Bacl2 Lewis Structure, Characteristics:13 Quick Facts To Know

This topic is all about Bacl2 and how to draw bacl2 lewis structure, resonance, shape, formal charge, angle, the octet rule, lone pairs, valence electrons, hybridization, and their related properties.

The inorganic salt barium chloride is composed of cations and anions. Barium chloride is water soluble white solid salt. It is a yellow-green color when undergoes flames. The formula of barium chloride is BaCl2. Barium chloride is toxic.

How to draw bacl2 lewis structure?

The periodic table group 2 element contains Ba elements having 2 valence electrons such that Ba has two dot lewis structures.

A chlorine atom has 7 valence electrons in its outermost shell, to complete its octet it will gain one electron and acquire one negative charge, and when they combine formation of ionic compounds occurs.

In ionic compounds, there is no sharing of electrons only the transfer of electrons takes place. 

Bacl2 lewis structure resonance

Barium which is metal and chlorine which is non-metal, when metal and nonmetals combine gives an ionic compound.

Ba+2 combines With Cl-1 to form BaCl2 which is an ionic compound that is white. 

Bacl2 lewis structure shape

Bacl2 in natural conditions exists in the form of white crystals. This crystalline solid exists in an orthogonal structure.

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Structure of Bacl2

Bacl2 lewis structure formal charge

Charges, or formal charges, are assigned to atoms in molecules. Barium with an electronic configuration= [Xe]6s2, contains two valence electrons in the last shell.

Thus barium is a metal that belongs to the 2nd group of elements that always shows a +2 oxidation state. Thus in Bacl2, Ba possessed a +2 charge that loses the electrons, and two Chlorine gain 1electron having a -1 charge. Thus formal Charge on Bacl2 = Ba =+2, and 2Cl= -1.

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Bacl2 lewis structure angle

Bacl2 molecules have a linear shape with a 180 ° Bond angle.

It is an ionic compound with Ba+2 Charge and Cl-1.

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Bacl2 lewis structure angle

Bacl2 lewis structure octet rule

Barium chloride is an ionic compound. This barium is the exception because it follows the octet rule and still does not have 8 electrons in its outer shell.

As Ba loses 2 electrons and becomes a stable noble gas electronic configuration as Ba= [Xe]6s2  it changes into Ba=[Kr] 5s2,4d10,5p6 . Thus no. of valence electron around the surrounding metal is less than 8.

Bacl2 lewis structure lone pairs

According to the lewis dot structure of bacl2, Ba has 2 valence electron and Cl have 7 valence electrons. Bacl2 is formed by the transfer of electrons from Ba to cl and after this, there are remaining lone pairs on the chlorine only.

Thus chlorine contains 6 lone pair and overall all compound is ionic.

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Bacl2 lewis structure lone pairs

Bacl2 valence electrons

Valence electrons are those which are present in the outermost shell of an atom.

How many Valence electrons are in Bacl2?

Barium belongs to group 2 in the periodic table that’s why consists of 2 valence electrons in its outermost shell of it.

Thus barium has +2 valency and in the case of chlorine, it has 7 valence electrons in its outermost shell.

Ba= 2 valence electrons

Cl= 7 valence electrons

Bacl2 hybridization

A pictorial and mathematical method to determine the bonding in a molecule is called hybridization.

What is the Hybridization of Bacl2?

Hybridization is the mixing of atomic orbitals that is of the same energy and form a new hybrid orbital.

In Bacl2 Molecules, there are Sp Hybrid orbitals are formed with linear structure and 180° Angle. So, the Hybridization of Bacl2 is Sp.

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Bacl2 hybridization

Bacl2 solubility

  1. In water, barium behaves differently and it forms electrolytes in the water in the ratio of 1:2.
  2. It dissolved in water and separated into cation(Ba+2) and anion (Cl-1).
  3. Solubility of Barium chloride in water = 358gm/lt at 20℃. 
  4. Barium chloride is thus soluble in water at different temperatures, as Bacl2 gives cation and anion in water and water has H+ and OH ions so, it dissolves in water easily. Chloride of barium dissolves in methanol as well, but not in ethanol.

Is Bacl2 ionic?

Yes, Bacl2 ionic inorganic salt.

Barium chloride is formed by the combination of metals and non-metals, in general when metals combine with non-metals there is the formation of an ionic bond takes place.

Here transfer of electrons from Ba+2 to Cl-1 and due to this transfer formation of an ionic bond occurs. The oxidation state of Ba is +2 and the Oxidation state of Chlorine is -2.

How is Bacl2 ionic?

In general, when metals combine with nonmetals, an ionic bond is formed. There is another reason Bacl2 is ionic is the differences in their electronegativity.

As we can see in the periodic table Ba+2 have electronegativity is 0.89 which is less than Cl-1 that have 3.16. So this difference in electronegativity is greater than 2.0 which means the compound is ionic.

Is Bacl2 polar or nonpolar?

Bacl2 is polar due to solubility in water and the polarity of barium chloride is due to the difference in electronegativity between Barium and chlorine atoms.

The geometry of molecules is different like its Hybridization is sp and possess crystalline structure therefore their dipole moment do not cancel each other generate dipole and this become polar.

Is Bacl2 an acid?

The compound barium chloride is not acidic.


By losing two electrons, barium becomes cation and chlorine becomes anion, creating an ionic compound. So when we made an aqueous solution it dissolved in water in the form of water-soluble salts. So Bacl2 is not acidic.

Why is Bacl2 neutral?

Barium chloride is neutral due to its aqueous solution and in aqueous solution formation of cations and anions which make the solution electrically neutral and the pH of the solution become neutral.

So we can say that when bacl2 is dissolved in water it forms an aqueous solution. It is formed of Ba(OH)2 in water, Thus Ba(OH)2 is a strong base, and HCl which are strong acids, this will leads to the form of a neutral salt called Bacl2.

Is Bacl2 a precipitate and why?

Yes, Bacl2 forms precipitate due to displacement reaction with K2SO4, this will leads to an insoluble sulfate product in water such as Barium sulfates.

Barium sulfate is in form of a precipitate. An insoluble precipitate is formed when two solutions are combined this is called a precipitate reaction and on the other hand displacement reaction is the displacement of one atom with another.

  BaCl2 +K2SO4 —-> BaSO4 + 2KCl

                              (Insoluble white ppt.)


Solution of barium chloride(BaCl2) is an inorganic salt and a water-soluble salt. The pH of the solution is neutral. Barium and chlorine ions are formed in water when it reacts with H+ and OH ions. Hence, it can be dissolved easily in water. Bacl2 is highly toxic.

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