13 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Examples:Facts You Should Know

Aromatic hydrocarbons are compounds of carbon and hydrogen which contain atleast one benzene rings in their molecule. Let us discuss examples of some aromatic hydrocarbons.

Following are the examples of some aromatic hydrocarbons.


Benzene is a hexagonal ring with six carbon atoms with alternate single and double bonds. It’s formula is C6H6. It can also called 1,3,5 – cyclohexatriene.


Tolune is a benzenoid compound in which one of the hydrogen atom is replaced by a methyl group. It is also called methyl benzene.

Ethyl benzene

Ethyl benzene is a benzene compound where one of the hydrogen is replaced by a carbon chain called ethyl group. Its molecular formula is C6H5CH2CH3. It is colorless liquid with gasoline like odour.

aromatic hydrocarbon examples
Ethyl Benzene

Isopropyl benzene

Isopropyl benzene is also called cumene. It is a benzene compound where one of the hydrogen is substituted by a isopropyl group.


O- xylene or ortho xylene can be also called 1,2 dimethyl benzene. It is a benzene compound with two methyl groups attached into it by replacing two  consecutive hydrogen atoms.

m- xylene

m-xylene or meta xylene is a benzene compound with a two methyl groups attached by replacing alternate hydrogen atoms. It can be also called 1,3 dimethyl benzene.



Para xylene or p- xylene is a benzene compound where the hydrogen atoms  attached with first and fourth carbon atoms are replaced by a methyl group. It can be also named as 1,4 dimethyl benzene.


Mesitylene is the common name of 1,3,5 trimethyl benzene. In mesitylene the hydrogen atoms in first, third and fifth positions are replaced with a methyl group.


Naphthalene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. It is formed by the fusion of two benzene linearly. It is a colorless white crystalline substance. It’s molecular formula is C10H8.


Anthracene is a formed by the fusion of three benzene rings in a linear way. It is also a poly nuclear aromatic hydrocarbon with a five resonance structure. So it has extra stability. It is used in making dyes and it’s molecular formula is C14H10.



Phenanthrene is formed by the fusion of three benzene rings in an angle. So it has only four resonance structures. It appears as colorless or in yellow colour which is used in making plastic, pesticides and drugs.



Indene is a aromatic hydrocarbon formed by the fusion of benzene ring with cyclopentene ring. It’s molecular formula is C9H8. It is a colorless liquid which is flammable.


Biphenyl is a benzene compound formed by the connecting two benzene rings with a single bond. It’s molecular formula is C12H10. It is a liquid with a pleasant fragrance found in natural gas and coal tar.


Monocyclic ring systems with conjugated double bonds are called annulenes.  The ring size of annulene is indicated in brackets. [14]- Annulene, [18]- Annulene, [6]-Annulene or benzene are some of aromatic hydrocarbons.

aromatic hydrocarbon examples
[18]- Annulene

Aromatic hydrocarbons are compounds with carbon and hydrogen only. It is used in fields like fashion,sports, hygiene and telecommunications.

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