Can Energy Be Stored: 17 Facts Most Beginners Don’t Know!

The energy cannot be produced or destroyed but we can transfer it from one form of energy to another but we can store the energy. Let us discuss how can energy be stored.

The energy can be stored in various forms by transforming the energy. Nuclear energy is stored in the Earth’s core, the gravitational potential energy between the planets, the potential and mechanical energy of the flowing water, and flywheels, are some examples of the stored energy.

How can energy be stored?

The energy can be stored in the object in the form of potential energy if work is done on it.

Every object stores an amount of energy by some application that can supply the energy while performing any work. It can be in the form of internal heat, chemical bonding, elastic properties, potential energy, biomass, electrical, nuclear, etc.

We human beings store the energy in the form of chemical potential energy which is utilized while doing work. The mechanical energy of the tools is stored with them, the gravitational potential energy is stored by an object separated by a distance from a rigid mass.

What energy can be stored?

Here is a list of energy that can be stored:-

Gravitational energy

It is stored in the case of the monuments, pillars, to support the buildings and apartments, and suspended loads.

Chemical energy

The chemical energy is stored within the chemical bonds and released when these bonds break and it is stored in the batteries, crude oil, and fuels.

Hydrothermal energy

The hydrothermal energy is stored in the water molecules by the steam that evaporates releasing out the stored potential energy gained by the heat supplied.

Electrical potential energy

The electrical energy is stored in the capacitor and in the process of electromagnetism.

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is stored in nuclear fuels. The energy produced is utilized in the generation of hydrogen fuel which is used as a fuel.

Magnetic field

The magnetic field energy is stored in the material showing permanent magnetic behavior which is a ferromagnetic material and can be used to produce a magnetic field.


The pressurized fluids stores the energy in the form of hydraulic, pneumatic, and steam. The fluids under pressure built enough potential energy.

Elastic potential energy

It is stored by cables, rubber, spring, and all other elastic material which on deformation releases a huge amount of energy.

Solar Energy

This energy from the Sun can be converted into various forms of energy.

Biomass energy

It is stored in the form of fuel

Electrical energy

It is stored by charging batteries, using an inverter and generator

Radiant energy

This stored the heat, sound, and light energy

What ways can energy be stored?

There are different methods and ways to store the energy and we are even practicing it.

The chemical energy is stored in the chemical components, hence protecting the chemical reaction to take the place can save the chemical energy and we can use it whenever essential. In the same way, we store the chemical potential energy by eating food. The radiant energy is stored by capturing it on the black body.

The solar energy is also stored by capturing it, the biomass stores the energy within it in the form of carbon bonds as the biomatter is rich in carbon composition, the electrical energy is stored by the electronic devices; the gravitational energy is stored when the object is raised above the ground.

How long can energy be stored?

The energy can be stored as long as we can till this energy is bought into use or converted into some other form of energy.

The capacitor stores the energy until it gets discharged after connecting it with some other electronic devices that demand an electric charge. The gravitational potential energy is stored in the object until it reaches the ground, and chemical potential energy is stored in our body until it is utilized to do the work.

Thermal energy is stored in the object till it is radiated out from the object. The elastic potential energy is held within the object only when it is stretched or compressed and lost when it is released.

Methods for energy storage

Here is a list of methods to store the energy:-

Rechargeable Batteries

It stores the electric power and can be used anytime as required.

Storing Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuel is a form of chemical energy that stores within it.


Compression of the matter can build the potential energy within it.

Chemical Batteries

This works on the principle of redox reaction and produces electrical energy by converting the chemical energy which is formed by breaking and formation of new chemical bonds.


In order to store the kinetic energy and also to prevent any energy loss, the wheel is fixed on a frictionless by using electrical energy.


The radiant energy can be captured and stored this energy by converting it into some other forms of energy. For example, solar energy is stored as electrical energy by using solar panels and generators, solar heaters, solar cookers, solar cells, etc.


It is a method to store electricity by converting magnetic energy. The magnetic field is produced as the current flows through a coil which is cooled below the critical temperature.

