5 Examples Of Electric Field? 5 Facts

The electric field is an electric property correlated with every point in space when the charge is present in any form. Let us see the examples of the electric field.

The examples of the useful electric fields are listed below,

  • Capacitor 
  • Battery cells
  • Balloon is rubbed against a sweater
  • Comb is rubbed in the hair
  • Radio waves


In a parallel plate capacitor, a voltage enforced between two conductive plates generates a uniform electric field between these two plates. This electric field creates dipoles by virtue of dipole orientation, which is how the energy is stored in capacitor. Capacitor as a total is always charge neutral.

Battery cells

In battery cells, there is a chemical reaction that discharges electrons at the anode and absorbs electrons at the cathode. The shortage of electrons at one end of the associated wire, and the surfeit at the other generates an electric field.

Balloon is rubbed against a sweater

The electric field is produced when we rub balloons on a wool sweater, electrons get shifted from the wool sweater to the balloon. So the balloon pops up with a net negative charge, and the wool sweater, own disappear negative charges, acquire a net positive charge.

Comb is rubbed in the hair

When the comb is rubbed in the hair and the electric field is generated. The part of the paper nearer to the comb will be positively charged because of electromagnetic induction and the remoter would be negatively charged, bringing the paper to be captivated by the comb.

Radio waves

The oscillating current thrust the electrons in the antenna backward and forwards, generating oscillating electric and magnetic fields, which emit the energy apart from the antenna as radio waves. The radio waves bring the information to the receiver’s location.

How to use electric field?

The magnitude and direction of the electric fields are represented by the value E, called electric field intensity. Let us see how to use electric field.

Electric field is used by impelling electrons, which proceeds via the circuit with regard to the positive lump of charges. An electric field in a circuit is related to an electric pump: a huge source of negative charges that can insist the force required to give rise to current flow.

How to produce electric field?

The simple example of an electric field is that it is a force field and is a estimation of the electrostatic force between two charged particles. Let us see how to produce electric field.

 An electric field is produced when the charge is incapacitate with reference to an viewer enumerating the effects of the charges, and a magnetic field also an electric field is created when the charge flow, producing an electric current with reference to this viewer.

There is one more way to produce electric field that is when a magnetic field is propel into a coil of wire there is an electric potential prompt into the coil.

Electric field source examples

There are two types of electric field sources one is due to the charges and other is due to varying magnetic field. Let us see the electric field source examples.

Examples of electric field source are listed below,

  • Electrical appliances
  • Household electrical wiring
  • Power lines
  • Substations outside the home
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Pressure


By studying the above-stated facts we finally get a conclusion that the electric fields would produce circle-like points around the negative and the positive charge and would expand further out as the voltage increased.

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