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Mohammed Mazhar Ul Haque

Dr. Mohammed Mazhar Ul Haque – Senior Author in Mathematics

I am DR. Mohammed Mazhar Ul Haque , Assistant professor in Mathematics. Having 12 years of experience in teaching. Having vast knowledge in Pure Mathematics, precisely on Algebra. Having the immense ability of problem designing and solving.

Capable of Motivating candidates to enhance their performance. I love to contribute to the platform LambdaGeeks to make Mathematics Simple, Interesting and Self Explanatory for beginners as well as experts.

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Deepak Kumar Jani

Deepak Kumar Jani – Senior Author in Mechanical

I am Deepak Kumar Jani, Pursuing PhD in Mechanical- Renewable energy. I have five years of teaching and two-year research experience. My subject area of interest are thermal engineering, automobile engineering, Mechanical measurement, Engineering Drawing, Fluid mechanics etc. I have filed a patent on Hybridization of green energy for power production.

I have published 17 research papers and two books. I am glad to be part of LambdaGeeks and would like to present some of my expertise in a simplistic way with the readers. Apart from academics and research, I like wandering in nature, capturing nature and creating awareness about nature among people.

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Kumaresh Mondal

Kumaresh Mondal – Senior Author in Technology

Hi, I am Kumaresh Mondal, I am associated with a leading organization. I am having 12+ years of working experience across domains e.g., application development, automation testing, IT Consultant. I am very much interested in learning different technologies. I am here to fulfill my aspiration and currently contributing as an Author and Website Developer both in LambdaGeeks. Connect to Linked-In.

Abdullah Arsalan

Dr. Abdullah Arsalan – Senior Author in BioTechnology

I am Abdullah Arsalan , Completed my PhD in Biotechnology. I have 7 years of research experience. I have published 6 papers so far in the journals of international repute with an average impact factor of 4.5 and few more are in consideration. I have presented research papers in various national and international conferences. My subject area of interest is biotechnology and biochemistry with special emphasis on Protein chemistry, enzymology, immunology, biophysical techniques and molecular biology.

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Hakimuddin Bawangaonwala

Hakimuddin Bawangaonwala – Senior Author in Mechanical

I am Hakimuddin Bawangaonwala , A Mechanical Design Engineer with Expertise in Mechanical Design and Development. I have Completed M. Tech in Design Engineering and has 2.5 years of Research Experience. Till now Published Two research papers on Hard Turning and Finite Element Analysis of Heat Treatment Fixtures. My Area of Interest is Machine Design, Strength of Material, Heat Transfer, Thermal Engineering etc. Proficient in CATIA and ANSYS Software for CAD and CAE. Apart from Research, I like to go on Hiking and Gym, Reading Psychology and Self-Help books and exploring various types of Cuisines and Culture.

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Shakthivel Bhaskar

Shakthivel Bhaskar – Senior Author in Mechanical

My name is Shakthivel Bhaskar, someone who has been ardent about the mechanics of the things we use in everyday life ever since I was given fascinating toys when I was a little child. This passion aids my love for mechanical engineering, which led me to complete my Master’s degree in the said field. I have worked on two projects organized by SAE, India, and FS, UK. My escape from reality would be my alternative passion, football that helps me focus on my work when I spend a little time on it.

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Sanchari Chakraborty

Sanchari Chakraborty – Author in Advance Science

I am an eager learner, currently invested in the field of Applied Optics and Photonics. I am also an active member of SPIE (International society for optics and photonics) and OSI(Optical Society of India). My articles are aimed towards bringing quality science research topics to light in a simple yet informative way.

Science has been evolving since time immemorial. So, I try my bit to tap into the evolution and present it to the readers.

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Sudipta Roy

Sudipta Roy – Author in Electronics

I am an electronics enthusiast and currently devoted towards the field of Electronics and Communications. I have a keen interest in exploring modern technologies such as AI & Machine Learning .My writings are devoted towards providing accurate and updated data to all learners. Helping someone in gaining knowledge gives me immense pleasure.

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Esha Chakraborty – Author in Advance Science

I have a background in Aerospace Engineering, currently working towards the application of Robotics in the Defense and the Space Science Industry. I am a continuous learner and my passion for creative arts keeps me inclined towards designing novel engineering concepts.  I have a patent filed through DRDO for a robotic manipulator aimed at space debris management.

With robots substituting almost all human actions in the future, I like to bring to my readers the foundational aspects of the subject in an easy yet informative manner. I also like to keep updated with the advancements in the aerospace industry simultaneously.

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Rutuja Jadhav

Rutuja Jadhav – Author in Mechanical

I am Rutuja Jadhav, a curious geek and currently pursuing B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. Having a very good understanding in Robotics and 3D Modelling. Used to take part in various Student Competitions mostly in the Automobile field.

An active member of SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers). My articles are aimed towards simplification of basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering. I love to design new products, not even a single product could be materialized without Mechanical Engineering. 

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Soumali Bhattacharya

Soumali Bhattacharya – Author in Electronics

I am currently invested in the field of Electronics and communication.
My articles are focused towards the major areas of core electronics in a very simple yet informative approach. I am a vivid learner and try to keep myself updated with all latest technologies in the field of Electronics domains.

