Does Earth Have Magnetic Field: 9 Facts (Read This First)

A magnetic field means a field created by a magnetic material or an operating electric charge deep down which performs the force of magnetism. Let us see whether Earth has a magnetic field or not.

Earth does have a magnetic field as the earth consists of different layers with different chemical compositions starting from the core to the upper layer or outer layer of the earth which constitute the magnetic field of the earth.

Seeing the vital importance of the magnetic field of the earth, let us concentrate on what is the magnetic field of the earth, why and how the magnetic field of the earth appears, and many more questions in this article.

Why does earth have magnetic field?

Conventional currents originate from the core of the earth due to molten elements. Let us see why the earth has a magnetic field.

Earth does have a magnetic field because the magnetic field around the Sun behaves similarly to a bar magnet, fact is that the intensity of the magnetic field is lower under high temperatures and our earth’s magnetic field is caused by the dynamo effect. Its working procedure is similar to the bicycle.

The earth’s magnetic field is important to sustain life on earth, without the earth’s magnetic fields we would be exposed to radiations from the earth which are lethal to life and our atmosphere would be free to leak into free space.

How does the earth have magnetic field?

Earth’s magnetic field origins are still a mystery. Let us see how Earth has a Magnetic field.

The Earth has a magnetic field by the streaming of liquid metal in the exterior core of the planet produces electric currents. The gyration of Earth on its axis brings this electric current to mold a magnetic field that broadens over a planet.

The earth inner core is made up of nickel and iron composition which will go under the process called turbulent convection, due to this effect earth get a magnetic field.

What will happen if earth loses its magnetic field?

Magnetic fields are one aspect of the electromagnetic force and it is one of the four fundamental forces. Let us see what would happen if the earth lost its earth magnetic field.

If the Earth lost its magnetic field then a large number of charged solar particles from the sun enter the planet and may cause severe damage to satellites. Also, the ultraviolet radiation from the earth directly enters the earth’s atmosphere which can lead to cancer in humans.

Certainly, we should understand about the magnetic field is that, even if the magnetic field weakens, it’s not going to disappear for billion years.

What is the magnetic field strength of the earth?

The earth magnetic field is changing due to the evolution of the earth. Let us see what is magnetic field strength of the earth is.

The magnetic field strength of the earth is around 25-65µT or 0.25 to 0.65 Gauss and the bar magnetic magnitude is around 10000 µT or 100 Gauss. Earth magnetic field is extremely weak, it is many times weaker than that of a Ferro-ceramic bar magnet.

The magnetic field intensity of the earth is decreasing, the change is unpredictable, and these changes are different in different places. This cannot be predicted due to the complexity of the earth.

Why did Mars magnetic field disappear?

Mars is one of Earth’s two sister planets. Let us see why did Mars’s magnetic field disappear.

Mars’s magnetic field disappears because the temperature changes as time is processed due to convection. In any planet in the solar system magnetic fields result due to the dynamo effect in which, inside the core molten iron rises, cools down, and shrinks, by the result of convection.

How is earth losing its magnetic field?

The forces that produce magnetic fields are invariably changing the field themselves. Let us see how is Earth losing its magnetic field in the below explanation.

Earth is losing its magnetic field because the forces which are the reason for the earth’s magnetic field are constantly changing, the change in forces causes a shift of the north and south poles of the earth as the result magnetic field of the earth changes. It may take millions to billions of years to change.

Is there a magnetic field around the earth?

Around the fluctuating direct current, the magnetic field is constantly varying its magnitude and direction Let us see if is there a magnetic field around the earth.

Earth is having magnetic field lines around it because earth’s magnetic field lines are similar to that of bar magnetic field lines, which extend to several thousand kilometers into space from the earth’s magnetosphere.

Earth magnetic field lines originate from the South pole and end in the north pole, these field lines are similar &opposite to the bar magnetic field lines. Earth’s magnetic field lines deflect solar winds and protect the lives on earth.

How magnetic field is important to earth?

The magnetic field preserves our planet from cosmic radiation and from the imposed particles discharged by our sun. Let us see how the magnetic field is important to earth.

In general, magnetism is important to earth, many migrating birds, whales, and butterflies use magnetism for navigation.


By reading the above facts we finally get the conclusion that Earth’s magnetic field is advantageous to live. The magnetic field of an explosive particle impending from space diminishes the radiation level. Also, the magnetic field diminishes the effect of a solar flare.

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