41 + Affirmative Sentence Example : Structure, Types

Here the definition of affirmative sentence is given to have a clear understanding. . The various types of affirmative sentences and its structure is also given so that the readers can understand easily.

A sentence that confirms or affirms a sentence, that shows assurance is an Affirmative sentence.


Syam is a pilot.

In this affirmative sentence example, the subject is confirmed of his profession that shows an affirmation.

He is too fat that he cannot walk.

Here the introduction of not gives a negative meaning. So this is a negative affirmative sentence example.

She is too weak to talk.

Here the sentence affirms the health condition of the subject.

She is not the worst candidate.

This is a negative affirmative sentence as not is introduced. But along with that, usage of worst does not changes the meaning of the sentence and it still continues to have a positive meaning.

They are helpful.

The kind of behaviour of the subject is shown and it is an affirmative sentence example.

We are not dedicated nowadays.

The introduction of not makes this sentence a negative affirmative sentence.

He is the vibrant student of the class.

This affirmative sentence example shows the ability of the subject and affirms it.

Simi did not dislike the plan.

Using dislike as opposite word to the original word of the original sentence does not change the meaning sentence even though not is attached to it. But as not is inserted this becomes a negative affirmative sentence.

They are doctors.

This sentence shows confirms the profession of the subject.

He is not an idiot.

This is a clear negative affirmative sentence example as not is added with the main word.

Soniya loved her pet.

This affirmative sentence shows or affirms the feeling of the subject towards something.

Ram is a faithful servant.

 Here again the sentence affirms the loyalty of a person which is a quality.  

He is not an engineer.

Insertion of not makes this sentence negative affirmative sentence.

They cannot play basketball.

This sentence affirms a negative situation by adding not to the sentence.

Varun is ready for the game.

This affirmative sentence example confirms the attitude of the subject.

Syamili came for the interview.

This is an affirmative sentence example.

She is not doing her part properly.

The introduction of not in the sentence makes it a negative affirmative sentence.

They are swimming in the pool.

This affirmative sentence example confirms an action that is in a continuous form happening at the moment of talk.

He is in his diving practice.

This affirmative sentence affirms the subject’s present action.

Gopi is riding the horse.

This example confirms  present continuous action.

The house is being constructed in a posh way.

The affirmative sentence example given here, affirms an action that is going on.

Her friends are not unhappy with the party.

This is a kind of negative affirmative sentence because not is inserted but has a positive meaning unhappy is the opposite word used with a negative word.

The show was fantastic.

This affirms the quality of the show making it an affirmative sentence.

The candidates did not perform well in the exam.

This is a clear negative affirmative sentence as not is introduced.

The plan was not that effective.

The presence of not makes a sentence negative affirmative sentence.

They were playing with the gifts.

The affirmative sentence example given here affirms of an action.

Dona has become a language proficient.

Here the affirmation is of the subject’s ability.

The servants were not paying attention to the orders.

Introduction of not makes this sentence negative affirmative sentence.

Natasha will complete the task.

Here the subject is assuring of completing an action.

Rama did not dislike the gift.

Here not is inserted with the opposite word giving it a positive meaning . but still it is a negative affirmative sentence.

Friends are always not too bad to hang around.

This sentence gives a positive meaning but not makes it a negative affirmative sentence.

Birds are always up in the sky.

The subject confirms its actions making it an affirmative sentence.

The leaders are not ignorant.

The presence of a negative word with not even though does not change the sentence meaning, it is a negative affirmative sentence.

The mom was very calculative about the monthly expenditure.

This sentence confirms the ability of the subject.

The masters tend to be overprotective of their pets.

Here it shows or confirms the reality of the subject.

Her  kid does not hate vegetables.

Here it is a negative sentence as there is not and an opposite word together.

The milk was dripping from the bottle.

The affirmative sentence example here confirms an ongoing action.

The baby had not ribboned the box.

This is a clear negatively affirmed sentence.

They are not washing the plates.

This sentence affirms an action having a negative meaning and so it is a negatively affirmed sentence.

He does his exercise everyday.

This affirmative sentence affirms a routine action.

What is affirmative sentence ?

A sentence that confirms a statement rather than contradict it, is an affirmative sentence.

Eg :- Shawn likes to draw pictures. ( It shows a confirmation, a surety of his like )

Types of affirmative sentence

There are two types of affirmative sentences.

 Sentences that have a positive meaning are Affirmative sentences.

Eg:- Exercise is good for our body. (Here good gives a positive meaning)

Sentences opposite to affirmative sentences  are Negative sentences.

Eg:- Exercise is not bad for our body.( Here not is for the negative word and bad is the opposite of good. So no meaning change happens in this condition.)

Affirmative Sentence Structure

In an affirmative sentence the verb confirms something about the subject. The subject will be in the present tense form and preceedes the verb. The base form of the verb is used according to the subject whether it is singular or plural.

Eg:- Tara plays volley ball. ( Here subject is singular and so the base verb is added with ‘s’)

        They play basketball. ( Here subject is plural and so the base verb is unchanged)

Affirmative Sentence to Negative Sentence

As affirmative sentence has positive meaning, to convert it into a negative sentence, negative words like no, not, never, nothing, none, nobody, no one, nowhere neither, nor etc..are added along with the opposite word of the main word.

Eg- He loves you. (positive meaning )

      He does not love you. ( Auxiliary verb does is introduced along with negative word not .)

Present Continuous Affirmative Sentence

The subject is followed by the proper form of the auxiliary verb ‘to be’and the main action verb in its –ing form. In this condition the affirmative sentence becomes present continuous.

Eg :- I am eating my lunch. ( am is the proper form of auxiliary verb ‘to be’ . ‘ing’ form of eat is given )

Present Indefinite Affirmative Sentence

Present Indefinite is also a form of simple present that gives importance to a routine happening.

Eg:- Tara develops software apps. ( It shows her profession that is a routine. )

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