17 Air Resistance Force Examples: Detailed Explanations

In this article, we are going to discuss various examples of air resistance forces with detailed insights.

The speed of the wind holds vital importance while talking about the air resistance force. Here is a list of air resistance force examples that we are going to discuss below:-

Closing of Unlatched Doors and Windows

If you keep the doors or windows without putting a latch and a heavy wind breeze flow across the doorways, then it will surely band the door making a loud noise. The door closes due to the air resistance force acting on the door.

Blowing a Candle

The air force from the mouth is expelled to blow the candle.

air resistance force examples
Blowing candles;
Image Credit: Pixabay

If you blow the air with less air force then the candle may not blow off, hence to blow the candle some air resistance force is required.

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The windmills depend on the speed of the wind. The main motive of the windmill is to convert wind energy into electrical energy.

Windmills; Image Credit: Pixabay

If the air resistive force is high enough to bring the blades into motion, the shaft attached to the blades accelerates with the propellers and the motor connected to the shaft increases the speed of the blades, thus converting mechanical energy produced to electrical energy.

Shading Dry Leaves of Trees

The air resistance force is also responsible for trees to shade their dry leaves.

Leaves Shaded due to Wind; Image Credit: Pixabay

The heavy air resistance force imposing on the nods of the leaves detaches it from the nodes and flies with the air, and once the speed of the wind decreases, the leaves fall down the ground due to gravity.

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Sand Dunes

In hot deserts, the sand is carried away by the air breeze and since it is a lighter particle, the sand is carried at a long distance.

Sand dunes; Image Credit: Pixabay

The wavy nature of the sand dunes is because the particle also possesses a wave nature. The particle travels in a transverse wave when a heavy wind blows in this area.


During a heavy storm, if you dint hold the umbrella in the direction of the wind, then there is a tendency that the umbrella will fly away along with the wind. This is also due to air resistance force.

Hot Air Balloon

The weight of the hot air balloon is acting downward towards the surface of the Earth. Due to this, the tension in the strings of the hot air balloon is acting upward, and also the buoyant force is incident in the upward direction due to which the balloons can travel in the air.

Hot Air Balloon;
Image Credit: Pixabay

Before every flight, it is very essential to know the wind direction. Knowing well the direction of wind one chooses to take a flight based on which direction one prefers to travel. Hence, air resistance force makes it easy to carry away the weight in a traveling passage.

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Cyclones & Storms

If you have walked outside during the fall of a cyclone or storm, have you noticed your walk during that period in heavy flow of breeze at high speed? It was really hard to put a step forward at the normal speed you usually walk as if something is resisting you from walking properly.

Air Resistance Force during Cyclone;
Image Credit: Pixabay

This force that was imposed on your body, and you had to push your body from that force is the air resistance force. The air resistance force is very high at the time of cyclones or storms thus uprooting trees, collapsing buildings due to these winds.


The airplane traveling in the air undergoes frictional force due to air resistance. The wings and propellers of the plane help to overcome this resistive force by applying enough thrust to resist the frictional force due to air molecules. If the high speed persists then this can even cause unsteady motion of the plane.


The swirling hair is also an example of air resistance force. The unbanded hair is easily lifted when the air breeze strikes your hair. The hair being light in weight easily gets into a sink with an air breeze.

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Paraglide has a parachute connected to the bodyweight of the person paragliding with the help of a string. The parachute exerts the air resistance force and the buoyant force acting in the upward direction that lifts the person in the air.

Paragliding; Image Credit: Pixabay

This air resistance imposing on the surface area of the parachute should be high enough to acts against the bodyweight of the person acting down towards the Earth due to gravity.


Kites can take a flight in the air because of the air resistive force lifting the kite in the upward direction.

Kite; Image Credit: Pixabay

The tensional force is created in the tread between the point on the kite and the fingers holding the tread. Since the kite is lighter in weight and has sharp corners it is able to resist the frictional force due to air and attains a height vertically above the ground.

Breeze from trees

The air resistance force when exerted on the trees shakes the leaves of the tree and thus creating the wind breeze from the tree. The coconut tree even appears as if dancing with the wind when an air resistance force is foisting upon them.

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Feathers are so delicate and light in weight that they can be easily carried away with the wind at high heights floats for long in the air and sway away from one place to another.

Feather lifting with breeze; Image Credit: Pixabay

As it is very light in weight, the gravitational force acting on the feather is very less and hence is easily carried at a high distance.

Curtains in Flight

The window curtain flitting with the air is also because of the air resistance force. The force imposing on the curtain tends to flatter the curtains.

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Unfiled Papers

Papers kept without weight are easily misplaced from the table by putting ON the fan. This is also an example of the air resistance force.

Paper Plane; Image Credit: Pixabay

The lighter breeze doesn’t provide enough resistive force to just shake off the paper from the table although it can flap the top paper. It depends upon the quality of paper, density, and size.


While driving a vehicle at high speed, the air drags the speed of the vehicle. As you increase the speed of the vehicle more and more air resistance force will be exerted on the body of the vehicle and the people sitting inside the vehicle. You must have noticed the bruising air on your face in the car driven at a good speed.


A balloon is very light and bouncy and is easily carried away by air resistive force.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Due to air resistance, the motion of the balloon is upward and the gravitational force acting on the balloon pulls it downward. The buoyant force is also acting on the balloon that drags it upward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is air resistance force?

The air resistance force will cause only in presence of air and not in space.

The force due to air exerted on the objects that resist its speed or motion, then this force is said to be air resistance force.

Does air resistance force is same as a frictional force?

The frictional force is a force generated when two surfaces rub on each other.

The air resistance force is similar to frictional force when the surfaces of the object taking a flight in the air are slid through the air molecules. The frictional force is due to the air molecules.


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