21 Examples Of Distance

Distance is a physical quantity used to measure the length between two references. In this article, we are going to know about more examples of distance.

  • Trekking to a hill
  • Traveling to office
  • Jogging on a path
  • Hare and tortoise
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Moving of Camera roll
  • Monkey roaming around
  • Distributing of cake
  • Chopping of vegetables
  • Fish moving underwater
  • While standing in a line
  • Dance performance in a parade
  • Traveling on a curved path
  • Hurdle game
  • Going to school
  • Caterers or street food
  • Bicycle riding
  • Carrying heavy baggage
  • Car racing on a racecourse
  • Going on a research trip
  • Distance between the sun and the planets
Examples of distance

Let us study these examples of distance in detail.

Examples of Distance.

The knowledge of distance is necessary for an individual to estimate the length of movement. Here are some examples which explain distance in detail.

Trekking to a hill

Trekking to a hill is an example of distance. When an individual or group of people goes on trekking, they usually have a map that tells them the total length to be covered right from starting to the endpoint of the destination.

Traveling to office

Going to the office requires some distance to be traveled and is an example of distance. If your office is at a distance of 7Km from your place, the distance is the total length of the path moved by a body.

Jogging on a path

Jogging is an example of distance. Many people have a habit of going on a jog, and it involves a certain distance to be covered. It is a form of exercise that includes many people’s daily routine, and these people usually cover a distance of 5-6 Km through jogging.

Hare and tortoise

Hare and tortoise are some of the moral-value-based stories which we have usually read in our childhood. It is based on the racing between the hare and tortoise, which involves a specific distance to win the game. It can be an example of distance.

Playing hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is a fun game. While playing this game, we usually run, searching for a place irrespective of the direction to hide; so that we won’t get caught. If the total distance covered to run is 19m, then it is an example of distance.

Moving of Camera roll

While shooting a scene, it is necessary to take shots from different angles; for this purpose, the camera is moved to certain places to capture the required photos. It involves the movement of the object to cover a certain length and is an example of distance.

Monkey roaming around

Monkey, which lives in a forest, roams, and travels wherever it wants, can be an example of distance. The roaming of a monkey involves movement that covers the specific length of the path of 4Km; on which it moves irrespective of the direction.

Distributing of cake

Distributing of cake is an example of distance. It is necessary to cut and divide the cake into equal parts to get an equal amount of cake. To distribute the cake equally, it is essential to part it at a correct distance from one piece to another.

Chopping of vegetables

In general, while cooking, the vegetables are chopped in a particular size and shape. To chop these vegetables in a proper size, one must know the distance at which length should part it. Therefore, it is an example of distance.

Fish moving underwater

The entire ocean involves many creatures living in it. Fishes are creatures that usually travel in groups from their rest point to some other point in search of food without considering the direction of the path. If we assume that they cover a length of 25Km, then it is an example of distance.

While standing in a line

It is a necessity to maintain social distancing during pandemics. If we consider the total length of the line, considering only the initial and final point of the waiting line, then it is an example of distance.

Dance performance in a parade

Formation of positions while performing a dance in a parade is based on the length of the course of the path to be covered. If it covers a total length approximately equal to 4Km, then it is an example of distance.

Traveling on a curved path

Traveling on a curved path requires skill in driving and is an example of distance. A body moves in a curved way, not taking into account its direction, and here, calculating the distance covered by the body is a measure of the total length of the route between the starting and end reference points.

Hurdle game

Hurdles is one of the challenging games in the world. It is similar to a marathon, but here the contestant jumps on the hurdle bars at specific distances. The total length required to reach the endpoint is the total distance covered by the person. Therefore, it is an example of distance.

Going to school

Children reach their school by walking or by transport. Consider that the school is at a certain distance of 3Km from their initial point; here, distance is the calculation of the total length of the street on which they have to travel. It is an example of distance.

Caterers or street food

Caterers or owners of street food shops have a necessity to move to particular places where they can sell food. While traveling, they cover a certain length of the path, not taking into account the direction of movement, the size of the course of motion is an example of distance.

Bicycle riding

We usually enjoy going on a ride on our bicycle with our beloved ones. While planning a riding trip, we initially estimate the length of the path. Here, the total length is considered to be the distance and hence is an example of distance.

Carrying heavy baggage

When we have a piece of heavy baggage to carry from one end to the other end of the street, first we estimate the length of the street and then think is it possible to cover such a long length. Here the total length of the road is the distance.

Car racing on a racecourse

The racecourse of car racing involves many curves and a muddy path. It isn’t easy to drive on such routes. The racecourse is such a long path that is approximately equal to 60Km, where the total distance is a measure of the course of 60Km. It is an example of distance.

Going on a research trip

The research trips, especially of geology students, require traveling to different places in a day searching for other rocks for the study. Here the places they traveled have different distances, and when they come back to their initial point, we can get the total length.

Distance between the sun and the planets

Scientists now know the distance between the sun and planets. All the planets are at different positions from the sun, and the length of the path between them varies. If we consider traveling to the last planet from the initial one, the total length is the distance between start and endpoints. It is an example of distance.

These are some applications of distance.

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Is distance the shortest length between two objects?

Distance is not the shortest length between initial and final points.

Distance is the total sum of the length of the path on which the body moves during its motion. Whereas, Displacement is called the shortest path between the two references, i.e., a start and an endpoint.

What are the applications of the distance formula in daily life?

There are many applications in everyday life where the formula of distance can be applied.

The distance formula in physics consists of speed and time interrelated with each other. It is used by plumbers, locksmiths, drivers, designers, engineers, and even doctors. So, that they get an idea of how much distance is required to do a specific task.

What are the real-life examples of distance?

The real-life examples of distance formula are as follows,

  • Navigation of objects underwater.
  • The pilot uses the distance formula to estimate the distance between other planes.
  • To find the length of solids.
  • To estimate the distance between two locations.
  • It is essential in the odometer wheel for surveying.
  • It is used by architects while planning interiors.
  • Carpenters use it.

What is the relation between speed, distance, and time?

The distance of a body, its speed, and time are interconnected with each other.

The distance of a body in motion is calculated by multiplying speed and time. We can interchange the quantities to estimate the unknown amount.

Distance= d= s * t

S = speed of the body.

t = Time taken by the body to complete the movement.

Why is the distance necessary?

Distance is what we use daily to estimate the length which we have to travel.

In general, we estimate the distance of the path we have to travel while going to school, college, office, etc. Distance does not mean only traveling; it is also used in many other aspects by different people of different professions.  If we have a proper idea of the distance, only then it is possible to complete the specific task.




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