15 Example Of Kinetic To Potential Energy: Detailed Explanations

This article on physics will analyze the different examples of kinetic to potential energy.

Kinetic energy is an important type of energy that consists of the motion of any object, whereas the potential energy is opposite to that it is a form of stored energy. The bicycle in motion stops suddenly is an example of kinetic to potential energy.

To analyze and understand the detailed explanations of kinetic to potential energy example.

Storing of water in the tank

The water from the ground is sucked with the help of a motor and stored in a tank. The flowing water possesses kinetic energy, but once it gets stored in the tank, it gets converted into potential energy. It is an example of kinetic to potential energy in daily routine.

example of kinetic to potential energy
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Blowing of balloon

The blowing of a balloon is a motion; it certainly possesses some kinetic energy, but when you suddenly stop blowing, it will move through the air and falls at a point. At this point, it consists of some potential energy.

example of kinetic to potential energy
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The players will be enthusiastic while playing the game of football, and at the time of the goal, they give their strength to kick the ball. This aspect possesses kinetic energy, but after attaining the purpose, it comes to rest; it now has potential energy.

example of kinetic to potential energy
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Moving truck

When the driver drives the truck to a high viewpoint of any mountain and stays there for a while, in this situation, the kinetic energy through motion gets converted into stored potential energy at the rest point.

example of kinetic to potential energy
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Water reservoir

A reservoir is something that helps to store a certain amount of water. It is usually built near dams; the water from the flowing river (kinetic energy) is repeatedly collected in the reservoir that possesses potential energy.

Child climbing the slide

While climbing the steps of the slide, the child show movement, it consists of kinetic energy, but once he sits on the top of the slide for a while, the child possesses potential energy.

Yoyo that gets rolled up

When you release the yo-yo, it possesses some kinetic energy, but it consists of potential energy when you roll back the same yo-yo. It is an essential and essential example of kinetic to potential energy.

example of kinetic to potential energy
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Climbing a tree

While climbing a tree, a specific motion consists of kinetic energy, and after rising, if you try to sit on the stable branches for a while, you will acquire potential energy.

Flying of airplane

When an airplane flies in the sky and moves from one point to another, it consists of kinetic and other energies that help in the movement. As soon as it lands and rests at a specific position, it contains potential energy.


It requires some energy to lift the book and keep it on the shelf. The lifting action involves energy that is termed to be kinetic, and after the book is placed on the shelf, it possesses potential energy at that position.

Movement of objects

Any object or material under a particular motion like linear, rotatory, oscillatory, etc., will have kinetic energy. But at any point in time, if the object stops or comes back to its resting position, it experiences potential energy. This example of any object in motion to rest point is considered an example of kinetic to potential energy.

The swinging of crane balls

The swinging of huge crane balls to demolish some of the buildings exhibits movement that consists of a large amount of kinetic energy. But as soon as the work gets over, the crane ball is brought to the rest point with the help of a machine. The crane ball will be in a steady position at this rest point and experiences potential energy.

Golf ball

When you hit a golf ball, it moves up to a certain length and goes to rest point. Here the hitting of the golf ball provides it the kinetic energy, and when it comes back to the rest point, it experiences potential energy.

Stretched spring

If we stretch and release a spring, it shows a different form of energy in both actions. When you compress a spring made up of any material, the kinetic energy present gets converted into potential energy. It will gain some potential to do the necessary work.


An ice skier, when skies down the ice hill he experiences a large amount of energy acting on him; it is a form of kinetic energy that will be large when the motion is downwards, but as soon as he comes to the ground area, he stops and experiences potential energy for a while.


Even the movement of electrons is an example of kinetic to potential energy. When the amount of kinetic energy in any matter increases, the electrons present in it move with more energy, and it happens when pressure is applied to matter.

The movement makes the electrons go to the higher orbit and stay there for a while. Similarly, the action tells about kinetic energy, and the rest point about potential energy.

These are the main kinetic to potential energy examples.

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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

How can kinetic and potential energy occur at the same time?

Both the energies cannot occur at the same time.

The kinetic and potential energies are the two different kinds of energy; they just get converted from one another and do not coincide.

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