23 Example Of Compression: Detailed Explanations

A compression is an act of applying force on the object that results in the reduction of volume and dimensions of the object.

The force has to equal and oppositely react on the object in order to be a compressive force. Here, is a list of example of compression that we are going to discuss in this article:-


A sponge has pores that are filled with air molecules. On compressing the sponge, these air molecules are removed as the space between the gaps is reduced by compression.

Draining out Water from Wet Clothes

The wet clothes are compressed to drain out water from the clothes. On applying compression force the volume of water is reduced from the cloth.

Compression of Bed Mattress

If you have noticed, that on sitting on the bed mattress, or keeping any load, the area of the mattress underneath and near the surrounding gets compressed.

example of compression
Compression of bed mattress; Image Credit: Stocksnap

Your body weight is imposed on the mattress and an equal and opposite force is reacting from down that is resisting the force due to weight.

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Deposition of Sediments

The sediments are carried by the river streams and are deposited in the basin while making a fall from the cliffs.

Sedimentary rocks;
Image Credit: Pixabay

The sediments underneath the stack of sediments go under compression due to overlying weight. These grains are compressed and the sedimentary rocks are formed.

Compression of Spring

Spring is an elastic item that on compression built enough potential energy which is then converted into tremendous kinetic energy on releasing the pressure. On compression, the length of the spring is decreased.

Hydraulic compression

Hydro means water. Any object underwater goes under hydraulic pressure. The pressure acting on the object from all the dimensions results in the compression of the object. Hence is called hydraulic pressure.


Condensation is also a phenomenon of compression. The water vapours scattered around the area are condensed into a cloud, thus reducing the area of water vapours. The water molecules go under compressive force to condense into a cloud.


While preparing laddoo we compress the mixture together to hold it tight.

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Air Conditioner

The air conditioner has a compressor that compresses the low pressure air to the high pressure air cooling it down, which is then travels to the condenser and turns into liquid under high pressure only.

Air Conditioner;
Image Credit: Pixabay

This liquid is then transferred to the evaporator, where it takes the heat to convert liquid back into the air, and the cool air is released back into the room.

Himalayan Mountains

The two plates on the asthenosphere attracting towards each other are called constructive plates.

Himalayan Mountains;
Image Credits: Pixabay

Upon joining the plates together and compressing further, the mountains are developed in consequences. The Great Himalayan Mountains is an example of such constructive plates when the Indian plate met the Asian plate.

Jumping Shoes

This shoe comes with a spring underneath the shoe that helps to take a long leap, hence called jumping shoes. On application of the force on the spring due to body weight, the spring is compressed, the potential energy is built in the spring and that is converted into kinetic energy and is given off on a jump.

Mud balls

When two balls collapse together, both the balls compress due to the force imposed from the opposite direction. The shape of the mud balls changes as they are not elastic bodies, they are deformed on compression.

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Filling the Sugar Containers Tightly

Container tightly filled by filling all the gaps within, the sugar inside the containers feels the pressure from the walls of the container from all sides.

Tightly filled Containers;
Image Credits: Pixabay

The density of the sugar per unit cross-sectional area increases on tightly filling the container. The sugar in the lower part of the container is compressed more than the overlying volume.

Packing Clothes in the Suitcase Tightly

If you want to pack lots of clothes in a single suitcase, then you compress the clothes to zip them inside the suitcase in order to get all the clothes packed. The compressive force is acted from all sides of the suitcase and equal force is acting outward.

Rolling a Chapatti

While rolling a chapatti you are actually compressing the dough to roll it into a thin layered chapatti.

Rubber Ball

A rubber ball is an elastic item that on compression reduces its size. If you place the ball on the ground and apply pressure on it, the equal and opposite force will act on the ball on its other side from the ground, hence the rubber ball will compress.


To squeeze anything like lemon, orange, etc. we apply a force from two opposite directions called compression to squeeze out the juice from it.

Squeezing lemon;
Image Credit: Pixabay

The volume of juice from the lemon is reduced on compression.

Road Rollers

A road roller is a vehicle designed to compact the soil, gravel, and concrete for the construction of the road.

Road rollers;
Image Credit: Pixabay

On rolling the surface with the rollers, the soil or concrete is compressed, thus giving a solid and a rigid metallic road.

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Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle are used for grinding the spices, herbs, nuts, etc into fine particles. The pestle puts a force on the mortal and the equal force is acting on the area to resist this force thus causing compression of the food item encountering in between the portal and pestle which can’t resist this force and gets crushed into finer particles.

Gym Ball

A gym ball is used for balancing exercises. If you put palm pressure on the ball, then the compression force will be experienced on the gym ball showing its impression on putting a force. The air inside the ball is compressed due to this force.

Longitudinal Waves

The longitudinal waves propagate in the direction of motion of the vibrating particles and thus producing the region of compression and rarefaction. In the region of compression, the density of the waves is high and appears as a compaction of the waves.


On pulling the piston the air is filled in the gap created in the chamber by opening the inlet. While pushing the piston down, this inlet gets close and no air can escape from the chamber, due to which the air is compressed and is pumped.


The bridges undergo compression when the heavy load approaches bridges.


The tension is generated across the length of the bridge structure between the poles of the bridge adds to the compression strength to withstand compression. This compression may result in cracks on the bridges.

Shoe Soles

The entire body weight is exerted on the shoe soles while walking, running, jumping, due to which the shoe soles undergo compression that further leads to warping of soles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is compressive stress?

A stress the restoring force acting in the object that resists the external imposing force.

The compressive stress is a restoring force acting in opposition to the force applied on the object that results in the deformation of the object reducing its volume and dimensions.

What is compression strength?

Compression strength is the ability of the material to resist compression.

On application of the compression force, the stress is built inside the object. The object will deform if the strength of the object is very less to resist this levied force.

What is the SI unit of compression?

The formula to measure a compression is F(c)=ma.

The compression is the force on the object from two or more directions, and hence the SI unit of compression is Newton.

Why does the object get deformed on compression?

The compression of the object results due to the action of forces from different dimensions.

If the compressive strength of the object is not enough to resist the compressive strain then the object will be deformed.

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