Establishing Turbines on Dams

The turbines produce the mechanical energy by converting the kinetic and potential energy of water flowing from the dams which can be further converted and stored as electrical energy.


On elongating the elastic material the elastic potential energy will be built up in the material.

Formation of Glucose by Animals by Degrading the Chemical Components

The glucose provides energy for living creatures to do the work which is stored in the form of chemical potential energy.

Where can energy be stored?

The energy can be stored in the interior of the Earth in the form of nuclear energy due to high temperatures and pressure.

The electrical energy is stored in the clouds, the gravitational energy between the heavenly bodies, mechanical energy in moving automobiles, and magnetic energy in magnetic material, elastic potential energy in the elastic material.

Can energy be stored in a magnetic field?

Magnetic energy is a renewable and free source of energy and can also be produced by passing the magnetic flux lines through the material.

The magnetic energy exists only in the magnetic field region and is given by


. The energy of the magnetic field is high if the density of flux is more.

This energy is utilized to align the dipoles so that the material can conduct more magnetic field and increases its strength.

How is energy stored in a magnetic field?

The energy stored in the magnetic field depends upon the flux lines penetrating a region, the density, and the alignment of the magnetic dipoles.

The magnetic field energy is stored in the field based on the density of the flux running in the field by the electric current. Even the electric motor starts rotating when the electric current passes through it producing the magnetic field and energy.

How can energy be stored in matter?

The energy transferred to the matter is stored until it is utilized while doing some work.

Heat energy, the radiant energy is captured and stored using the black body system so that no radiations can be emitted out. The elastic potential energy is stored in the deformation of the object. The gravitational potential energy is built up in the object when it raises against gravity.

Can nuclear energy be stored?

Nuclear energy is produced in the nuclear reactor that produces a huge amount of energy due to the fission of neutrons.

Nuclear energy is stored in the form of fuel which can be used to reduce the unhealthy chemicals in the air, reduce pollution and conserve wide sources of energy as it provides a huge amount of energy using the smallest fraction of fuel.

How can nuclear energy be stored?

The free source of nuclear energy is the core of the Earth and the Sun which provides us energy continuously.

Nuclear energy is at the core of the nucleus of an atom and is released only when the nuclei is deformed. This is obtained by radioactive elements. The heat energy produced from the nuclear reactor can be used to generate electricity and pumped hydro storage.

Can sound energy be stored?

The sound wave travels in the form of a longitudinal wave generating the region of compression and rarefaction.

This effect and propagation of the wave are due to the vibrations of the molecules in the path that received the sound energy and oscillate back and forth forming the region of compression and expansion. This is in a form of potential as well as kinetic energy and can be stored in some other form of energy.

Can wind energy be stored?

Wind energy is the abundant source of energy generated due to the fall or rise of pressure or temperate in different regions.

This wind energy is captured by using wind turbines. As the wind strikes the turbine, the turbines rotate converting wind energy into mechanical energy which is further stored by producing the electrical energy using a generator.

How to store wind energy?

The wind energy is stored in the form of electrical energy and this is achieved by using the windmills and a generator.

As the propellers of the windmills start rotating with imposed wind energy, these rotations are intense by the shaft and motor. This electric motor is connected to the generator.

Can solar energy be stored?

Solar energy is radiant energy we receive from the Sun due to the fusion of hydrogen.

Solar energy is stored in the form of thermal and electrical energy using solar panels, heaters, and generators, and it can be converted into the gravitational potential energy of the steam vapors evaporated from the water bodies.

How to store solar energy?

Solar energy is free available energy and is carried by the light photon traveling with the electromagnetic rays emitted by the Sun.

The photons release their energy to the matter upon incident on it. The black objects are used to capture most of the radiation, which supplies thermal energy to the free electrons in the matter and increases the thermal agitation of the molecules producing the thermal energy and conducting electricity too.


Different forms of energy can be stored in various forms. The energy can also be converted into some other form of energy to store and can be reformed again as required.

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