Are Algae Phytoplankton: 5 Facts Most Beginners Don’t Know

In this article, we will see various facts about algae phytoplankton and answer the question. Algae are eukaryotic organisms and are of various types. Out of them, one of the common types is phytoplankton.

Phytoplanktons are single-cell type of algae which is found in marine environmnents. We will try to understand algae phytoplankton in this given article. Let us see some interesting facts and try to get the answer of are algae phytoplankton. They are alage phytoplankton.

Let us discuss these facts to answer are algae phytoplankton.

Which algae are phytoplankton?

There are various kinds of phytoplanktons which are diatoms, dinoflagellates and desmids. These are the most common. Phytoplanktons are really an algae which is has single-celled structure.These organisms require sunlight to grow. They also contain chlorophyll.

are algae phytoplankton
Phytoplankton from Flickr

As they want mild to photosynthesize, phytoplankton in any surroundings will drift close to the pinnacle of the water, wherein daylight reaches. Mostly, the freshwater algae phytoplanktons are mix of akgae abd cyanobacteria.

It is also called as blue-green algae. The phytoplanktons that are found in mariene places are mainly called as dinoflagellatesa and diatoms. Sometime other algae like cyanobacteria and other are also seen to there.

The dinofagellates contain tail like structure called as flagella while the diatoms do not have flagella but they move with the flow of waves in the ocean or we can say water currents. Some examples of phytoplankton include- Cyanobacteria and silica-encased diatoms. Green algae, dinoflagellates, and chalk-coated coccolithotrophs.

How algae are phytoplankton?

As the name suggests, phytoplankton is a type of algae that needs sunlight to live and is commonly found in marine and terrestrial environments.

They are found in the uppermost layer of sea, oceans and all other marine habitats, and from there they take sunlight to grow and also use the sunlight to prepare their food since they also have chlorophyll.

are algae phytoplankton
Algae phytoplankton from Wikipedia

By this means we can answer the question how are alage phytoplankton.

Are all algae phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton are considered as a floating alage because they are present in the uppermost layer in water wherever they are present. Not all algae are phytoplankton.

Algae are found in various habitats, and variety. Mostly, red and brown algae are not referred as phytoplankton. They are seen to be connected with rock or any part of mountain or solid surface.

Does phytoplankton eat algae?

Phytoplankton do not eat algae. They depends upon sunlight for the food preparation. While when we talk about only plankton they feed upon algae, bacteria, and other microscopic animals.

Phytoplankton take nutrients like nitrate, phosphorus and calcium. These nutrients help phytoplankton to survive in the environment. They are alage phytoplankton.

are algae phytoplankton
Green alage phytoplankton from Flickr

Are green algae phytoplankton?

From various studies, it is seen that phytoplanktons normally contain green and cyanobacteria. These algae are also called blue-green algae.

The most important note is that phytoplankton contain chlorophyll, and  when we compare green algae, we find chlorophyll in them also. They are alage phytoplankton.


In the end, we can say the answer to the question are algae phytoplankton is yes. Some algae are phytoplankton that depends on sunlight and are found in marine areas. This would have clear the question are alage phytoplankton.

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