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Veena Parthan

Veena Parthan – Senior Author in Mechanical

I am Veena Parthan, working as a Solar Operation and Maintenance Engineer for the UK Solar sector. I have more than 5 years’ experience in the field of Energy and Utilities. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Chemical engineering and Masters in Thermal Engineering. I have a profound interest in renewable energy and their optimization. I have published an article in AIP conference proceedings which is based on Cummins Genset and its flow optimization.

During my free hours, I engage in freelance technical writing and would love to offer my expertise on LambdaGeeks platform. Apart from that, I spend my free hours reading, engaging in some sport activities and trying to evolve into a better person.

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Sulochana Dorve

Sulochana Dorve – Author in Mechanical

I am Sulochana. I am a Mechanical Design Engineer—M.tech in design Engineering, B.tech in Mechanical Engineering. I have worked as an intern at Hindustan Aeronautics limited in the design of the armament department. I have experience working in R&D and design. I am skilled in  CAD/CAM/CAE: CATIA | CREO | ANSYS Apdl | ANSYS Workbench | HYPER MESH | Nastran Patran as well as in Programming languages Python, MATLAB and SQL.

I have expertise on  Finite Element Analysis, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly(DFMEA), Optimization, Advanced Vibrations, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Computer-Aided Design.

I am passionate about work and a keen learner. My purpose in life is to get a life of purpose, and I believe in hard work. I am here to excel in the field of Engineering by working in a challenging, enjoyable & professionally bright environment where I can fully utilize my technical and logical skills, constantly upgrade myself & benchmark against the best.

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Krishna K Singh

Krishna K Singh – Author in Mechanical

I am Krishna K Singh working as a project scientist. Holding 5 years of industrial experience in Cross Mechanical domain. Presently, I am working on Deep sea mining projects which are of international importance.I am glad to be a part of Lambdageeks family and want to help students with in-depth understanding of Mechanical and Thermal.

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Sneha Panda

Sneha Panda – Author in Electronics

I have graduated in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I'm a curious-minded person. I have an interest and expertise in subjects like Transducer, Industrial Instrumentation, Electronics, etc. I love to learn about scientific researches and inventions, and I believe that my knowledge in this field will contribute to my future endeavors.

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Kaushikee Banerjee

Kaushikee Banerjee – Author in Electronics

I am an electronics enthusiast and currently devoted towards the field of Electronics and Communications . My interest lies in exploring the cutting edge technologies. I'm an enthusiastic learner and I tinker around with open-source electronics. 

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Debarghya Roy

Debarghya Roy – Senior Author in Technology

Myself Debarghya Roy, I am an Engineering ARCHITECT working with fortune 5 company and an open source contributor, having around 12 years of experience/expertise in various Technology stack.

I have worked with various technologies such as Java,C#,Python,Groovy, UI Automation(Selenium), Mobile Automation(Appium), API/Backend Automation,Performance Engineering(JMeter, Locust), Security Automation(MobSF,OwAsp,Kali Linux, Astra,ZAP etc), RPA,Process Engineering Automation,Mainframe Automation,Back End Development with SpringBoot,Kafka,Redis,RabitMQ,ELK stack, GrayLog, Jenkins and  also having experience in Cloud Technologies, DevOps etc.  

I live in Bangalore ,India  with my wife and have passion towards Blogging , music , playing guitar and my Philosophy of life is Education for All which gave the birth of LambdaGeeks. Lets connect over linked-in.


Dr. Subrata Jana – Senior Author in Advance Science

I am Subrata, Ph.D. in Engineering, more specifically interested in Nuclear and Energy science related domains. I have multi-domain experience starting from Service Engineer for electronics drives and micro-controller to specialized R&D work. I have worked on various projects, including nuclear fission, fusion to solar photovoltaics, heater design, and other projects. I have a keen interest in the science domain, energy, electronics and instrumentation, and industrial automation, primarily because of the wide range of stimulating problems inherited to this field, and every day it’s changing with industrial demand. Our aim here is to exemplify these unconventional, complex science subjects in an easy and understandable to the point manner.

I am passionate about learning new techniques and guide young minds to perform like a professional, have a vision, and improve their performance by enriching knowledge and experience.

Apart from the professional front, I like photography, painting, and exploring the beauty of nature.Lets connect over linked-in.


Himadri Das – Senior Author in Technology

Hi, I am Himadri Das, I am a blogger, and an open source contributor. I have about 11 years of experience in the Information Technology domain. Currently I am working in a Startup Company as Quality Assurance Manager. I have hands-on experience on Appium, Selenium, QTP, Locust, Automation framework, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Java, python, Shell scripting, MySql, Redis, Kafka etc. Apart from my work and writing blogs, I love to play guitar, love to travel and love to watch cricket and football. If you want to know more about me, please visit my linkedin profile.

Sourav Bhattacharyya

Sourav Bhattacharyya – Senior Author in Mathematics

I am Sourav Bhattacharyya, A Telecom Engineer by profession and mathematics aficionado by hobby. I have completed my Engineering from Jadavpur University. I spend most of my time solving various kind of mathematical problems and I strongly believe that the same knowledge and experience I shall share through this wonderful platform Lambdageeks. I try to represent in a way that the students shall fall in love with mathematics.

It is an honor to me to be a part of such an organization where I can ignite them who wants to learn Mathematics.

Nasrina Parvin

Nasrina Parvin – Author in Mathematics

I am Nasrina Parvin, Having 10 years of experience working in Ministry of communication and information technology of India . I have done Graduation in Mathematics. In my free time I love to teach, solve math problems. From my childhood Math is the only subject which fascinated me the most.

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