29+ Endemic Species Examples:Detailed Facts

Endemic species are the species which are found in a defined single geographical region, like a state, nation, country, island or other defined zones.

The endemic species either flora or fauna is native and restricted to a certain place, if find in any other geographical region than it will be not considered as endemic species

Endemic Species Examples

here we list out few endemic species as follows

  1. Cape sugarbird
  2. Cytisus
  3. Clinotarsus curtipes
  4. Orange breasted sunbird
  5. Amphipsalta zelandica
  6. Aplastodiscus arildae
  7. Devil hole pupfish
  8. Giant Panda
  9. Norway Lemming
  10. Scottish Wildcat
  11. American Alligator
  12. Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth
  13. Poison Dart Frog
  14. Glacier Bear
  15. Chiribiquete Emerald
  16. Sclater’s Monkey
  17. Patagonian Mara
  18. Southern Adder
  19. Sri Lankan Birdwing
  20. Brookesia Micra
  21. Wilson’s Bird of Paradise
  22. Platypus
  23. Kiwi
  24. Matschie’s tree kangaroo
  25. Ilex gardneriana
  26. Vateria indica
  27. Hydrophila madurensis
  28. Hopea parviflora
  29. Pterocarpus santalinus
  30. Nepenthes khasiana

Cape sugarbird

Cape sugarbird (Promerops cafer) is the bird or aves species which are endemic to the Fynbos biome of the western cape and Eastern cape of South Africa. It is a grey-brown colored bird that is spotted by presence of yellow spot under the tail and in males, a very long feathers present. Another feature of the Cape sugarbird is its sound while flying. When the male bird beats its wings, due to its main flight feathers arrangement made a sound of frrt-frrt with the intention to attract the female birds

Endemic Species Examples
Male cape sugarbird from Wikipedia


It is the flowering plant inhabits to the open site in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. It is also known as brooms in several tribes. these are kind of shrubs producing highly fragrant, brightly colored, pea like flower.

Cytisus from Wikipedia

Clinotarsus curtipes

Clinotarsus curtipes also called as “Malabar frog” or “ bicolored frog”. It is endemic to the Western Ghats of India. The species’ tadpoles are black in color , form compact and dense schools in the streams in the forested areas. The frog vomerine teeth are not fully developed, they are two slightly oblique series with the choanae hind edge. It is greyish or brown in color above, with or without blackish dots; edged black; lateral fold lighter; band or a blackish oblique spot below eye; blackish margins with upper lips; throat sometimes dark brown; limbs without bands, dark purplish brown. Male frog having internal subgular vocal sac.

Bicolored frog from Wikipedia

Orange breasted sunbird

The orange breasted sunbird (Anthobaphes violacea) is a small, nector feeding bird that is endemic to the fynbos shrubland biome of Southwestern South Africa. The sunbird is dimorphic sexually as female is olive green in color and males are orange to yellow. Male bird is longer than female.

Male orange breasted sunbird from Wikipedia

Amphipsalta zelandica

The Amphipsalta zelandica (chorus cicada) is the cicada species endemic to the most areas of New Zealand. They live in forests. They found in area with open bushes where on the trunk and branches, their leftover nymph skins can be seen specially in summer season.

large cicada from Wikipedia

Aplastodiscus arildae

It is the frog spesies belongs to the family Hylidae. It is endemic to Brazil and frogs’ natural habitats are troplical or subtroplical moist lowland rivers and forests.

Aplastodiscus arildae from Wikipedia

Devil Hole Pupfish

The devil hole pupfish (cyprinodont diabolis) is found only in Devils Hole, a water filled cave in the US state of Nevada. It is small fish with length upto 30mm. male fish are bright metallic blue and female are yellowish in color. Lack of pelvic fins are specific traits of this fish.

Cyprinodon diabolis, male from Wikipedia

Giant Panda

The giant panda are endemic to the China. They are considered as a national treasure there. Around 1900 giant pandas are alive today on in the wild.

Giant panda from Wikipedia

Norway Lemming

Norway lemming are endemic to the Norway. They are also known as Norwegian lemmings.

Scottish Wildcat

Scottish wildcat are endemic to the Scotland. While in Scotland, Scottish cats and dogs drool are very common. At the first look, they look very similar to the house cat but the wildcat have larger brains and different shape of pupil of eyes.

American Alligator

The American alligator are endemic to the Florida of USA.at present they may be thriving but later in past the alligator was endangered and at the point of extinction

Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth

The Pygmy Sloth are the smallest among all kind of Sloths. They are endemic to the Isla Escudo de Veraguas, kind of a small island off the Panama coast. The body length of Pygmy Sloth is between 19 to 21 inches and their weight is 5.5-7..7 pounds only

Poison Dart Frog

These species of frog are endemic to the Costa Rica and South America. They are very colorful but yet very poisonous. The toxicity of poison of Dart Frog vary by the species but some are so poisonous can kill a person. They are very tiny( some are less than one inches),very difficult to spot.

Glacier Bear

The Glacier Bear also called the blue bear. They are endemic to the Alaska, USA. It is the American black bear having silver-blue or gray fur.

Chiribiquete Emerald

This is type of humming bird which is endemic to the Southern Colombia. It is almost fluorescent blue and green color humming bird.

Sclater’s Monkey

This species of monkey is only 11 in number and endemic to the Nigeria. Their most distinct feature is the presence of white tufts of hairs on each ear.

Patagonian Mara

It is endemic to the Argentina. They are herbivore large rodent look like cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo. They are fourth-largest rodent in the world.

Southern Adder

It is the venomous snake endemic to the low-lying coastal areas of the Western Cape. The snake have small horn above each eye.

Sri Lankan Birdwing

It is the species of butterfly endemic to the Sri Lanka only, considered as a national butterfly of the country. Its big wings having bright yellow pops and is the largest butterfly on the island

Brookesia Micra

It is the species of chameleon which is smallest of size only 29mm long. They do change the colors. It is endemic to the Madagascar.

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

It is the most colorful bird in the world endemic to the Indonasia. The distinct feature is bright blue head and curled tail feathers.


The semi-aquatic mammal endemic to the Eastern Australia. This is best known for its duck-like bill. The male platypus are venomous.


It is the type of bird which cannot fly with strong kegs but no tail. They are endemic to the New Zealand.

Matschie’s tree kangaroo

It is endemic to the Papua New Guinea. The local people called it as “ ghost of forest”.

Ilex gardneriana

It is critically endangered to the Nilgiri Hills of India

Ilex gardneriana from Wikipedia

Vateria indica

The Vateria indica ( white dammar) is the plant species endemic to the Western Ghats in India. Habitat loss is the main reason of threatened of species.

Illustration of Illustration of Vateria indica from Wikipedia

Hydrophila madurensis

It is the species of aquatic plant critically endangered. It is endemic to the Nallakulam in the Alagar Hills of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India

Hopea parviflora

Hopea parviflora from Wikipedia

It is the plant species endemic to the India. This tree is timber producing and commonly harvested from the forests.

Pterocarpus santalinus

Tha common name of tree are red sanders, Chenchandanam, red sandalwood, Rakta Chandana, red saunders, Yerra chandanam and saunderswood. The plant species is endemic to the Southern Eastern Ghats range of South India. The tree valued due to its rich red color of wood.

Pterocarpus santalinus from Wikipedia

Nepenthes khasiana

It is endemic to the Khasi Hills , India. It is the only pitcher plant species in India. It aatract the prey by the means of blue color fluorescence.

Nepenthes khasiana from Wikipedia
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