the earth’s magnetic field around the earth’s atmosphere, called belts. When, charged particles tends to escape this magnetic field, they will spiraling along the magnetic field lines toward the magnetic poles. And through it, they enter the earth’s atmosphere and interact with atmospheric gas particles, which is the cause of beautiful light shows.

Conservative force field and Conservative force field examples:

Conservative force field:

The work done by the force is calculated by the dot product of the force and the displacement of the object due to applied force.

Now, the force whose net-work is done in a roundabout motion that comes back to the place from where you have started is zero. Then these types of forces are known as conservative forces.

Work done by these force will not depend on the path taken by the object, rather depends on the initial and final position of that object.

Gravitational force and electric force are conservative force fields.

Example of conservative force field:

  • When you take a ball and move it around some complicated path, then the work done by the force of gravity on the ball only depends on the endpoints, or we can say that the difference in heights. Thus, it does not matter whether you choose to go straight down or whether you choose to go down and up and around some big path and end up in the same spot. The work done by the force of gravity will remain the same. Moreover, it will also be zero if you observe the total work done in a closed path.
  • Consider an electric field, which is created because of charge Q. Now, if we put a test charge ‘q’, then work done to carry this test charge ‘q’ from A to B having distance d, does not depend upon the path followed by it. The electric field only rely on the initial and final position, hence  only A and B position not path followed by the test charge ‘q’. Moreover, the work done to move the charge in a closed path that is A to B and then B to A will be zero as per this theory.

Thus, we can say that electric force is a conservative field force.

Centripetal force :

Centripetal force is the net force that keeps an object moving along a circular path, Thus we can say that it is the cause of uniform circular motion.

How is it used in the medical/laboratory use?

In the medical field, for laboratory centrifuge, centripetal force is used to accelerate the precipitation of particles suspended in blood samples.

As we accelerate the blood sample (typically 600 to 2000 times acceleration normal to gravity can be achieved by the centrifuge), it prevents blood cells from settling with a whole blood sample.

Particles that are heavier in mass, here heavy red blood cells will be pulled towards the bottom of the tube and components present in the solution will settle into layers as per their densities.

So, one can now easily separate blood cells and other components.

Field force automation:

Field force automation is the process of capturing field service information. Then this documented Information is immediately transferred through wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi, satellites and synchronized to the primary system, allowing access to real-time data on a mobile interface.

Using one can enhance the field force productivity and also can reduce time delay. The Information will be at your fingertips.

In public work or social services, Government agencies are complex and varied for the community they serve. But they all have one common thing, which is wherever they go, access to Information and sharing of Information.

As the service demand increases, video camera, drones, and sensors play an important role in providing valuable data sources to agency field workers.

By automating day to day field force operations through its integration and smart devices, it makes our life easier. For example, assume we are being given electricity from any XYZ organization. Furthermore, if any issue regarding it emerges, then we can undoubtedly reach them by utilizing their application and complain to them. Also, this way, you can get quicker resolution of your complaint and speedier maintenance using field force automation.

These days we buy things on the web. We can, without much of a stretch, know precisely when we get what we have purchased by tracking it.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ on Field Force examples

Q. What is Force?

Ans. The force is an external agent due to which a body changes its state of rest or motion. Therefore, it means that force is the cause of change or, in technical words, motion in the body.

Q. What are the types of force?

Ans. There are two types of forces:

  •   Contact Force.
  •   Non-contact Force or Field Force.

Q. What is contact force?

Ans. As the name suggests, this is the force that comes in action only when the objects are in direct contact with each other, then this type of force is called contact force.

Q. Give examples of contact force in daily life.

Ans. Contact force examples are given below:

Muscular force:

Can you shift the table without touching it?

Can you apply the force on the table without touching it?

And your answer will be No. To shift or to move the table requires contact with the muscles of your body.

Kicking a ball:

While kicking a soccer ball, you are contacting the soccer ball with your leg and applying force. Thus, it is also a contact force.

Image credit : Pixabay free images

Friction force:

When you drag any object over the floor, it applies the friction force on the bottom of the object to oppose the motion of an object. Thus, the frictional force is also a contact force because if the object is not in contact with the floor, then friction force will not be there to oppose its motion.

Normal Force:

When an object is at rest on any surface, then it exerts a force on the surface. This reaction force is at the right angle to the surface and is known as normal force.

A bag on a table exerts a force on a table perpendicular to the surface of the table and is a normal force. Therefore, if the normal force and gravitational force are balanced, the bag will rest on the table.

Q. What is the force field? Give Field Force examples.

Ans. A force that does not require any direct contact with another object, then this type of force is called non-contact force. The invisible field is always associated with these forces, noted as Field forces.

The fundamental forces of nature, Gravitational force, electric force, Magnetic force, are the field forces.

Q. What creates the field force?

Ans. Field force can make a restricted region where another body can feel the influence of force.

The field is the area of an object where another object feels the influence of force which is responsible for the field force.

Q. Give examples of field force in our daily life.

Ans. Various Field Force examples or non-contact force examples are given by:

  • We stay on the ground due to the gravitational force field.
  • Gravitational field force keeps water inside the glass.
  • Any object or body that falls from any height will come towards the earth is because of gravitational field force (Newton’s observation of an apple falling from a tree)
  • Raindrops fall on the earth due to gravitational field force.
  • When two magnets come closer to each other, they will either attract or repel each other, which is magnetic field force examples.
  • Without any physical contact, iron pins get attracted towards the magnet as a field force.
  • Current in wire, the flow of electrons is also by virtue of electric field force.
  • The charged comb is attracted towards the piece of paper because of electrostatic force.
  • Electromagnetism is also Field Force examples.

Q. Compare and contrast Contact Force vs Field Forces.

Ans. Comparison between contact force and field force is given below:

Contact ForceField Force
This type of force occurs only when two objects are in physical contact with each other.Field force will not require any kind of physical contact with each other respectively. 
No field is associated with contact force.There is always a field is associated with non-contact or field force.
The friction force, muscular force, normal force, tension etc., are examples of the contact force.Fundamental forces like gravitational force, electrostatic force, magnetic force are examples of the field force.

Q. Give examples of contact force and field force.

Ans. Examples of contact force and field force are given below:

  • Contact forces: Muscular force, friction force, tension force, normal force and spring force are the contact forces.
  • Field force: Gravitational force, electrical force, magnetic force, and electro-magnetic forces are examples of field force.

Q. What are some examples of scalar fields?

Ans. Scalar fields are those whose every point of the field has a scalar value.

Temperature field, humidity field and pressure field are exemplar of scalar field.

Q. What are some examples of unbalanced forces?

Ans. When the resultant force applied to a body is non-zero, the forces acting on a body are unbalanced. Thus, when anything that is moving is because the forces working on it are unbalanced. Examples are given below:

  • When you kick the ball, it moves from one place to another
  • Propulsion of rocket
  • Driving a vehicle
  • By pulling a door, you can open it
  • When you push the wall, it does not move because of unbalanced force

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